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Sleep Service

We all need to have a certain amount of quality sleep to refresh both body and mind in order to function properly (around 7hrs per night). Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is a condition that causes interrupted breathing whilst sleeping. Individuals who suffer with OSA can experience repeated episodes of apnoeas (complete blockage of the airway) and hypopnoea (laboured air flow), which can leave individuals feeling very tired throughout the day and not refreshed by sleep. Untreated OSA can increase risks of hypertension, heart attacks, stroke, obesity, RTA and poor diabetes control.

We provide a high quality of service for patients with or suspected Obstructed Sleep Apnoea, carrying out clinical assessment and arrange appropriate diagnostic tests, promote early diagnosis and optimal treatment.


Sleep Service
Area 6
Leigh Infirmary
The Avenue

Telephone Number: 01942 773096

How to access the service?

The Sleep Service is currently based at Leigh Infirmary, The Avenue, Leigh, WN7 1HS. You will need to be referred to this service via your GP or via a consultant at WWL if you are an inpatient.

The Sleep Medicine Service Team are:

Dr N C Lee, Lead Clinician
Claire Goulden, Respiratory Specialist Practitioner
Lisa Butler, Sleep Specialist Nurse
Charlotte Ward, Sleep Apnoea Practitioner
Linda Corner, Sleep Service Specialist Nurse
Lisa Kay, Sleep Service Specialist Nurse
Kelly Swannick, Clerical Support
Maureen Akdemir, Clerical Support
Karen Leonard, Clerical Support

Clinic Details:

Nurse/Practitioner led clinics:
Monday to Friday 08.00 – 16.00

Consultant clinics:

Tuesday and Thursday Mornings at Leigh Infirmary