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Telephone: 01942 244 000

Diabetic Medicine

The aim of the Diabetes Team is to provide specialist diabetes care throughout the District to both inpatients and outpatients. Consultant clinics are held weekly at The Diabetes Centre located on the RAEI site, at Leigh Infirmary and also the Thomas Linacre Centre.

The Diabetes Specialist Nurses based across two sites hold nurse run clinics daily at the Diabetes Centre and from the Diabetes Office based at Leigh Infirmary they also provide specialist care with paediatrics and pregnancy. The Intermediate Care Specialist Nurses hold clinics at various locations within the Ashton, Leigh and Wigan Primary Care Trust.

The Team works closely with other specialist services involved in diabetes care, newly diagnosed being referred direct to Dietetics, Podiatry and Retinopathy Screening to provide an efficient and effective integrated service.

Telephone Numbers:

Diabetes Centre, RAEI 01942 822188 (reception & answer phone)
Diabetes Office, Leigh 01942 264109 (reception & answer phone)

Please Remember!

Diabetes patients are reminded to bring the following items with them to their appointment:

  • All up-to-date medication(s)
  • Shared care record diary
  • Blood glucose monitoring diary (if applicable)

Useful Links

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