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The Hospital Palliative Care Team

Welcome to the Hospital Specialist Palliative Care team based at Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, although we see patients at each of the Trust’s sites.

The team operates a 7-day service between 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.

Meet the Team 
Janette Sanders, Jane Boardman, Sue Binns, Wendy Giannasi, Hannah Reid and Sarah Sumner are the Hospital Macmillan Nurses for the Trust. The team are located in the Cancer Care Suite based at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan and are part of the Hospital Palliative care team.

Dr J Wiseman is the Consultant in Palliative Medicine and Jessica Shields is the team PA.

Role of the Service
Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust Cancer Services is part of the Northwest Cancer Services Network. The Trust Specialist Palliative Care Service sits alongside this and is underpinned by multidisciplinary team working.

The aim of the Hospital Macmillan Specialist Palliative Care service is to play a pivotal role in clinical decisions regarding the care of our patients, whilst working collaboratively with other members of the team.
The role of the Macmillan Nurse will encompass a holistic approach to care so that each patient can attain the best quality of life possible. The team will adhere to the Macmillan philosophy and guidelines for palliative care outcomes.

People We Work With
Within the Trust we work with Consultants of all specialities, Oncology team, Lead Cancer Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Allied Health Professionals, Nutrition Team, Senior Nurses, Nurse Managers, Wards and Outpatients, Tertiary centres, Primary Healthcare, the chaplaincy department, hospice personnel and social services department.

Clinic Times
Dr Wiseman holds a Specialist Palliative Care Clinic in the Cancer Care Centre every Tuesday. morning The Macmillan Nurses are also available in this clinic to offer advice and support to patients.

There is also a weekly multidisciplinary team meeting on a Wednesday morning, which includes members of the extended team, such as the hospital chaplain, district nurse liaison and physiotherapist. Patient care is discussed in this meeting in order for them to receive care that is tailored to suit their individual needs.

What We Do
The Macmillan Specialist Palliative Care nurses will consult with all new patients and carers usually in partnership with the medical staff in the first instance and then on an individual basis for co-ordination of care, advice and support. They will provide a service for patients and their families, whose lives have been affected by a life changing diagnosis, resulting in the need for specialist palliative care. This will include a holistic approach to care so that each patient can be treated individually to attain the best quality of life possible.

We Can Offer

  • Appropriate nursing assessment along the patient pathway
  • Comprehensive care planning in collaboration with others
  • Psychological support to the patient/carer
  • Provision of advice, information and support to patient, family and carers
  • Involvement of the service at certain times in the patient pathway including discharge planning and referral to other agencies
  • Research and Audit
  • Investigation of user views
  • Education of others at all levels of discipline
  • Involvement at multi-disciplinary level

How Is the Service Accessed?
Although any member of the team can access the service on a patient’s behalf, the visit will only be undertaken with the patient’s knowledge of their diagnosis and agreement to the visit. It is advisable that the consultant involved in the patient’s care is also aware of a referral to our service.
The patient can also self refer to the service.

Extra Information
Leaflets are available for patients that contain information about our services and the role that the multidisciplinary team plays in their care.

As part of our role we undertake teaching of others and offer placement opportunities for students and nurses on courses. Education sessions regarding palliative care issues are available for all grades of staff and the team is involved in the junior doctor’s education sessions.

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