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Community Patient Information Leaflets
CM 020 About the Team - Macmillan Allied Health Professionals
CM 022 About Your Hearing Aid - (child)
CM 177 Acupuncture
CM 136   Advice for parents and carers about speaking other languages
CM 118 Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)
BW 0262 Blood tests (Children under 12 years)
PC 004 Care at the end of life
CM 158 Catheter Valves
BW 0156 Cellulitis
CM 178 Children's Community Nursing Team - Wigan Borough
Corp 025 Delirium-Understanding Delirium for patients, relatives and carers
CM 154 Disappearing Chair technique
BW 0125 District Nursing Service
CM 113 Dressings after Nail Surgery
CM 122 Dressing changes
BW 0010 Easy Read-Patient access policy - First appointments
BW 0167 Early Notification - SEND (Wigan)
CM 067 Facial Paralysis Advice
CM 097 Falls, Balance and Bone Health Clinic
CM 174 Fatigue Course (Macmillan Therapy Team)
BW 0239 Food Fortification and Managing a Small Appetite (Macmillan)
CM 115 Foot health for people with diabetes
BW 0044 Foot ulcer
CM 002 Footwear-Surgical Appliances
CM 028 Fracture Liaison Service
BW 0181 General advice on Oral Health
CM 008 Glue Ear
BS 005 Guidance and Support for the Bereaved
CM 104 Healthy Eating for Growth and Development
CM 147 Healthy sleep in children over 12 months of age
CM 266 Help with Hyperacusis (over sensitivity or dislike of loud sounds)
CM 269 Home Oxygen Safety
CM 098 How to reduce the risk of slips and trips
CM 267 Interstitial Lung Disease
BW 0173 Is your child ready for school?
BW 0073 Jaundice in newborn babies
CM 119 Labyrinthitis
CM 025 LeighWalk-in Centre
BW 0189 Live life well - A complete online resource for mental well-being
TV 001 Looking after our patients' skin to prevent pressure ulcers
CM 043 Looking after your baby's teeth
CM 042 Looking after your child's teeth
BW 0110 Managing ear wax in adults
PC 003 McKinley T34 syringe pump
CM 120 Meniere’s disease
BW 0126 Need to know more about Eczema?
BW 0215 Need to know more about Psoriasis?
BW 0093 Newborn Hearing Screening Test
CM 017 Nutrition and Dietetics (MacMillan & WL Hospice)
CM 018 Occupational Therapy (Macmillan & WWL Hospice))
BW 0186 Oral health care for people following treatment for head and neck cancer
BW 0184 Oral health care for people with swallowing problems
CM 232 Oxygen Safety - Children (Wigan Borough)
BW 0201 Paediatric Community Services following discharge from hospital
CM 282 Personal Wheelchair budget
CM 019 Physiotherapy (Macmillan)
CM 172 Pregnancy and Postnatal Mental Health
CM 114 Prescription Insoles and/or Orthosis
CM 264 Pressure Ulcers
CM 112 Prior to nail surgery
CORP 026 Putting on and caring for your anti-embolism stockings
BW 0187 Readiness for school
CM 179 Respite Service - Wigan Borough
CM 155 School children who are bedwetting
BW 0153 Shared Care prescribing of ADHD medicines
BW 0021 Speech and Language Therapy (Macmillan)
CM 274 Stress Management - Occupational Therapy Service
BW 0107 Supervised tooth brushing programme (SEND)
Corp 019 Taking your own medicines while you are in hospital
BW 0068 Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD)
BW 0265 The 30 degree Tilt _ Pressure relief
CM 041 Top tips to prevent injury in children
CM 169 Tuberculosis (TB) Treatment
BW 0149 Time for Me (Wigan)
BW 0127 Use of children's Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)
CM 159 Using Melatonin for sleep disorders (on hold)
CM 134 What to expect at your health assessment
CM 180 Wound Care
CM 221 Wound Care - Children
CM 009 Your Child's Appointment - Audiology
CORP 015 Chaperone