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Trauma and Orthopaedics
MUSC 059  Admission for Minor Orthopaedic Surgery Under Local Anaesthetic   
MUSC 018  Bunion Surgery
PHY 018 Care of the shoulder following a stroke
MUSC 013  Carpal Tunnel Release
MUSC 022  D Ward Discharge Advice for patients and their relatives and/or carers
MUSC 043  D Ward Discharge Advice Following an Injection
MUSC 065 Day Case Total Hip Replacement
MUSC 053  Discharge Advice 5th Metacarpal (Little Finger) Fracture
MUSC 047  Discharge Advice 5th Metatarsal Fracture
MUSC 061 Discharge Advice for Metacarpal Fracture
MUSC 054  Discharge Advice Fracture of Radial Head/Neck
MUSC 049  Discharge Advice Fracture of a Toe
MUSC 048  Discharge Advice Torus (Buckle) Fracture
MUSC 063  Distal biceps repair surgery (with Endobutton)
UL 015  Dupuytren's Fasciectomy
MUSC 062    Elbow replacement surgery
MUSC 025  Excision of Ganglion
MUSC 066 Fasting Prior to Surgery
MUSC 036  Following a Joint Injection
MUSC 042  General Wound Care Passport
MUSC 001 Having a Nerve Conduction Study
MUSC 050  Hip Arthroscopy Surgery
MUSC 045  Hip Fracture
ER 005 How to prevent a fall
MUSC 051 Increased dependency area
MUSC 019  Injection into Bursa
MUSC 010  Injection of Therapeutic Substance into Joint
UL 017 Injection Therapy
MUSC 057  Intra Articular Hip Injection
MUSC 023  Joint Arthroscopy
UL 014  Joint replacements in the hand
MUSC 041 Midfoot and Hindfoot Fusion Surgery
MUSC 046  Morton's Neuroma
MUSC 056  Orthopaedic Admissions Unit Discharge Advice Following an Injection
MUSC 055  Orthopaedic Admissions Unit Discharge Advice for patients and their relatives and/or carers
MUSC 052  Orthopaedic Outpatients Department - Wigan Fracture Clinic
MUSC 058  Orthopaedic Surgery Discharge Advice for Inpatients and their relatives and/or carers
MUSC 029  Osteoporosis
MUSC 030  Revision Total Knee Replacement
MUSC 014  Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery
MUSC 037  Shoulder Replacement Surgery
MUSC 038  Shoulder Stabilisation Surgery
MUSC 039  Subacromial Decompression Surgery
MUSC 028  The Humerus - How to Look after your fracture
UL 016  Trapeziectomy
MUSC 026  Ulna Nerve Release
MUSC 034  Ward One Discharge Advice for patients and their relatives and/or carers     
MUSC 044  Ward One Discharge Advice Following an Injection
MUSC 060 Wrightington Elective Hip/Knee Replacement MSSA Skin Decolonisation Pathway
MUSC 031  Wrightington Revision Total Hip Replacement
MUSC 011  Wrightington Total Hip Replacement Programme
MUSC 012  Wrightington Total Knee Replacement Programme