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Become a Member of the Trust

Members of the TrustResidents and patients in areas served by an NHS Foundation Trust, as well as staff, can register as members of the organisation.

Membership allows local communities to have social ownership of their NHS Foundation Trust. Membership numbers are increasing all the time, strengthening the links between hospitals and the local community.

Membership in NHS Foundation Trusts is currently heading towards the half a million mark. Members are able to stand and vote in elections for Governors of the NHS Foundation Trust and can expect to receive regular information about the Trust and be consulted on plans for its services and future development.

NHS Foundation Trusts have a duty to engage with local communities and encourage local people to become members and ensure that the membership is representative of the communities they serve. They need to demonstrate that the full range of potential members' interests is represented, and there is a proper balance between different groups.

Becoming a member
Membership of an NHS Foundation Trust is open to local residents and staff. Individual NHS Foundation Trusts may provide membership opportunities for people who live outside the area but have been patients or carers at one of the Trust's hospitals. There is no limit to the number of people who can register as members providing they meet the eligibility criteria below:

Members must live within the following areas - Wigan, Leigh, Worsley, Makerfield or the rest of England or Wales, and also be over 16 years of age.

What does being a member mean?
Members of a NHS Foundation Trust have a number of important roles to perform. Becoming a member will enable you to become really involved with the future of the hospital.

Members are able to:

  • elect representatives to the Council of Governors
  • stand for election to the Council of Governors

Go to the webpage Visit our Council of Governors section to find out more

Will being a member take up a lot of extra time?
No, not necessarily. Membership is voluntary and free of charge and obligation. Members are able to give their views on relevant issues for Governors to act on.