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Patient Information Leaflets - A

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Alternative formats are available on request. If you wish to request an audio leaflet, braille, hi contrast (black text against yellow background), or require the leaflet in a different language then please contact the department/ward you are attending.

Please note: EXTERNAL leaflets are not produced by WWL and as such the content is outside of our control. 

EXTERNAL A difficult birth - what is shoulder dystocia? (external leaflet)
S 040 A Guide to Discharge from ICU/HDU
EXTERNAL  A low-lying placenta after 20 weeks (external leaflet)
EXTERNAL A third or fourth degree tear during child birth (external leaflet)
GYN 047   Abdominal Sacrocolpopexy or Sacrohysteropexy
ACST 001 Access to community services team (ACST)
FF 011 Access to fertility records
CORP 002 Access to health records
EXTERNAL Acne (external leaflet)
PAIN 033  Acupuncture treatment at home
SN 001 Acute kidney injury
CC 033  Acute Oncology Team
EXTERNAL Adenoid surgery (external leaflet)
MUSC 059  Admission for Minor Orthopaedic Surgery Under Local Anaesthetic
CH 063  Admission to Hospital - Rainbow Ward
SW3 001  Admission to Ward 3
AUDIO 012  Adult Audiology Service for patients with learning disabilities-information for carers 
EXTERNAL Adult tonsil surgery (external leaflet)
SS 002  Advice for continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) Users
BS 009  Advice on speaking with a child when a loved one is in hospital
OPHTH 008  After care for minor surgery
DR 004 After photography
ORTH 022 After your low vision assessment
MED 009 Age well unit
ALC 001  Alcohol Advice (Accessible)
EXTERNAL Alder Hey Children's Hospital (getting to)
AAA 001 Ambulatory Assessment Area
PAIN 011 Amitriptyline
EXTERNAL Amniocentisis (external leaflet)
EXTERNAL An assisted vaginal birth (ventouse or forceps)
SURG 040  Ano-rectal manometry 
MED 006 (Anaphylaxis) Suspected extreme allergic reaction
Card 009a Angioplasty/Stent (Having a) (Accessible)
CH 036  Antenatal hydronephrosis
GYN 042  Anti-D following Early Pregnancy Loss
OBS 004  Anticoagulation in pregnancy and the post partum period
OPHTH 012 Anti-VEGF Injection Treatment
SL 008  Aphasia/Dysphasia
MX 005  Apicectomy
EXTERNAL Appendicitis
ANA 002  Arm or Hand Surgery Using a Nerve Block
EXTERNAL Asthma - Treatment
ORTH 003 Atropine treatment for amblyopia (Lazy Eye)
HAEM 002 Attending Anticoagulant Clinics