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Patient Information Leaflets - R

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BS 010  R.A.E.I. Bereavement Liaison Specialist Nurse
PAIN 037  Radio frequency denervation for the treatment of chronic pain
RAD 011  Radioiodine treatment and Thyrotoxicosis
EXTERNAL  Radiotherapy for skin cancer (external leaflet)
OBS 053 Raised BMI in pregnancy - Anaesthetic Considerations
CH 002  Raised temperature in children
PC 008  Rapid discharge to preferred place of death
SBC 012  Recall for assessment - second stage screening
UROL 025 Recovering from Urological Surgery During COVID-19
CS 014  Reducing the risk of venous thromboembolism (blood clot)
ORTH 007  Referral to the hospital eye service (Children)
ANA 003 Regional anaesthesia for awake shoulder surgery
CC 034  Reiki
MX 008  Removal of wisdom teeth
SW3 015  Repair of Epigastic Hernia Operation
SW3 016  Repair of Femoral Hernia Operation
SW3 002 Repair of Hydrocele
SW3 013  Repair of Inguinal Hernia Operation
SW3 012  Repair of Incisional Hernia Operation
SW3 014  Repair of Umbilical Hernia Operation
BS 006 Retention and disposal of organs/tissues after a post mortem
BS 006a Retention and disposal of organs/tissues after a post mortem (Accessible)
CH 067 Reverting back to MDI Injections
GYN 063  Reviewing your Cervical Screening History Cervical Cancer Audit
MUSC 030  Revision Total Knee Replacement
RH 002 Rheumatology Telephone Advice Line
EXTERNAL  Rhinoplasty (external leaflet)
SW3 019  Rigid cystoscopy
SL 004  Role of the Speech and Language Therapist
MUSC 014  Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery
OBS 031  Ruptured membranes before labour