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Dermatology - The Prosser White Dermatology Centre

Welcome to the Dermatology department, an integrated service provided by a dedicated multi-professional team working in the purpose built Prosser White Dermatology Centre at Leigh Infirmary.

Dermatology Team

The team is lead by the highly experienced Consultant Dr Stewart who is supported by:

  • One locum Consultant – Dr Pfannenmueller
  • Dermatology Specialist on rotation from Salford Royal for two sessions/week
  • GP’s with Specialist Training - six sessions/week
  • GPs - five sessions/week

Nursing Team

  • Sister Sue Taylor and Sister Joanne Baczynski - Skin Cancer Specialist Nurse
  • Sister Tracy Brown runs the phototherapy and dressing service.
  • Sister Sue Grundy - Lead Nurse

All clinics are staffed by nurses skilled in dermatological treatment and care. In addition, senior nursing staff practice independently in nurse-led clinics, seeing both new and follow-up patients.
Prosser White Dermatology Centre
The Prosser White Dermatology Centre houses two dedicated theatres and patients are offered one stop surgery or biopsy as a matter of routine.

If more complex surgery is required, consultants hold dedicated theatre lists and patients leave the unit with an agreed date and time for surgery.  
Consultants triage referrals to the appropriate clinic but because each session is consultant-led, patients have rapid access to a senior dermatology opinion, if necessary.

Skin Problems
The integrated nurse-led treatment centre sees patients with troublesome skin problems for topical treatment from Monday to Friday, and phototherapy (TL01 and hand and foot PUVA). This means patients previously to a dermatology bed at Salford Royal are now treated nearer to home as outpatients.

Skin Cancer
Immunocompromised patients who show evidence of sun damage or have had previous skin cancers are put on long term follow up and therefore attend the department at regular intervals. All clinics are designated for the care of immunocompromised patients.

Dr Stewart holds a monthly psoriasis clinic seeing all the patients on immunobiological therapy. This also manages the majority of patients enrolled in BADBIR (British Association of Dermatologists Biologic Interventions Register).
Dr Stewart and the community tissue viability team hold a monthly joint leg ulcer clinic and the support of this clinic have facilitated the development of an extensive and effective community service for leg ulcers. 

Sister Taylor attends Mr Khan’s weekly plastic surgery clinic at the Thomas Linacre Centre as skin cancer specialist nurse giving support to patients and the medical staff and undertaking diagnostic biopsies as necessary.

Inpatients with a dermatology problem related to their admission are reviewed by Dr Stewart with teledermatology.  Please arrange for Medical Illustrations to photograph the skin problem and fax a referral (including ward and doctor contact telephone numbers) to the department on extension 4016. 

Consultants and specialist nurses offer a telephone service for advice on diagnosis and management.

The waiting time for dermatology is approximately 6 weeks, but an urgent telephoned GP referral is often seen on the same day.

An open appointment system allows patients with intermittent or unstable skin problems to ring when the problem is active and they will be seen during the flare in emergency follow-up slots. This often allows a diagnosis to be confirmed or treatment strategies developed for the patient to manage flares in the future.

Follow-up patients are encouraged to contact the department directly if they have problems with their skin condition.

Please note: Patients who have booked their appointment via the Choose and Book system may have their appointment changed as all referral letters are triaged by the Dermatology Team to ensure patients are seen in a timely manner by the appropriate Clinician. This could mean for example, the appointment is redirected to a different clinician or an earlier date and time.

For GPs: Patients who need to be seen urgently, can be discussed with the Consultant via telephone, or by urgent referrals faxed directly to the Department.

Skin cancer referrals to Leigh Infirmary are made by GPs via e-mail or fax. Patients are offered a suitable appointment in the Skin Cancer Appointment clinic, available Monday to Friday.
When visiting, please book in at Reception. If you are a new patient, please bring with you a list of all the medications that you are taking.

Where possible, patients receive test results over the telephone, avoiding unnecessary consultations.
Support Team
The clinical team is supported by secretaries and clerical staff dedicated to Dermatology who are the first point of contact within the department and vitally important to the patient experience.

Plastic Surgery
The plastic surgery service is provided by St Helens and Knowsley NHS Trust with plastic surgeons based at Whiston Hospital. It is lead by Mr I Khan, consultant plastic surgeon, supported by Mr S Bennett, Mr I Emecheta and Mr Shoukier, associate specialists and other members of the Whiston plastic surgery department as required.

The majority of skin cancer cross referrals from dermatology are seen by Mr Bennett and Mr Shoukier in the Prosser White Dermatology Centre at Leigh Infirmary, although patients may also be seen by Mr Khan at the Thomas Linacre Centre in Wigan.

Patients are assessed and listed for the Dermatology Surgical Unit (DSU) at Leigh Infirmary or to surgical lists at St Helens or Whiston Hospitals if this is clinically more appropriate. Patients are usually seen by the plastic surgery team once after their surgery and then referred back to dermatology for ongoing follow-up.

The Plastics Team runs a parallel session with both outpatient clinic slots and dedicated theatre time. This means many patients with malignant lesions, especially melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma, can see a dermatologist, a plastic surgeon and have surgery in just one visit.

Clinics: All day Tuesdays

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Dr Stewart’s Secretary   01942 264 061
Dr Pfannenmeuller's Secretary  01942 264 015
MrBennett’s Secretary   01942 264 751
Sister Sue Taylor (Skin Cancer Specialist Nurse) 01942 264 748
Phototherapy Department   01942 264 774
Nurses Station    01942 264 748
Ward Clerks office    01942 264 125

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