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You Said We Listened
Discharge: Family not given enough information to help care Compilation of a Discharge Information Pack handed to the appropriate patient on admission to the ward.
Discharge: Not given notice about when discharge would be Expected date of discharge put on the discharge pack. Dedicated ward teams improving continuity of discharge planning and communication to both the patient and relatives.
Discharge: not fully told purpose of medications
Discharge: not fully told side-effects of medications
Discharge: not told how to take medication in an understandable way
Counselling of patients on their medications at the point of discharge or as requested by the patient by a member of the pharmacy team.

Cancer services: Hospital staff not given information on getting financial help

Macmillan Information Centre staff to take info packs to the wards for ‘out of hours’ advice regarding benefits.

Newly appointed Benefits Advisor to start ‘outreach’ work on the wards.

Cancer services: Staff told patient who to contact if worried post-discharge

Discharge packs containing relevant information to be available on the wards with contact numbers for appropriate staff who have been involved in their care whilst an inpatient, to contain contact numbers/follow up appointments etc.

Information for cancer patients will be delivered weekly to the wards as part of the new ‘outreach service’.

Maternity services: Patient not having anyone to stay as long as they wanted Visiting times reviewed and the duration for nominated partners extended following consultation with women and their partners.