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Patient Information Leaflets - B

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Bereavement Service
BS 009 Advice on speaking with a child when a loved one is in hospital 
BS 007 Bereavement Support - Helping you to cope
BS 001  Giving Consent for Post Mortem Examinations
BS 005  Guidance and Support for the Bereaved
BS 002 Information for Bereaved Parents or Relatives When a Child or Baby Dies (including stillbirths) 
BS 004  Information for Relatives About Post Mortem Examination on Adults
BS 003  Post Mortem Examination on Babies or Children including Stillbirths
BS 010  R.A.E.I. Bereavement Liaison Specialist Nurse
BS 006  Retention and Disposal of Organs/Tissues after a Post Mortem
EXTERNAL The Bereavement Journey
GYN 004  The Loss of your baby
Blood Service

Please note these are external leaflets over which we have no control

EXTERNAL  Blood Groups and Red Cell Antibodies in Pregnancy
EXTERNAL  Information for Patients needing Irradiated Blood
EXTERNAL  Iron In Your Diet
EXTERNAL  Will my baby need a Blood Transfusion?
EXTERNAL  Platelet Antigens and Antibodies in Pregnancy
EXTERNAL  Will I Need a Blood Transfusion?
EXTERNAL  Will My Child Need a Plasma Transfusion?
EXTERNAL Will Your Child Need a Blood Transfusion?
Breast Care
TLC 001  Breast Biopsy
SBC 001 Breast Care: Multi-Disciplinary Teams 
SBC 008 Breast Care: Nursing Key Worker Service
SBC 002  Breast Care: Nursing Service
SBC 007  Breast Care: Cosmetic Tattooing following Breast Reconstruction
SBC 013  Breast Core Biopsy: Aftercare
TLC 003  Breast Screening Results
SBC 011  EnCor Excision Procedure
EXTERNAL Information for women who: had incomplete mammography, or were unable to have mammography
SBC 010  Lipomodelling following breast surgery
SBC 003  Lumpectomy
SBC 004  Mastectomy
SBC 009  One Stop Breast Service Clinic
SBC 012  Recall for assessment second stage screening
BRONC 004  Bronchoscopy
BRONC 001  Lung Cancer Nursing Team
BRONC 003  Lung Cancer SMDT