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Anti-Fraud at the Trust

The Trust is responsible for the administration of public funds for the purpose of providing health care to the community we serve. It is recognised that the existence of fraud and corruption threaten to prevent these funds providing maximum benefit to patients. The Trust takes a robust response to these threats as reflected in the Anti-Fraud, Corruption and Bribery Policy and by developing an organisational culture that is intolerant of fraud, corruption and bribery and the Anti-Fraud specialist at the Trust is Collette Ryan who holds the required accreditation to undertake such work.

Suspicions of fraud and corruption may be referred by staff, patients, visitors or others in any instance where the NHS has been defrauded either internally or externally. The local anti- fraud specialist will undertake an investigation and look to gather evidence that can be used to support a criminal prosecution.

Fraud in the NHS is governed by the NHS Counter Fraud Authority.  Any concerns you may have in relation to a potential fraud at the Trust can be directed to our Local Anti- Fraud Specialist at the contact details located below.

How to report Fraud

If you would like to find out more about fraud prevention call local anti-fraud specialist
Collette Ryan on 01257 256204 (Office) or by email: or

The National NHS Fraud and Corruption Reporting Line is a confidential reporting line operated by trained staff between 8am and 6pm - 0800 028 4060.  More information can be found by visiting the NHS Protect website.