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Non Surgical Sterilisation Services

Female sterilisation is an effective form of contraception that permanently prevents a woman from being able to get pregnant. Every year, thousands of UK women choose sterilisation as their method of contraception. 

Traditionally this has been a surgical procedure, but over the last ten years a non-surgical approach has been developed and is being increasingly used. WWL’s Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department offers the non-surgical hysteroscopic sterilisation called Essure.

This procedure takes around 10 minutes (although the full appointment will be around 20 minutes). It doesn’t require any anaesthetic, and is hormone free. The process involves implants being inserted into the fallopian tubes. The soft inserts bend and fit to the shape of your fallopian tubes, but remain securely in place. Over the next three months the body will form scar tissue around the implant which eventually blocks the tube. A confirmatory test usually an ultrasound scan is performed after three months to ensure tubal blockage following which contraception can be stopped.

A key benefit is that this is an outpatient procedure so the recovery time is a lot lower than with the surgical method. Many women find they can return to normal activity within a day or less. Although it is important to note that, as with any procedure, side effects may occur and these will be clearly outlined in your consultation with your doctor.

With any sterilisation process you do need to be sure that you will not want to become pregnant in the future as the process is not considered reversible.

How do I make an Appointment?

Referrals are made via your GP.

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