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Menstrual Disorders Clinic


The Menstrual Disorders Clinics provide a one-stop facility for assessment, diagnosis and treatment for women with bleeding problems, both pre and post-menopausal.

When do the clinics run?

Menstrual Disorders Clinics run on most days and offer a range of morning and afternoon sessions.


  • Ultrasound Scanning
  • Outpatient Hysteroscopy
  • Removal of Endometrial Polyps
  • Endometrial Ablation
  • Insertion of Mirena Coils  

Menstrual Disorders Clinics Consultants

  • Miss Ahmed
  • Dr Abu Amna
  • Dr Attarbashi
  • Dr Davies
  • Mr Essilfe
  • Mr Harris
  • Dr Karuppaswamy
  • Mr Latheef
  • Mr Rowland
  • Mr Shahid
  • Mr Verma

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Contact Us

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For Reception telephone: 01942 264960