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Rapid Access Suspected Cancer Clinics


Patients in these Rapid Access Suspected Cancer Clinics are usually referred with either suspected Prostate or Testicular Cancer.

Your GP should inform you if he/she refers you to this service specifically to diagnose/exclude Urological Cancer.
All of these clinics are held in the Richmond Urology Unit at Leigh Infirmary.

What to expect

  • If you are referred with suspected prostate cancer, a prostate biopsy may be offered
  • If you drive, you will need to make alternative travel arrangements, as you cannot drive after this procedure

Find out more about the biopsy procedure and Trans Rectal Ultrasound by reading the Patient Information Leaflet 

After any prostate biopsy you will be offered an appointment to be informed of your results and to discuss them in further detail. This appointment is usually 7-10 days after the procedure.