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Vasectomy Services at  the Thomas Linacre Centre

A vasectomy or 'male sterilisation' is a simple and reliable method of contraception. It is usually considered a permanent form of contraception.

Some common answers to questions and some general information is available below: 

How does a vasectomy work?
What are the benefits?
How long will I have to wait?
How do I make an appointment?
When are the clinics run?

How does a vasectomy work?
It works by preventing sperm from reaching the semen that is ejaculated from the man's penis during sex.

The Vasectomy Service that is offered at the Thomas Linacre Centre (TLC) provides a fast and efficient service carried out by well trained medical/theatre staff all with over 15 years experience in this procedure.

The procedure at the TLC has minimal invasion.  After a local anaesthetic is given to numb the area one very small (approx.1cm) central incision is made to carry out the operation.  This then only requires suturing with dissolvable stitches so there is no return appointment required for their removal.  This is a relatively simple operation with few complications and a very high success rate.

A vasectomy has no effect on your sex drive or ability to enjoy sex. You will still have erections and ejaculate normally. The only difference is that the semen you ejaculate will not contain sperm.

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What are the benefits?
A vasectomy may be appropriate when a couple do not want any more children, or have decided not to have any at all. It may be chosen as a simpler and more reliable alternative to female sterilisation.

A vasectomy is regarded as permanent. Once it has been carried out successfully and semen tests have shown there is no sperm present, long-term partners may not need to use other forms of contraception.

However, a vasectomy does not protect against HIV infection, or any other sexually transmitted infection (STI), so you should continue to protect yourself by using condoms with any new partner.

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How long will I have to wait?
The Trust is usually able to offer appointments within about six weeks, starting with an initial appointment that offers counselling.

After the initial counselling session, the procedure is scheduled and carried out during a one-stop single appointment which only takes 20 – 30 minutes from start to finish (the actual operation itself only takes approximately 10 minutes).

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How do I make an appointment?
You will need to visit your GP, in the first instance, who will either send a referral letter to the Vasectomy Clinic or make an appointment through the Choose and Book system.  An appointment letter will be sent to your home address.

If you have any queries regarding your forthcoming appointment you may e-mail the clinic at

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Clinic Details
The Vasectomy Service is run Monday and Thursday evenings between 5.00pm and 8.00pm in Suite 1 at the Thomas Linacre Centre in central Wigan:

The Thomas Linacre Centre
Parsons Walk

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