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The Who I Am Passport for Wigan Carers

The Who I Am Passport for Wigan CarersWigan Council along with Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust, Ashton Leigh and Wigan NHS, North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Ashton Leigh and Wigan Community Healthcare NHS Trust have worked in partnership to develop the Who I Am Passport to help carers, patients and health professionals alike.

Wigan Council’s Cabinet Champion for Healthy Communities, Cllr Keith Cunliffe, explains:

“Many people living in Wigan care for someone, whether it’s a spouse, parent, child or close friend,” says Cllr Cunliffe. “But many will not see themselves as carers and will be unaware of what help is available to them. “It is really important that carers are identified, recognised and supported and the passport is designed to do exactly that.

It will assist staff, particularly in hospitals in identifying carers and enable them to gain relevant accurate information on the person they care for, if they are admitted. It will also help carers to record important details of the person they look after, ensuring the right help is given.”

Amanda Allinson, Carers’ Hospital Support Worker, said; “The kind of help carers need is very individual; from practical assistance, financial, emotional support or even a little me time.  Carers find themselves in a position where all their conversations relate to the cared for person.  Having a Carers’ Hospital Support Worker at the hospital will fulfill some aspects of the needs of the carer.  “This initiative shows a commitment by the NHS within the borough of Wigan towards carers.  By working closely with our health partners and the voluntary sector, we will support carers and ensure they are treated with dignity, respect and understanding.”

So what is a Who I Am Passport?
The passport is a booklet that enables carers the opportunity to inform hospital staff of relevant, accurate information on the person they look after so the right help is given. The passport will be particularly helpful if the cared for person/patient has communication difficulties.

How does it work?
Carers complete the passport adding information, comments and suggestions about the needs of the cared for person/patient in the three sections.  The red section is for ‘must know’ information, amber section for ‘important’ information and green section for ‘helpful’ information. The passport stays with the patient while they are in hospital, enabling all health professionals’ access to the information contained in the Who I Am passport.

How can I get hold of one?
Just complete the Who I Am Passport Carers registration card and return it to the Carers Support Team.  The passport will be issued to you including a factsheet and guidance notes which help you to complete it.

You can download all the documents by visiting the Who I Am Passport section on the Wigan Council Website via the link below:

External Website Visit the Wigan Council Carers website

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