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Patient Information Leaflets - E

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Alternative formats are available on request. If you wish to request an audio leaflet, braille, hi contrast (black text against yellow background), or require the leaflet in a different language then please contact the department/ward you are attending.

Please note: EXTERNAL leaflets are not produced by WWL and as such the content is outside of our control.

For Endoscopy Leaflets click here.
Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

We have a number of leaflets available directly from ENT UK, the professional association of Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeons.

EXTERNAL Adenoid Surgery
EXTERNAL Adult Tonsil Surgery
EXTERNAL  Childrens Tonsil Surgery
ENT 001 Day Case Hemithyroidectomy
EXTERNAL  Facial Skin Lesions
EXTERNAL  Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
EXTERNAL Grommets in children
EXTERNAL  Hole in your Eardrum
EXTERNAL  Mastoid Surgery
EXTERNAL  Microlaryngoscopy and Oesophagoscopy
EXTERNAL  Neck Dissection
EXTERNAL  Otosclerosis and Stapedotomy
EXTERNAL  Parotid Surgery
EXTERNAL  Rhinoplasty
EXTERNAL  Septal Surgery
EXTERNAL Sinusitis
TLC 019 Skin prick allergy testing specific to ears, nose and throat
EXTERNAL Snoring and Sleep Apnoea
EXTERNAL Surgery of Submandibular Gland

Elderly Care including Dementia 
Med 009 Age Well Unit
Med 012 Carer's information Working in partnership
Corp 025 Delirium - Understanding Delirium for patients, relatives and carers
Med 005 Dementia as a palliative condition - What you may need to know
Med 005a Dementia as a palliative condition - What you may need to know (Accessible)
SN 003 Healthy Heart and Healthy Mind-Reducing the Risk of Dementia
Resp 001 Oral N-Acetyl Cystiene tablets
Med 008 Sundowning
Med 007 Understanding Advanced Dementia

Estates and Facilities (E&F)
EF 001  Electrical Vehicle Charge Units