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Warning Text %XTableStyleMedium2PivotStyleLight16`$>5325 Call out types and area,!  ; 8vDayMonthYearSiteLocationClinical Non clinical Type of pestEvidence of pest found Y/NCommentsBUCK ROWSUITE 2YANTSTREATED AS REQUIREDRAEISECURITY OFFICEN ENDOSCOPY BITING INSECTSUSED ANTI STATIC SPRAY PET SCANNER WRIGHTINGTONUPPER LIMB RESEARCH OFFICES!TREATED WITH RESIDUAL INSECTICIDEWRVS/CARDIOLOGYPHARMACYSAFEGUARDING OFFICEWOODLICELOWTON DINING ROOMR & D REHAB SUITEANSLEIGHCORRIDOR OUTSIDE TAYLORMOUSE BAIT BOXESMESNES TERRACE RATSBAIT BOXES PLACEDX-RAYFLIESTAKEN SAMPLES KITCHENTLCSUITE 6 SHEVINGTON CARDIOLOGY PEMBERTONSUITE 1MEDICAL RECORDS WASP NESTTREATED WITH INSECTICIDAL DUSTPIUVOLANTARY SERVICE OFFICERESPONSE CHANGING ROOMSRHESUS TRAININGX RAY AREA TREATEDTHEATRE KITCENSTAFF ENGAGEMENTBILLINGE HIP CENTRE0TREATED WITH INSECTICIDAL DUST HOLE IN BRICKWORKPATIENT ENGAGEMENTOPD AND AMBULANCE BAYCHRISTOPHER HOMEWASPS JOHN CHARNLEY WING/DUSTED NEST ABOVE WINDOW WITH INSECTICIDAL DUSTDIABETES CENTREWASPS OLD BONE BANKRNEST REMOVED DUSTED UNDER EVES A SIDE AND FRONT OF BUILDING WITH INSCETICIDAL DUSTCARDIAC CATH LAB SWITCHBOARDASPUL ROGER ANTSASPULLMAIN CORRIDOR FACING PIC4 X LIGHT BAIT BOXES LEFTMED RECS LIBRARY AREA SPRAYEDREAR OF KITCHENS RAT SIGHTED BOXES BAITEDJOHN CHARNLEY WING- ROOM 19 SILVERFISHJOHN CHARNLEY WING/OPD TOILETWARD 2MICENOT BAITED AS NO EVEIDENCE#JOHN CHARNLEY WING- ROOM 1 BATHROOM AREA BAITEDOFFICIAL BLOCK73X BAITS LEFT IN OFFICE 2 IN BOARDROOM AND 1 IN KITCHENGROUNDS NEAR PHARMACY/BAITS CHECKED NO ACCESS TO BOARDROOM MEETING ONSITERAT BAITED AREATRUST HQ RECORDSCLINICAL TRIALS KITCHENBAND SPRAYED KITCHEN.OPDy$SPRAYED ROOM AND ADVISED ON CLEANING MAIN KITCHENBAND SPRAYED AROUND COOKERROOM OPPOSITE KITCHEN>BAND SPRAY TREATMENT IN KITCHEN AND 2 OFFICES OPPOSITE KITCHENJCW ROOM 14 BATHROOM7BAND SPRAY TREATMENT IN BATHROOM AND BEDROOM OF ROOM 14%OPD HAND UNIT ROOM A3 ANNEXE CORRIDOR.BAND SPRAY TREATMENT IN A3 AND ANNEXE CORRIDORCORRIDOR NEAR BOARDROOM'BAND TREATMENT TO CORIDOR AND 2 OFFICESTotalJCWTREATED OUTSIDE WALL ROOM 11OPD 2SPRAYEDCLINICAL TRIALSINSECTSBLANKET SPRAYED OFFICE CARPETANNEXESPRAYED ROOM 38TREATED AREA ALONG CORRIDOR WALL AND REAR OF STEAM PIPESCLOCK TOWER BISTRO JCW RECEPTION SPRAYED ROOMTHEATE STAFF ROOMWINSTANLEY WARD0BAND TREATMENT TO ANNEXE, SIDE ROOM AND PHARMACY DERMATOLOGY(THESE ARE BEES CANNOT SPRAY ADVICE GIVENRECOVERYBAND SPRAYED AFFECTED AREA. THEATRE 10+BAITED UNDER CABIN, 2 BOXES NEAR STORE AREAFRONT ENTRANCE K61BAND SPRAYED ENTRANCEMEETING ROOM ADMIN1BAND TREATMENT TO MEETING ROOM AND ADJOINING WALL#SPRAY IN AND AROUND DRINKS MACHINESSPRAYED ROOM 18THEATRE SPIDER MITES MATERNITYLITTLE BLACK FLIESNO SIGNS NOTHING TO TREATGROUNDSTREE BEES IN VENT NOT TREATEDWARD D-BAND TREATMENT IN KITCHEN AND DOORWAY TO WARDTREE BEES ADVICE ONLY MAIN THEATRES ANAESTHETIC ROOMBEETLES.BAND SPRAYED AROUND CORRIDOR AND OUTSIDE DOORSWHEELCHAIR STORE ADVICE ONLY0DUSTED NEST CORNER OF CHIMNEY AS SEEN FROM ROOM MAIN THEATRESBAND SPRAYED NEAR DOORHONEY BEES - ADVICE GIVEN ADDMISSIONSBAND TREATMENT OF DINING ROOM-DUSTED NEST, ENTRANCE AND GUTTER ABOVE WINDOWBAITED ADMIN BLOCKBLANKET SPRAYED ADMINBAIT LAID, REVISIT IN 2 WEEKS"DUSTED 2 WASP'S NESTS UNDER GUTTER ACCOMMODATIONY` CORONARY CAREBETEAVMENT OFFICEBLANKET SPRAYED ROOM 18RECORDS OFFICE MOUSER/RAT? APREA BAITEDSUITE 5 PORTERS LODGEICUY OLD NURSES HOMEHAWTHORNES OFFICENEONATAL GP SERVICESSURGICAL ADDMISSIONSCATERING OFFICESSOUNDS IN ROOF VOIDOPD 6 BAD SMELLBAITED AROUND OUTSIDE AREASRESIDENTIAL BLOCK BBED BUGSADVICE ONLY NOTHING TO TREAT ADVICE/BAITEDBAIT LAID REVISIT IN 2 WEEKS,BAND SPRAYED BATHROOM, NO SIGN OF SILVERFISH+SPRAYED UNDER KITCHEN COUNTER, NO ANTS SEEN.ANTS FOUND UNDER WOODEN RAMP REAR OF BOARDROOM MOUSE/RATSUITE 7!BAND SPRAYED OFFICE, NO ANTS SEENSOCIAL WORK DEPTOPD 5RECORDS LIBRARY$SPRAYED FICAM POWDER ON WINDOW LEDGEX-RAY KITCHEN FIRE EXIT'BAND SPRAYED FIRE EXIT DOOR IN CORRIDORR1 THEATRE 6BAND SPRAYED AREA, 2 ANTS SEEN+ >,\,+-I-..l.. n/C0a0 152S2|34>5\ 5 6 7 ^8| 29P :"::|;n</=MccB g2 (?Rc}tUAN  dMbP?_*+%&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?"B333333?333333?Si&<3U} D} I D} m"D} D} ID} D} GD  ? 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