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Haematuria Clinics


You will visit this clinic when blood has been found in your urine. You may have discovered this blood yourself, or it may have been found when your urine has been tested.

There are a variety of possible causes, and many patients will have no definite cause identified. Please bring a urine sample with you.

Haematuria clinics are carried out by a Specialist Nurse in the Richmond Urology Unit at Leigh Infirmary.

What to expect

  • You will be seen by one of our Specialist Nurses in the Richmond Urology Unit at Leigh Infirmary
  • You will be asked a number of questions and receive an examination
  • You will undergo some blood and urine tests (please bring a urine sample with you)
  • You will have an inspection of your bladder under local anaesthetic (flexible cystoscopy). Find out more about this procedure by downloading the Flexible Cystoscopy Patient Information Leaflet 
  • You will need some scans and/or x-rays of your kidneys – the type of scan will be dependent on factors specific to you
  • If you only need an ultra-sound scan you will usually be taken to the X-Ray Department as part of your appointment
  • If you need another appointment, you may be sent to Wigan or Leigh at a later date