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Warning Text %XTableStyleMedium2PivotStyleLight16`e 010414-310315 010415-310316< 010416-310317'HDraft Final Figures & Descripti,  ;8 WEB27546Specialist ServicesSecurity$Theft (proven, alleged or suspected)A Tall white dark haired man was observed by a memeber of staff taking the Alcohol Gel insert out of the wall dispenser in OPD area 2 & 3, when asked what he was doing he quickly left via the back enterance of X-ray#Security issue related to Equipment"Proven, alleged or suspected theftCCTV checked but we could not find the offender the area was searched but the item was not thrown away area searched but agin nothing found. staff to reamin vigilant on the area. JC 24/04/14 OutpatientsWEB31821KSecurity issue related to equipment (incl. theft, vandalism, intruder etc.)\**This is not a security incident but unable to categorise correctly** Dispensed a prescription at TLC for temazepam but found that the balance was 28 tablets short. Balance on computer correct. Located a prescription that was dispensed 22/8/14 by another pharmacist but had not been entered into the register. This would correct the balance.Blead pharmacist - informed and to run checks over the stock levelsPharmacyWEB35359USecurity incident related to premises or land (incl. theft, vandalism, intruder etc.)hArrived at Leigh Infirmary around 12.20, walking past the porters office in the direction of the X-ray department. Saw a man on a mobile phone cross the bottom of the corridor frothe Day Surgery unit direction walking along the corridor towards the X-ray department. As it was Saturday afternoon I knew that there was only the X-ray department and the Walk In Centre operating. As I approached the X-ray department this man was still on his mobile but stood outside the X-ray department. I asked him could I help. From his answer of, "X-ray my partner X-ray" I knew that his first language was not English. I mentioned the possibility of his partner being in the Walk In centre as the doors to the X-ray department were locked. I advised him that he would need to go outside and take a left to LWIC. He departed in that direction. When the X-ray staff were handing over to me they mentioned that a man, fitting the description of the one I had met, had walked into the X-ray department, (seen on the CCTV) and was discovered sitting in a changing cubicle near to X-ray room 1. They asked him a few questions and again he had mentioned X-ray and the walk in centre. As there were no patients in X-ray they directed him to LWIC. They also rang LWIC to check whether anyone there was missing a friend or relative but there wasn't. Around 12.50 on receiving a patient from the walk in centre, this same man was outside the X-ray department on his mobile phone. I let my patient into the department by which time this man was walking away in a direction that had no exit. I asked him to come back and he ignored my request and remained on his mobile phone. I called again and he kept saying, X-ray and walk in centre. At this point I came back into the X-ray department and dealt with my patient. Following this exam and on discharging my patient back to LWIC there was now no sign of this other man1. i have reviewed this incident this appears to be a one off incident and we have not had similar across the Trust . 2. all security officers are aware - mobile security on #6166 can be contacted 24/7 for instances such as this to attend and assist . 3.999 was not called in this incuident . I would recommend that the police are called in future . 4. I have informed the police of this 23/02/2015.Log 5. The department does have a good well maintained working intercom and access control . 6. A further monitor is being replaced. 7. on site security are aware and will be actively looking out for this male. Close and file JCXray DepartmentWEB28526Surgery DivisionbDuring surgical on call (as SHO) on nights. My bag and coat was left in the Seminar room between Swinley and Langtree wards on 3rd floor (after handover) During the night shift I did go back to the room (about 2 am) and when it was quiet I took my iPad out of my bag to do work - battery was down so plugged it in at wall. I do not recall if other items were missing at this point. Unfortunately I was bleeped to see a sick patient so left iPad plugged in and bag in room with full intention of going back to the room shortly to continue working. I did not make it back to the seminar room until 7am to do the list for handover. I did not identify any missing items until after handover at 830 am and I went to get my car keys out of my bag. After checking on the surgical wards and with missing items/general office/security I checked my bag again to realised my wallet had gone missing. I rang security and the lady who answered said that the manager wasn't in and she would send him an email. I have since realised that my bleep has also been taken. In total have I lost a set of keys including my car key (which identifies the model of car), house keys and my brother and parents house keys A purple Ted Baker wallet which contained 2 debit and 2 credit cards, driving license and other store cards. Day team pager. All items were taken from my work satchel..Security incident related to Personal propertySecurity involved in investigation incident. Member of staff reported it appropriatey and involved the police. No further action necessary. T L Joynson DHOG Surgry Swinley WardWEB29891Medicine DivisionVSecurity incident related to personal property (incl. theft, vandalism, intruder etc.)Patient next of kin arrived on ward, it had been handed over that patients purses in medicine locker, i advised next of kin it would be best if they took the money home with them. Next of kin came with me, i got property sheet from admission to ward so as to check accuracy, when this was checked, their was obvious inaccuracy, on admission patient was documentated as having 50.00 + 12.20 in coins in one purse and 60.00 + 6.56 in coins in another. When i went in the locker i checked purses and was obviously not the same as on admission, checked with my fellow colleague, patient found to have three purses, in purse one found to have keys, second purse had 40.00 in notes and 10.50 in coins, the third purse had 3.31 in, this was checked with my colleague.on discussion with patient with regards missing money she staed that it was not missing but that she hidden it were no one could find it. asked if she would say were it had been hidden patient stated it was were no one would get their hands on it. i asked patient if she would allow us to re check her property and she stated no. unable to act any further in relation to this as patient sated that she had hidden the money.Shevington WardWEB28889*patient waiting in wating room came to the nursing station asked for a vomit bowl,on returning to the waiting room (area 3) she saw another patient had stole her bag. when she shouted the patient gave her the bag back only to find that her medication,cash card, ipod, and work id badge was missing.Police arrested the offender and dealt with this incident of theft. Security were called and assisted with the police . No further actions outstanding .All cctv footage has been viewed and given to the police were appropriate. Jason CarrAccident and EmergencyWEB32597Estates & Facilities DivisionOn returning from the rear of the old lab block i noticed a contractor up an extension ladder, working on one of the CCTV cameras on the corner of the Marsh Home, on his own.)JC (LSMS) - the company have been contacted and informed of their obligation to comply with H+S legislation and our own policies regarding contrators i.e they need to sign in at works and have a valid ID Badge . This has been sent through to Gareth Williams from Automatic Alarms . JC 13/11/14Hospital/Clinic GroundsWEB31041JSecurity issue related to vehicles (incl. theft, vandalism, intruder etc.)uStaff Car on Cherrycroft Car park found to have passenger door window smashed. Small case removed from passenger seatIncident was not witnessed. When the break in discovered, Police and WWL security informed. All staff aware of the incident and tha< t they need to lock valuables etc in the boot of the car. JC - NOTED AND FOR INFORMATION OF SECURITY TEAM .Cherry Croft CourtWEB36160*THEFT INCIDENT - coding not avalible under 'staff'?* DE was sent off shift at 7am due to ill health. He reached the consultant's car park where he had left his car prior to his night shift. The car was missing. Security traced CCTV footage and saw the car leaving site at around 2am but said that no cameras were able to see the actual car theft. The car had been left locked and alarmed and was a push button ignition which was encrypted in that the presence of the correct fob was required to start the car.1. CCTV is limited, the incident itself wasd not captured. 2. This looks like an isoloated incident. 3. The police have been informed and are investigating with the assistance os WWL 4. There have been no other associated incidents that have come to light so far . 5. Staff are aware and will be conducting thorough checks through the night in areas that lack CCTV. 6. OCS staff made aware across all sites . 7. CCTV burnt off for police .Car ParkWEB30326Staff Nurse spotted an intruder trying to get in through CCU entrance doors then he was observed on camera in cardiology reception trying to get in through all doors in this area. He was in the vicinity of the ground floor for atleast 5 minutes. He then left the area and Staff were unable to monitor the location of this person. This left all staff on duty feeling unsafe and on edge, especially after being informed by security that none of the corridors on the ground floor are monitored by security cameras other than the corridor near the loan store. Therefore any body getting out of the lifts or coming down the stairs are not supervised until they reach the CCU doors and cardiology department which by then could be to late.nDiscussed with JC. Review of current security camera provision in the area. Should be noted that there is free access to the corridor in which the alledged intuder was seen so cannot restrict access to these areas. Noted that security doors did their job by keeping the person out of the departments and staff followed protocol by escalating to security at the time.Coronary Care UnitWEB33337Patients bag with belongings gone missing. Patient states that when she came in to D ward she had her small bag that had her reading glasess in, night dressess, towel, purse which contained a twenty pound note and some loose change, her mobile phone, a book and house keys and her mothers watch. Patient states it was a small maroon canvas bag which was labelled with her details on. Patient states the bag was with her when she was being taken to the anaesthetic room. Patient states it was taken away from where by two staff when she was about to be given her anaesthetic. Patient doesnt remeber anything after that. Patient arrived to ward 5 without the bag and alerted ward staff. It wasn't on the patient property cage that was deleivered to the ward.lThe bag has now turned up on D ward and has been sent to the patient on ward 5. This is now a non-incident.-Ward A (Formerly Ward 5, Trauma Orthopaedics)WEB29860sautomatic/pass entry door to corridor outside main theatre female changing room not working properly, sticking open7Estates informed. Contractor identified and door fixedCorridorWEB29395on entering the staff room on ward 2 I noticed that food and paper work on the floor, the fridge and freezer doors open open.food tins and packages on chairs and work surfesses. prior to this I found a box of moviprep on the main stair case to ward. The rest of the ward was locked.f1. The police have been called and have attended site together with Head of Security Jason carr 2. Works will complete some remedial action on the doors today 3. Porters will be asked to open up the dept closer to the time of dept opening to avoid long delay in area being unstaffed. 4. fingerprints on bottles and walls to be investigated by the PoliceWard 2 - LeighWEB27711Human Resources (HR)[TAKEN DIRECTLY FROM TEMPORARY INCIDENT FORM I WENT TO GET MY BLACKBERRY MOBILE PHONE AROUND 20:00 ON THE 31/03/14 IN ORDER TO CHECK MY DIARY AS I WAS RETURNING FROM ANNUAL LEAVE ON THE 01/04/14. IT WAS THEN I NOTICED IT WAS NOT THERE. I HAVE CHECKED A NUMBER OF PLACES WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO LOCATE IT, THEREFORE I WOULD LIKE TO REPORT IT LOST.Public place/venueWEB34945noted at westwood lodge communtiy beds FP 10 x 2 available for use , FP10 distribution list indicates 6 FP10 should be available. Last used 6/2/15 by Dr mandal with ANP supervision at which stage only 2 FP10 remained. Prior used on 3/2/15 by DR Nivison for patient N Hampson 4705511387.Review of area, no FFP10 identified Checked FFP10 log - 1 pt NHS number recorded instead of script number identified that 2 FFP10 not been entered onto log Dispensing pharmacists contacted to confirm pts name and FFP10 numbers All FFP10 prescriptions accounted for and log details updated Identified that FFP10's were located by ANP in office draw and not in agreed locked cupboard as per agreement - NH bed manager identified yesterday had lifted out FFP10' and had not returned them to the locked cupboard yesterday after use. Fully aware of process required Spot reviews to be undertaken re storage of FFP10 Chief pharmacist informed of incident - update re all FFP 10's accounted for and log list updated.Patients own HomeWEB30402wPatients belongings unable to be located. Belongings locked in cage on D ward on 7/8/2014, but not been located since. 1. A full search of the cage and surrounding areas has taken place 2. I will attend site this week to look at the system and the process in place for this cage . 3. a ssytem where the keys are recorded in /out will now be introduced. 4. legal have been contacted.WEB31472zTheft of watch from consulting room at TLC: I took off my watch (as per infection control guidelines) at the start of the clinic and placed it on the desk in front of me. I noted that the watch was missing at the end of the clinic at 17:00. Extensive search failed to find the watch which is presumed stolen by someone during the clinic. Cost of watch is approximately 9000.00Retrospective review of incident by HOG for Surgery. Incident investigated at the time. Appropriate actions taken by relevent senior staff. Continue to monitor incidents. Incident closed due to passage of time and no further action necessary. T L JoynsonOPD TLCWEB27619AOur department had a delivery of pc bases and monitors. As we were short on space we stored the bases in one of the offices and the screens in the new booking team, a shared office space with coding. On Wednesday of last week after IT visiting us to install one of the pc's i did a count and noticed we seemed to have a 27" screen missing. As we are based on the 4th floor in the attic at RAEI we promptly searched all the rooms, including coding and the anaesthetics office. The scrren was no where to be found. I reported the theft to my line manager. We completed further searches on Thursday 17th April and i was asked to contact Jason Carr, which i did. He advised me to email all managers on the 4th floor, in all departments, asking if anyone had any information on the missing screen. I also completed this on the 17th April.all areas searched but nothing found. e-mail sent out to ask staff to look through variuos depts - negative. the remaining equipment will be kept secure to prevent a similar incident . JC 28/04/14Patient AdministrationWEB29752When routinely checking controlled drugs it was identified that there were 47 oxycontin 120mgs tablets. However, it is documented that there were 48 tablets available.\Mike Parkers informed and this will be dealt with under the disruption excercise with GMP later this week. The results of this is it is felt that better auditablility of the CD registers need to take place as we do not know if this is stolen or just an stock control issue where it has not been signed out . We can file and close . JC 30/07/14Intensive Care Unit (ICU)< WEB33975Dr contacted myself at 19:05 as on call manager to say he had arrived at Mesnes Terrace car park at 1830 to find it locked up. He had contacted security via switchboard and they had informed him they would come and unlock the car park for him to retrieve his car. Doctor was concerned that he had not had prior notice of the car park closure and secondly if he had to leave his car and travel home by train, this may affect his next shift which was an on call shift.All Staff WWL have been notified in advance of the closing times via global and local e-mails to prevent this from occuring . JC 5/01/15WEB28072Two staff nurses came to check control drugs at 04:00 14/5/15 it was discovered a control drug was missing diazepam 2mg patients ownSecurity - other"Loss / Theft of Medication / DrugsZInital investigation undertaken by S N, MP and JC into missing CD. Practice of who holds the CD keys changed on the ward. Band 6's/ shift identified co-ordniator only to carry the keys and implemented. Matron review on 19/5/14. Due to 3rd missing CD within a period of 2 months, for further investigation into possible themes/ trends and actions required to be conducted. Requested all 3 datix of 3 missing CD incidents, timeline and staff on duty with acess to be looked at, in addiotn practices of managing and checking CD on ward to be looked at and discussed further with head of security JC Lowton WardWEB28774cOn Thursday 22nd June at approx 20.30 I left a 10 note in an envelope on the notice board in the staff resource room (which has a coded door) for another member of staff for various collections. I then had 6 days off and night duty.When i returned to day duty i spoke to the member of staff that the money had been left for and she had never received it.discussed above lessons learned with Elaine Hibbs, Matron cameras do cover the corridor outside the resource room but as this is a period of at least 7 days, it is impossible to see who entered and left the room. Rainbow WardWEB28773vI am a registered nurse for the Hospital at Home Team and am required to carry medical stock such as cannulas, needles, blood tubes and Adrenaline. My nursing bag had been in the boot of my car along with portable drip stand, which unfortunately had been left unlocked. Some opertunistic theives have been able to get into the car and have stolen my bag and the drip stand.cJason Carr - all appropriate actions have been taken and the police have been informed . 12/06/14Staff members homeWEB305408 Money for a collection gone from office filing cabinet.W1. areas search and all staff asked about this incident but nothing tangible came back to assist investigation 2. staff reminded that they are not to collect money for charity/leaving events or have monies present on office or ward depts as this is against policy . 3. this is a theft and not a robbery staff updated. Close Jason carrDepartmental OfficeWEB31026Patient unable to locate glasses this morning. Bed area and locker checked. Patient states they were Christian Dior and cost over 400 pounds. Advised to complete a letter to matron'Patient had stated that she had left her glasses on her bedside table before she went to sleep and on waking in the morning they were not there. Staff informed that the glasses had gone missing. All areas checked and bed area through checked. Datix completed. Patient had signed disclaimer form. Aspull WardWEB34212BEntrance doors unsecured due to breakage of emergency exit button.CJason carr- small fix performed by OCS security officers 12/01/15WEB35289The Pharmacy fluid store that is located near the Bone Bank had the door left open (this is where the hospital fluids are located)- Pharmacy staff member was spoken to by the acting site manager CM of the incident and advised of the nature of the security risk that this presents - Discussed and minuted at Wrightington Pharmacy Clinical Team Meeting - Separate issue of nature of the discussion had between the members of staff at the time of the incident outside of the scope of this security Datix and is being looked at separately by managers - Pharmacy member of staff apologised for leaving the door unlocked and has assured managers that this will not happen again - is aware that the security of fluids is paramount to avoid any risk of tampering as has been seen in other trustsWEB32337TMorning of 3rd nov, i have finished my night shift on icu/hdu and went to the ladies changing room to get changed to when i discover my bag is not there, me and several members of staff, check the area and unit to see if it was moved somewhere else. After some time it appears it has been taken. I have gone home now and cancelled my cards etc and sister in charge spoke to security during day and explained what had happened. Security have looked on CCTV and seen someone around in the secure areas looking suspicious. I have contacted the police to log the crime and log number is 11123112014.804/11/14 Combination numbers changed by works department.ICU/HDU Staff being informed of new numbers.Proposal is that the numbers will change every 6 months. Intention is to encourage people to use the ICU/HDU front door for access more frequently rather than allowing them to enter from the back door. I.T. contacted regarding change of passwords for Staff Nurse Olverson as passwords were in her diary located in her bag which was stolen. Staff are advised if they need to bring any valuables into work they need to be locked away in their lockers whilst at work.High Dependency Unit (HDU)WEB35437=Received email from Pharmacy Manager at Wrightington stating they had been made aware of medicine waste pharmi-bins being tamepered with / going missing from the waste compound. DATIX being raised from Waste Minimisation Officer as confirmation received via teleconference that this has not been previously recorded.SD, 24.02.15 - I received a report of potential tampering with sealed pharmaceutical waste bins in the waste compound at Wrightington on Tues 17th Feb. I advised reporter to contact Security for guidance. Following this guidance the Police attended site on Thu 19th Feb and I was advised that they stated that there was a lack of evidence to support the claim, so they could not pursue. On Thursday afternoon there was a further report of tampering with containers that went up to the compound at approx. 16.50 after inspection of the area had been made at 17.30. I referred this to Security and Line Manager. SC, 25.05.15 - Compound has secured access with porters access only.WEB35466*Theft of doptone from room 2 on ANC site 4STAFF TO TRY TO ENSURE EQUIPMENT IS STORED SAFELY HOWEVER THIS WILL NOT DETER PEOPLE FROM TAKING SMALL ITEMS THAT ARE IN USE THROUGHOUT THE DAY.Ante-Natal ClinicWEB28792Checking controlled drug on night 11/06/2014. Re-checked controlled drugs 12/06/2014 and numbers of soluable tramadol vary by one. 46 documented in controlled drug book however only 45 tablets counted by two members of staff as per trust administration policy.I have spoken to the Ward manager C.McGrath and she has informed me that this is very likey to be a counting error in that only one tablet has gone missing . She has instructed all her staff that they must be very accurate when conducting checks. Complete. File J.CarrWinstanley WardWEB29402I arrived at the management block this morning at 7.30 to find the glass on the inside door had been smashed, there were fragments of glass all over the floor. This is a secure door that needs a fob to access there was no evidence that anyone had actually got into the building.JC - 08/07/14 1. The police have been called and have attended site together with Head of Security JC 2. Works will complete some remedial action on the doors today 3. Porters will be asked to open up the dept closer to the time of dept opening to avoid long delay in area being unstaffed. 4. fingerprints on bottles and walls to be investigated by the Police 5. all police evidence collected . security staff will commence checks in these areas< every day . file . jc 25.07.14WEB31678sPART OF THE HEALTH CARE OPERATIONS DEPT. THIS IS A REPORT OF SUSPECTED THEFT BUT UNABLE TO COMPLETE DROP DOWN BOXES ACCURATELY/ACCORDINGLY. I came to work on 8.10.14 at 8 .00 am and accessed the filing cabinet in the office in the Hawthorns, RAEI. I noticed a mobile phone and charger was missing which I had put in there for safe keeping for a colleague on 29.9.14.Full search made by security officers on CCTV but to no avail. Full search of empty rooms made again nothing found . Review of security arrangements to take place this month . jason CarrMedical SecretariesWEB317514security doors not releasing on preesing exit buttonCAutomatic alarms have been to site and fixed the doors Jason CarrPemberton WardWEB28679Security doors on enterance to ward intermittantly sticking , restricting access to and from the ward This occurs frequently and company have been out several timesJason Carr- i have instructed Automatic Alarms to attend this door and fix the problem . If they have problems or cannot solve then works will have to be contacted. JC No current issues with security doors at this timeWEB33898BThe previous named person had left her hat on top of her coat which was hung in the staff room, the door to which has a coded lock. On the hat was a white owl brooch which had been a gift and held sentimental value. Within the last month two members of staff have also reported money going missing from their coat pocketSecurity contacted for advice re anything that can be put in place to prevent a future recurrence All staff reminded that valuables must be stored in their personal locker if brought to work or not brought to work unless necessary via email,comcell and notices placed in resource roomWEB29725Approx 01.30am i went to my car parked at the side of the catheter lab to get some work i had brought in for the student nurse. As i came out of the catheter lab doors a man walked out of cardiology doors carrying scrubs. I asked the man what he was doing. The man said he worked in cardiology during the week, said dont worry, but dont tell anyone you seen me and then he walked off. I did'nt recognise this person.The incident has now been solved it was the radiographer on call who came to the department to take the scrubs, he was on call.WEB30893At 10:15am on Monday 01/09/14 I received a phone call from the Works Department (SL) who said that the generator room had been broken into and a length of cable stolen. Entry had been gained through the wooden slats at the rear of the generator room.JC (Local Security Managment Specialist) - 09/09/14 1. the generator house will now have bespoke grilles and shutter doors fitted to prevent access 2. regular patrols have commenced in this area . 3. OCS mobile officer has commenced checks through the night where possible . 4. FW solutions have been made aware of this and where possible will be vigilant to this type of theft . 5. AS (Estates) has contcated the company for grille bars to place order. 6. police have been contacted and have not found any evidence to carry the investigation forward . 7. cctv checked and nothing found . 8. cable inside facility replaced and tested. WEB29323}Book people came to collect books and money, receptionist present unable to find money envelope and order, all books present.Qmoney left for book people. Liaised with staff on duty, ? last seen 30/06/14 pm.WEB3312902.00am kitchen alarm activated, porter on duty went to investigate, on investigation found a window open but all else seemed ok. around 03.00am porter went back to kitchen area and heard a noise in the direction of general office, on investigation there was a man trying to break in the general office, when challenged the man threated to stab the porter with a screw driver, the night porter who is on his own then retreated back to the porters lodge in which he called the police.01.12.14 CW, E&F Governance Facilitator - JC, The Security manager (LSMS)has advised that there was 1 break-in through an insecure window in the dining room (catering) from this the domestics office was actually broken into and 60 was taken from the safe. There was also an attempted break in to General office, at which point the perpetrator was disturbed by the Porter. Police attended the incident and checked for fingerprints and shoeprints JC 09/12/14- THE cctv has been checked but there is nothing of evidential value. Forensic DNA/Fingerprints have been found and taken by the police. Works have repaired and fixed the damage . A review of security has been undertaken at Leigh . JCGeneral OfficeWEB29291When i arrived at work this morning at approximately 07.45 hours I noticed that the department projector was missing from the box in my office along with its wires. Soon after this i noticed that my colleague's NHS laptop and docking station (L4278) was also missing from the office. I checked with all other colleagues to see whether they had borrowed it but the items could not be located. Soon after this another colleague approached me to say that her laptop and docking station (L5063) had also been taken from her office. It also became apparent that a broken blackberry mobile phone (Trust phone) had been taken from another office.The security team have been made aware and will now conduct hourly visits to this area to ensure that the exit and fire doors are now closed and shut properly . These have been wedged open unlocked at times compounding the issue of security . Staff have been informed to lock their office doors at night and not to leave any items such as lap tops or valuables in the dept. The police have been informed and have taken the details for the crime report . The interior locks will be changed and upgraded to prevent anyone without codes from entering staff areas. IT and IG have been informed to lock and close the compuetrs . The area will also undergo another security review and RA Regards Jason carrWEB31494staff member had money in her purse (50 and change) in the locker room this morning, on checking at break time there was a 20 note missing. The purse was in her bag on a chair not in her locker. spoken with staff member who does not wish to inform the police. Staff member will utilise her locker in future and email sent to all staff informing them to always use their lockers. Area searched - staff member spoken to . Locks to be changed in code . works . JCMedical Assessment Unit (MAU)WEB33712The Play Station 3 has been stolen from the play room. It was noticed on Tuesday 16th Decemeber however it is believed that it was stolen on Sunday 14th Decemeber.reported to securityWEB27893Pharmacy stock levels of Diazepam 2mg tablets noted as incorrect - Physical stock level was minus 14 tablets compared to Register & Acribe computer stock levels. Chief Pharmacist informed Escalated to General manager & Head of securityFull stock reconcile done by Pharmacy. Staff who work in the are have been spoken to by the Chief Pharmacist & Pharmacy Manager. Procedures to be re-examined by Pharmacy. CCTV to be located in the store room - a price for installation has been given to the Chief Pharmacist to consider / action. This is recognised as an ongoing issue by the Security Manager & Chief Pharmacist. JC 08/05/14WEB33777WA male appeard on the ward at around 4am asking for insulin needles for his girlfriend.=staff made aware of security issues and number that is needed Langtree WardWEB30160FI went to the kitchen on the dicharge lounge in order to fill the kettle. As I opened the door a tall gentleman turned from the window and went through the door at the side of me. I followed him out onto the corridor and saw my colleague Diane Wilkinson asking him what he was doing. He told her he was waiting for his friend.1. security team notified and commenced an area search . 2. security have stopped and voluntarily searched the intruder but nothing was found . 3. Intruder was led off site as no more information had been given to security . < 4. the intruder was seen walking down Wigan lane talking on his mobile phone. 5.LSMS security manager notifeid . 6.Police informed of incident log number. 1077/06/08/14 7. Police asked to search area and keep a look out for offender The Police have not located or idnetified this offender. The full security team have now got a full description and will endeavour to look out for this man. There has been no further instances . Jason CarrDischarge LoungeWEB33052I received a call from the security office stating that someone had collided with the crash barrier on the main car park and wanted a word.04.12.14 CW E&F Governance Facilitator updating whilst recieving verbally confirmation from SL (Works dept team leader) - Clear day, not raining. Person drove into main entrance turning left onto carpark to find space; person claims he collided with barrier which he didn't see as there was a parked car which obscurred his vision. Person said barrier (metal static barrier) was too low, howevere, works have confirmed that it is regular height (same as other static barriers on site) and this is the first incident we have been informed of. The barrier is in place to stop people parking over a Fire hydrant. Photos attached. JC - There is nothing on CCTV regarding this incidentWEB34350patient discharged to bedford nursing home on friday the 19/12/14 he had an envelope with 270 in but unfortunately this money didn't go to the home with him. over the weekend the nursing staff put the envelope in the controlled drug cupboard there was no entry in any patient property or valuable books. on monday the 22/12/14 the ward clark from lowton ward came onto the ward and told me the family have rang regarding this money as it wasn't with the patient i found the envelope in the controlled drug cupboard on the bottom shelf the ward clark informed the patient wanted the cash and the family who lived in wales would come to the ward for the money at the end of the week. the money was left in the controlled drug cupboard because of the holiday period. the family came on to ythe ward on sunday the 28/12/14 but the staff couldn't find the envelope. the family have involved PALS and we have looked all over the ward and each memeber of staff have been asked but the money has gone missing from ince ward.there is a delay in completing the incident form until the 13/1/15 when i received another phone call from PALS i thought the money had been foundJason Carr 1. it has been noted that standard property procedure has not been followed on this occassion and this has been highlighted to staff on the ward in adhering to this policy 2. the CD cupboard and clinical area have been searched extensively without finding the property. 3. all staff have had acess to this area and the CD cupboard which makes it extremely difficult in narrowing down a potential suspect 4. all staff have been spoken to over the incident and no other evidence has come to light to indicate a suspect . 5. there is no evidence this has been stolen as it could well be possible that another family has been handed this money but this has not been audited due to non conformity with proerty procedure . Ince WardWEB32867Ustaff informed me a man entered MAU asking did anyone want to buy pillows and duvets from John Lewis for 15. He left to go and get a sample, on his return I asked if he had permission to be in the hospital and he stated yes he had been selling pillows and duvets in the dining room. I telephoned the catering manager who stated this was not true. I told the man this and he stated it was 'HQ' who authorised it. I asked why the ID holder he was wearing was empty and he stated he didnt know he had to wear one. At this point he stated he would go and speak with someone and left the ward area. Security informed and checked with Lowton ward and he had been on there too a short while earlier. The man had dark hair, aged 45 - 50, wearing a blue jumper and dark trousers with an empty red ID landyard round his neck carrying a pillow.@JC - my staff on site at leigh spoke to this man who had been involved in this genuine company for some years and selling his goods all across the trust without authorisation. he has now been informed that he will have to do this through the correct channels and been properly supervised on Trust proeprty. Close. JCWEB32643Taylor Unit contacted by the Mental health directorate to inform the unit staff that a man had entered the building, by the ground floor main door, brandishing a knife and had done so on numerous occasions.%This male is known to our security team and the Police .He does not brandish a knife and this Datix to some extent is erroneous and misleading . All OCS leigh officers are aware of him and the local Police have been to assess him regularly . He is not a patient but a local homeless man with mental health problems. Our officers are looking out for him and will move him on when they can , failing that they will call the police. The area in question has been notified to call the police in future . There is nothing further to report . FileHospital EntranceWEB28050domestic went to her locker in changing room at 07.35 a.m when the domestic opened her locker (which didnot have any pad lock on)she could tell straight away that someone had been inside locker. On inspection domestic found that 2 envelopes that she used to collect bonus ball money from our department /porter had gone, one envelope contained 48 which was payment for this weeks winner and in another 8 which was payment in advance for next weeks draw. Domestic reported it to our office at 07.45 a.m staff member really upset. DUE TO AGGRAVATING FACTORS BOX HAD TO PICK 1 WHICH I CHOSE MENTAL BECAUSE DUE TO IT BEING A THEFT THERE WAS NONE TO COVER THIS INCIDENT"Other incident related to SecurityArea searched but nothing found. The lock code will be changed. The staff are reminded to take responsibility for their own goods and use a good lock for their lockers - done. I will look for a price on a new access control system . JC 13/04/14 Reiterated to all staff all personal belonging must be placed in the lockers provided and left locked at all times. Informed staff no collections etc to be left on site.Changing RoomsRefReportedDivisionCategory Sub categoryDescription (Policies) Stage of careDetail Adverse eventAction taken (Investigation)Location (exact)WEB42350Late sunday morning 4 members of the psychiatric team entered the catering department. They were looking for a patient and a route to the roof were the patient was thought to be. They spoke briefly to SA as they entered but other than this said little to anyone else. Obviously their main concern was for the safety of their patient however communication was poor as to what was occuring highlighting a certain vunerability we have at weekends and other quieter times. 1. The flat roofs at catering are easily accessible from a number of locations around the site . This is a risk that we could only mitigate through expensive razor wire and fencing for the roof and this is not proportionate to the risk . 2.5 Boroughs have been spoken to nabout the need to secure the patients at weekends and nigghts to prevent this from happening . 3. no damage has been caused on this occassion . 4. all Leigh security oficers are aware and will be vigilant for this type of behaviour. 5. File RoofWEB419550Shared Services (Radiology & Pathology Services)Xray department doors were left not completely secured overnight on Friday. When staff came in at 8:30 patient and his parents were already in the waiting room having let themselves in and switched on all the lights. They were surprised to find the department open but no staff around. We discovered that the bolts on the door had been left unlocked at the end of the previous evening(Contacted staff at Leigh to investigate.WEB42101Patient had Discharge Medications sent from pharmacy 20/10/15 Patient not discharged till 21/10 15 Pharmacist was checking the Medication Zopiclone 7< .5 mgs in the discharge 28 had been dispensed but only 14 in the boxrImmediate search, CD books checked and discussions with staff present. Pharmacy in attendance. Dispensing of drug checked and confirmed 28 dispensed. Escalation to HON, DON and Security. Staff statements being collected. No police involvement at this stage, confirmed with security. Pharmacy exploring ways of identifying discharge meds with CDs in them. Pharmacy team statements attached to DATIX for reference. Pharmacy team reminded of need to complete discharge log to track movement of TTOs. Internal discussions held re transfer of CDs and SOP to be updated accordingly in conjunction with discussion with HONS. WEB39713At approximately 12:15 I left the office to go for lunch and left my ID badge in the departmentla offic eon my desk. Upon return this was gone, removed form the holder. The smarcard and tabard remained.:1. card reported and dealt with by security team 2. file Human ResourcesWEB467625**No Category for this incident relating to patients property** Patient states had two five pound notes folded up in purse and a M&S credit card Niece gave patient this money on Sunday 20/03/2016. on packing patients belongins on the 22/03/16 it was noted that patients Money was missimg and the credit card+Patient states had two five pound notes folded up in purse and a M&S credit card Niece gave patient this money on Sunday 20/03/2016. on packing patients belongins on the 22/03/16 it was noted that patients Money was missimg and the credit card Looked all round patients bed area and through patients belongings no sign of money or card. All ward area searched and no money or cards found. Contacted patients relative who informed staff that it was correct 2 five pound notes and credit card, asked relative to cancel card. informed Head of nursing SJ.WEB37229I arrived shortly before 9am this morning but was unable to find a space in the staff parking space, which resulted in me arriving late for the start of my shift. This is no doubt time that the Trust wishes me to make up but this seems unfair as the problem appears to have been created by the recent changes to the car parking as similar problem occured yesterday when I did eventually find a space. Staff arriving late has an impact on the functioning of the department I work in and lead to increased waiting times for the patientsWEB46084on saturday the 20th when i finished work at 20.30, i went to put my coat on and realised 4.40 had gone missing out of my coat pocket which was in the staff changing room.advised staff member to use her locker, head of security and matron aware. Monitoring of further incidents. Lockers available in staff room WEB429206As i arrived at work at 07:30am i placed my hanbag into the staff room outside of lowton ward my purse was in the bag containing 18.00. When i went back into the staff room at 09:30am i got my purse out of my bag and when i opened it i realised that there was 15 missing all that was left was 3 pound coins. FH - review of lockers - staff asked to let Matron know if they dont have locker. Encouraged to not leave valuables unattended in cloak room adjacent to Lowton/MAU. Reminder sent to all staff. Security aware. WEB42308Car Park B pay and display machine ( number 21) was wrenched out of the ground by unknown means and stolen . A check of CCTV has revealed a small silver mini type transit with unknown VRM due to location and time of day . This machine was emptied on Friday so should have contained little to no money . (Although not the same organisation another pay and dispaly macxhine was stolen from the rear of teh walk in centre at Leigh Infirmary)O1. Police informed crime number 188521y/15. 2. All other machnies have been checked and they are intact . 3. Security contacted area supervisor and JC / MM. 4. Further checks conducted on all other machines across all sites . 5. Routine checks to be made of all machines hourly . 6. CCTV to be checked further for descriptions and vehicle details . 7. OCS Log entry made JC 29/10 - A second member of staff will be on site to give extra cover for the coming weeks. The OCS officer will be in direct contact with the night porter at leigh and make regular checks with all parties.WEB37418Staff member reported to site manager that car was missing at 04:20am. Car was parked in the vicinity of Christopher Home. Aux Clare (car owner) had been on shift since 20:00 on 13/4/2015.WEB42312The Coffee vending machine near to the main entrance was broken into and the cash stolen. The soft drinks vending machine next to it was damaged in an attempt to steal the cash box but access was not gained.OCS Log entry - Locked and alarmed the data centre then carried out a grounds patrol, bumped into D(Porter) at the porters lodge, he informed me of a break in that happened around 03:00 he said he heard two males talking then a lot of loud banging, we proceeded into leigh infirmary to find two vending machines at the side of the porters lodge had been broken into, 'D' said he had already phones the police, i then informed mobile supervisor wigan 'J', Me and 'D' had a patrol around the infirmary to see if any more damage was caused and to look for a sign of a break in, on looking we found a window open in one of the toilets, we then continued the patrol to find the shutter at the general office has been damaged but they failed to gain entry. We then proceeded with the patrol but did not find any further damage. Police on site 04:10 PC Ainsworth badge number 11278 he took notes of the damage and said he would call back sometime after 09:00 today to view the CCTV, PC Ainsworth left site 04:30, Mobile supervisor wigan 'J' on site 04:30 we carried out a further patrol of the site but no damage was found, 'J' left site 05:00, I arrived back in site at 05:10 and phoned cardiff and informed them of the incident, they gave me a refrence number 6050/15 and gave his name intials H P and informed me he would notify manchester mobile supervisor 'P'. (05:10 Back In Data Centre) JC 29/10 - 1. Intruder alarm policy reviewed and changed 2. OCS /Porters communications policy reviewed and changed 3. Additional officers on site 4. All sites and machines will now be checked through the night across all sites . 5. OCS Mobile will, check other sites . 6. Review of CCTV coverage . 03.11.15, CW, Governance facilitator - Porters statement attachedWEB36900Missing item (IPad Docking Station / Charger) from projection Room, Conference Centre. This did not become apparent until the 21.04.15 when the external Audio Technician came to set up equipment for a 3 day course held on a regular basis by Consultants for education. This Theatre is used with both internal / external candidates daily but very rarely is the projection room used / entered.wImmediate security arrangments reviewed and reiterated to all staff. Reported to Security manager - no further action.Meetings Room/Seminar RoomWEB42908Theatre staff had visited the mortuary with a specimen where no assitance was required from mortuary staff. Senior Technician went into the fridge room for an unrelated duty and discovered that the door had not automatically closed on the theatre staff exit, this left the mortuary open to any unauthorised access. The mortuary has an intercom security that controls all doors with magnetic closure, this had failedWorks department attended and investigated the fault and made some alterations to align door with locking mechanism but still intermittent closing, replaced release switch still faulty. would look into ordering new parts. Works Depoartemt re attended 16/11/2015 repalced magnetic compontents and door locking as normal still on divisional risk register as part of the intercom Delay in following up this incident due to covering bereavement services MortuaryWEB461773Patient attended Theatre 5 (trauma list) for a washout of right upper arm wound. Patient was wearing a gold coloured ring on the right wedding ring finger. Due to the nature of the case the anaesthetist < decided to take the ring off. On removal of the ring it was placed in the shoe of the patient which was then placed in a patient property bag with the patient other shoe and tied. The patient property bag was placed under the patient trolley. These facts were documented in the patient care plan. On leaving the theatre at the end of the case the patient property bag was present under the trolley. Later that evening theatre were informed that the ring was missing. Later that evening I recieved a phone call from the theatre team leader on the late shift that the ring had been reported missing by the ward staff.UNo new lessons learnt. Appropriate action/steps taken on identification of incident. Theatre 5WEB40024Lost Choose and Book cardThe relevant department has been contacted with regards the loss of the card. The card has been cancelled and an audit has been done to see if the card has been used recently. The card has not been used. A new card has been issued on the 22.9.2015. The member of staff has been informed of the risks/problems identified when a card is lost and hopefully lessons have been learned and the risk of recurrence is reduced to a minimum."Health Care Operations OutpatientsWEB40629Phone been stoleniStaff reminded of the above and advised mobile phones should not be used whilst covering reception areas. ReceptionWEB44979Datix completed in retrospect due to increase in related incidents. Staff nurse had her coat in the locker room. Finished shift and was going home when she discovered her coat was missing, her house keys were in the pocket.escalated to security and discussed several incidents with matron. Further plans to be discussed. Yet again staff advised NOT to leave valuables in this room.WEB38922? purse stolen from bagRworks department have fitted new locks on cupboards to secure personal belongings.WEB45417gALL DOORS WITH SECURITY FOBS ARE NOT WORKING AND A MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC ENTERED VIA WOMENS HEALTH UNIT.btimes of open close on net 2 need to be reset and stated to lock on time Oficer to deal on site Hanover Leigh (Womens Health)WEB46169A+E womens changing room. 5 pound note last seen in my purse just before shift starting at 0800. Lunctime at 12.30 looked in purse, 5 pound no longer there. Purse originally left well hidden in handbag in womnens changing room. Nil lockers available. Room has code to get into. }I have put a notice on the door of the changing rooms to remind staff to either lock valuable or keep them in their posesion WEB38891 I was alerted by the night staff who had finished their shift at 08:00 hrs that the security barrior giving access to the staff parking area and acess for emergency vehicles was not working and stuck in the down position denying staff from leaving the grounds or emergency vehicles entry.jCB - Works dept contacted and made aware of problem. JC email 07.07.15 - I have spoken to NB who informed me that the generator testing at Leigh caused the barrier to be inoperable (in the down position), which in turn had an impact on staff trying to go home after a night shift . SL & CW telephone discussion 08.07.15 - SL advised that the Generator test commenced at approx 07:00 on the 04.07.15. SL confirmed that there is an informal procedure in place where 'Works Dept' are suppose to put the barrier in the upright position prior to commencing the test; however, on this occasion this action was not taken causing the barrier to be locked in the 'down' position until OCS staff could manually raise it with a specific tool(key?). Following this incident, SL has now created a written barrier procedure for Works dept staff. CM email attached to Datix.WEB44245Lost ID. Given new clip to use instead of lanyard and ID not secure on this and has fallen off. Also Skyguard attached to ID missingSecurity appropriately informed. replacement lone worker device made available for collection and use. ID badge and lone worker devices to be used via a lanyard and not a badge clip. Ashton ClinicWEB45919On arriving at hospital noted that I had lost my ID badge and IT smartcard. Both had been clipped to my uniform lower pocket. They had fallen off on a number of previous occasions always noted. WEB45061AInformed by patient that she has had 80 missing from her purse. With a witness, consent gained from patient to look in her bag and purse 15 inside. Sideroom searched. Relatives asked if they have taken the money home, which they had not. Ward manager informed. Patient has signed property disclaimer on admission. Full search of ward completed but no money located. Patient stated she had only 20 notes and had been purchasing TV cards for the patientline. Patient unclear of when exactly money went missing. Security Manager (JC) informed of incident. No other patients or staff have reported any theft.WEB40793Couldnt find a suitable sub-category of Incident. Patients mother visiting baby on the high dependancy in the neonatal unit. Baby currently nursed in incubator. Mum updated that patient going to be moved into a normal cot within same cot space. Mum left her hand bag on the floor near the incubator. Nursed asked mum to hold baby whilst swapping from incubator to a cot. Mum happy with this but explained she needed to go to the toilet first. Mum exit room leaving handbag on floor unattended. Nurse stayed in room whilst Mum absent moving patients belongings from incubator to cot. Bag remained on floor. Another patients Mum & sibling in the room at this time. However nurse still in room stood in patients cot space. Mum returned and nurse and mum moved the baby. At 13:45 patients Mum spoke to sister in charge and stated someone had been in her handbag and taken her keys. Sister in charge advised Mum to check through belongings and surrounding area. No keys found. Stated she hadnt been off the unit & had only left the cot space to attend the toilet. Security rang however no keys had been handed in. Mum told sister in charge she would need to give hter money to get locks changed and new keys. Sister explained there is nothing that could be done at this present time. Mum very angry. Lead Nurse & Matron updated. Patients social worker updated by sister in charge about incident. Mum still not happy wanted police contacting & wanted all staff lockers searching. Mum then accused nurse (Myself) looking after patient stating I had stolen the keys. Explained to Siter I had not. Mum then exit unit stating she was going to go and call the police. Lead Nurse updated on situation. Everyone working on the unit updated on the situation. Mum updated that social worker had been called & had been in touch with housing accosiation to get locks changed. Mum very angry. Stated Sister had no right to call the social worker. Sister in charge appoligised explaining she thought she was being helpful. Mum then stated to sister in charge at 15:10 that she hadnt lost her keys anyway. At 17:10 Sister in charge overheard Mum talking to patients Dad saying she still hadnt found her keys. At 17:20 Mum left her phone unattended in High dependency gave back to Mum explained not to be left unattended.Lead Nurse, Matron & all off the staff on the unit updated on the situation. Social worker updated. Early staff finishing shift advised to check each others bags out before leaving unit Following day mum stated that she had not said she had lost her keys$Neonatal Unit/Special Care Baby UnitWEB44742zOn Friday 15/01/2016 I had a scarf stolen from a locked staff room. I think that the scarf was stolen between 15:30-20:30.pReviewed due to time frame- There is currently a scoping excercise re the availability of lockers for staff. There have been a number of incidents related to this particular staff room and possiblity to set up a security camera outside the room is currently being sourced. We have reiterated to all staff the importance of ensuring valuables are not left in this area.WEB38536Xwhilst working in the costa shop a male patient came to the counter eating a crunchie and told me he had no money and would not be paying for i< t. I told him that was unacceptable he said what are you going to do about it. He then said he needed a drink of coffee and made his way to the entrance to enter behind the counter, I said he could not come behind the counter he again said what are you going to do about it. I instructed the other member of staff to press the panic alarm whilst I was on the phone ringing security he made his way behind the counter and press the machine to get his coffee.CW Governance facilitator - I have spoken to AB, who jhas advised the following: The offender was a patient from Lowton Ward (name unknown). The events were as described in the inital comments and staff acted appropriatly by activation panic alarm then 'backing off' so as not to escalate the sistuation or put anyone at risk. Security attended, returned the patient to the ward and informed staff. The patients relative visited the catering area later in the afternoon to apoligise for the patient behaviour and paid for the items. Staff involved were unharmed. The Secuity Carmera and Panic Alarm systems have been checked. Panic Alarm currently goes to Switchboard who then contact OCS. No faults were found; However, In light of the incident, security installations have been re-assessed (see lessons learned section, above). A drop-leaf counter was considered but may be too heavy for some of the users in the area so a 'flip-gate' has been agreed instead, this is to section off the counter from the service area.WEB42726QA man parked his car at the bottom of the linen services ramp in the car park outside the management block. It was a blue peugeot 107, reg number MK11ZUC. As he reversed in he hit the brick wall knocking some bricks to the ground. He left the bricks on the ground and entered the hospital. I have a photo of the car. No-one was hurt.Jason Carr - 1. CCTV Checked and this incident has not been captured . 2. No witnesses have come forward with any evidence . 3. The OCS officers on site are aware of this in case of further repercussions. 4. All lines of enquiry have now been exhausted. 5. file WEB41647 On Camera 4 Vauxhall Insiginia dark grey in colour with Skelmersdale Cars / Taxis on the side drove into the middle bollard nearby the porters lodge causing damage to the locking lid. The vehicle reversed out. Unable to see registration number due to camera qualityq1. incident noted damage part reapired 2. no further lines of enquiry 3. repairs to take place in near futureWEB41649Whilst on patrol I caught 2 males trying to steal flagstones from the Limes House Basement. They ran off on my approach. Males aged 40+ approximately, wearing orange jackets with the LOGO FCC environmental. 9 Flagstones now on the ground outside the basement.1. police informed 2. all other exits secure 3.regular checks will be carried out . 4. all security team notified . 5. CCTV checked.- negative .The Limes / Drs ResidenceWEB38639tProjector last used on the 08.06.15. Became apparent on the 23.06.15 that the projector was not in its usual place.<Thorough search of conference centre undertaken but not located. All users of conference centre during 3 week period contacted but it has not been kept by anybody. New process to bedeveloped for sign out and sign on of equipment and keys. If needed at weekend or after hours this must be requested in advance.WEB37144The OCS mobile security officer opened the IT suite in order to carry out the monthly generator tests, it was noticed that the intruder alarm had not been set.1. the OCS officer has been formally spoken to and he has admitted that he forgot to set the alarm system. 2. this has been dealt with via a disciplinary face to face with the officer. 3. this is not expected to happen again . IT ServicesWEB45250sENT Doctor working alongside a consultant led clinic Wednesday 3rd February in area 2 Leigh Out patients department had a consultation with a child accompanied by their parents after examinaing the child and taking their history the Dr wished to discuss the patients case with the consultant before deciding on the treatment required,Dr left consultant room 35 on area 2 and left the child and the parents in the room her mobile phone was on the desk at the side of the phone (Samsung Grand 2 Golden colour)on returning to the patient and parents she noticed that after they left to sit in the waiting area her phone had gone GAppropriate action taken at the time of incident. Continue to monitor. OPD LeighWEB461356A yellow metal cross, plain found under the pillow in theatre so the anastheatic practitioner hand it over to me, by that time the scrub practioner found a yellow metal locker drop shape jwellery and hand it over to me as well. Patient unable to recognise them or to keep them as is a knowing dementia patien. discussion with dementia champions Patients relatives confirmed property property not disclosed to ward staff on transfer to theatreRecoveryWEB38118The fenced off area which contains the yellow contaminated waste bins was unattended and both gates to the compound were left wide open. This was despite clear signs which state that the gates must be secured at all times. I noticed the same situation at around 8.15 am on Wednesday 3 June and mentioned this verbally to the security lodge. I am concerned from both a security and infection control perspective due to the contents of the yellow bins.SD - One of the compounds is for empty, unused bins, so offers no infection control or security risk. However, the other contains full or part full bins and should be kept locked at all times, for which, as (DP) rightly points out, there is a sign on the gate. SC - Security Department have burnt images on to CDs of the times and dates in question. Unfortunately I cannot view them. I have asked Works Department to look at the compound lock to ensure it is funtioning correctly (job number 38223). JC - We have viewed the cctv and a porter opened the gate at about 0930 hrs and left it open . The gate was not shut until about 12.45 pm that same day again by a porter.WEB45244Two hand held dyson vacuum cleaners and battery charges have gone missing from the domestic store room located in the old CCU department. The last time that anyone can recall that they were used was on 14.1.16.jFull swoop of site, all domestic storerooms and sluices checked, all staff interviewed who use the equipment and have access to storage area.Unforunatly not reported when they went missing and only an approximation of when they think they went missing, 2 weeks prior to report. Domestic department protocol not adhered too. No damage to the ditial lock on door Store cupboard/roomWEB45121On walking past the cashiers office at approximately 16:00 Matron noticed that the door was both unlocked and left ajar. There was no member of staff present as the cashier finishes work at 3pm. Everything locked away and secure in the office, was distracted by two patients on leaving and forgot to lock the office door and shut it properly. Experienced member of staff, spoken to her and she will take more care in future, although this is the 1st incident.WEB45620 AT APPROXIMATELY 16:15 TODAY A PATIENT (PATIENT 1) CAME TO ME AND SAID THAT IN THE EARLY HOURS OF SATAURDAY 13/02/2016 AT AROUND 02:30 SHE HAD LEFT THE WARD WITH ANOTHER PATIENT (PATIENT 2) TO GO OUTSIDE FOR A CIGERETTE. THEY HAD LEFT THE WARD ONTO LEVEL ONE AND EXITED THROUGH THE MATERNITY ENTRANCE. THEY HAD SEEN A GREY BMW PARKED DIRECTLY OUTSIDE THE ENTRANCE ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE IN THE DISABLED BAY SPACE. PATIENT 1 INFORMED ME THERE WHERE 4 PEOPLE IN THE CAR 3 MALE AND 1 FEMALE. PATIENT 1 TOLD ME THAT SHE AND PATIENT 2 RETURNED TO THE WARD AFTER THEIR CIGERETTE AND WENT OUTSIDE AGAIN 1 HOUR LATER FOR ANOTHER CIGERETTE. SHE SAID THEY BOTH NOTCIED THAT A PAINTING THAT HAD BEEN PRESENT ON THE CORRIDOR WALL WHEN THEY HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN OUT WAS NO LONGER THERE. PATIENT 1 WAS ADAMANT THAT THERE WAS A PAINTING THERE EARLIER ON BECAUSE SHE AND PATIENT 2 HAD BOTH COMMENTED ON IT AND THE PRICE OF THE PAINTING BEING 600. AS< PATIENT 1 AND PATIENT 2 WENT OUTSIDE THE SAME CAR WITH THE SAME PEOPLE WAS STILL PARKED UP IN THE SAME PLACE. PATIENT 1 SAID THAT THE CAR WITH THESE PEOPLE IN WHERE THERE TILL AROUND 06:00AM IN THE MORNING WHEN IT HAD GONE(THEY HAD NOT TAKEN A REG NUMBER). PATIENT 1 SAID THAT SHE AND PATIENT 2 HAD INFORMED THE STAFF ON THE WARD (ORRELL) ABOUT ALL OF THE ABOVE. PATIENT 1 SAID SHE WAS TELLING ME THIS NOW BECAUSE SHE HAD JUST BEEN OUTSIDE AND THE SAME CAR WAS PARKED THERE AGAIN IN THE SAME PLACE AS THE MORNING BEFORE WITH PEOPLE SAT IN THERE. MYSELF AND ANOTHER STAFF NURSE WENT OUTSIDE. WE SAW 2 MALES SAT IN A GREY BMW SERIES 1 REG: YA65 WOC. THEY LOOKED AT US AS WE WALKED PAST THEM, WE WALKED TO THE TOP ENTERANCE OF THE HOSPITAL. VERY SHORTLY AFTER A 3RD MALE GOT INTO THE CAR AND THEY QUICKLY DROVE AWAY DRIVING PAST US ON THE MAIN ROAD AND LOOKING AT US. 15.02.16, CW Governance Facilitator - Discussed with JT(Art for Health administrator at Buckingham Row, Suite 8) who confimed that the painting was SOLD at short notice, NOT STOLEN. I have changed the 'Trust property damaged or stolen?' field to NO. 25.02.16 CW Governance Facilitator - JC stated via email (attached) - In my opinion there is no reported or known theft and nothing more to indicate that the people in this vehicle have committed any crime. WEB44802#During a site visit, the waste minimisation officer found the domestic waste compound unlocked. The control panel for the compactor was unlocked and the 'on' key and castell keys in the locks of the control panel. There were no Porters or other staff members in the vicinity of the compound.tThere are other members of staff that apparently have the access code to the compound area. (Medical Electronos to name one.) Compound gates sometimes left open by the waste company drivers when changing the skip. Waste management protocols to be printed out and signed by waste team within the next seven days. These will be kept in their personnel and training files.WEB43523gon arriving at work on the 7/12/15 at 08:30 noted that the on call equipment had been stolen from the car. (neopuff oxygen cylinder and scales along with my antenatal bag containing blank noted and antenatal equipment) no drugs or patient information were taken There was no damage to the car which had been locked over night and parked on the drive . Staff member reported theft to police and Trust as soon as recognised. Discussion of driving for work policy discussed with all team leaders in january 2016. Community staff advised where possible to remove equipment from cars at the end of duty each day.No further actions requiredWEB44083*Lost keys for tamba with patient files in.xlock had to be forced as keys are broken, padlock to replace lock and keys now insitu. As Tamba contains clinical notes.WEB37348:06/05/2015 - Pharmacy burglar alarm noted to have x17 faults displsayed at 8am. Dispensary lead technician rang security company to resolve but not authorised to order technical help - Referred to security cabin on site at RAEI to authorise. Mid morning OCS security worker came to alert dispensary lead that side fire door was open on the evening of 05/05/2015 - OCS had entered the builing to ensure no inturders (Hence the x17 faults on the display screen as this was logged as an intruder) Clinical lead pharmacist informed dispensary lead that constant fire alarm was sounding in pharmacy around 7pm on 05/05/2015 but that it was the old WRVS area that was alarming. Pharmacist was unaware that this had triggered the side fire escape door to open. He locked up once he had finished working late and left as normal.VArgus attended and looked at all the faults and rectified . Alarm panel now working .WEB37612Fluid store (Pharmacy)- door left wide open, should be locked Risk and security issue The door could have been left open for a while, as the staff in the Bone Bank hadn't noticed it had been left open due to pressure of work. Portering staff had been earlier to collect stores Incident raised with pharmacy and portering team. Improtance of keeping fluid store locked reiterated. This issue has been raised at Divisional Quality Executive Committee and Health and Safety group to alert staff to importance. Further incidents to be monitored.WEB44206Ward clark placed bag in coded cloakroom 28th dec approx 14:30 returned approx 18:30 noticed 20 pound missing from purse along with some cigarettes from the coat. FH - 2nd recent reported incident of theft from locker room. Housekeepers are counting lockers and reviewing to see how many new lockers may be required along with domestic lockers too - to ensure all staff have locker space to lock valuables away. Security aware of concerns re theft within this area ? further action required. Staff encouraged not to leave valuables in room. Discussed at staff meeting and reminded via email. WEB44977Nurses bag was in the locker room (inbetween Lowton & MAU) it was underneath 2 coats that were hung up and purse was in the bag covered by other items. Nurse went for break at approx 1530 - 1600 and discovered 20 was missing from purse.LN - futher communication made with staff regarding storage of valuables in this area. Spoken with JC. House keepers to undertake checks of which lockers are in use.WEB45867Elocker was opened and gone through nothing was taken on this incident|Staff have been advised but as this is a fire exit which all staffing groups have access there is very little that we can doCatering ServicesWEB43771DOCTOR STARTED SHIFT AT 8AM WENT TO CHECK BAG AT APPROX 10AM AND 20 WAS MISSING FROM HER PURSE AND SHE KNOWS SHE HAD 30 IN IT. DOCTORS BAG WAS IN THE FEMALE LOCKER ROOM WHICH HAS KEY CODE LOCK AND THE DOOR TO CORRIDOR ALSO HAS KEY CODE LOCK. DOCTOR DOES NOT HAVE LOCKER. Appropriately escalated at the time. Staff have a duty to ensure that any valuables are secured. Being unattended in a locked shared room does not ensure this security. Staff should source lockable locker and if none available raise this with the matron for the area.Paeds Area - Emergency FloorWEB46705LOSS OF PROPERTY!!!! VR noted her purse to have gone missing from staff room on the ward, it had been in her own personal bag.i"as ward manager i have advised all staff to lock valubales in lockers if they havnt got a locker need to liase and share with other staff memebers ". All ward managers have been instructed to do the same. There have been a number of incidents were valuables have gone missing. Ultimately the responsibility is with the owner of the valuables to keep them safe.WEB37430sTheft of bike light from the slope at the back of the trust, due to another colleague being allocated my bike rack.L1. the lock was cut off by our staff due to the fact that we thought the locker was not being used. All occupants were contacted by the administrator some did not respond. 2. The locker was given to a staff member who was in need of a locker as she already had a attempt theft of her cycle and this was her primary means of transport and it was a expensive cycle. 3. a full review of the lockers is now underway and GR will be given her locker back . 4.we are looking at purchasing a bike rack/stand for the Chrsitopher home area that will be under cover and be covered by cctv . .WEB39522Vistor from next bed to the named pt above stole money from his table knowing that it did not belong to the pt he was visiting even when the physio said the money wasnt his, he still took it.upatient did not wish to take the matter any further or to place a complaint. the visitor who took the change from the patients table was informed that it was not his money to take but he took it anyway. the visitor was wearing a "tag". sister on bleep attended the ward to discuss the theft with the visitor in question but when she arrived at the ward the visitor had left-Ward B (Formerly Ward 6, Trauma Orthopaedics)WEB45714The main door to ICU/HDU which is a security door was not locking when it closed which meant that anyone could gain access without having a security f< ob or by using the intercom system. This was reported to the workd department and also to security the same day. On Monday the problem has still not been resolved and security were contacted again and said someone would come and sort it out that day. On Tuesday it still was unresolved so security were contacted again and also Argus the outside company who said that an engineer was in the hospital and would come to fix it. Noone came. Today (Wednesdfay 17th) Argus nwere contacted again and said that an engineer came yesterday, however this is incorrect as I was here from 07.30-20:00hrs yesterday and we had no visitors from Argus. Further contact is now being made and trust security have also been further contacted today. As a result visitors were accessing the unit without being told to do so by staff.This incident has occurred due to staff using the green break glass to allow access . Green break glass now fixed. Jason CarrWEB42141Whilst sat at the nurse s station on the 22/10/15 at 16.50pm, I witnessed the housekeeper open the Main medicine locker behind the nurse s station and take some antibiotics in a blue box, that looked like either amoxicillin or flucloxacillin antibiotics. At the time the house keeper looked round to see if anyone was watching, then put the whole box in her pocket. She then went into the clinical room and came back out to make conversation with myself.zIncident investigated by Head of Nursing for Surgery. Member of staf interviewed. She confirmed that she had removed an empty box from the cupboard and placed it in her pocket for destruction as she was aware that staff would get in roupnel for leaving empty boxes. The HON confirmed that this explanation was sincere and plausible and the incident has therefore been closed.WEB45868locker in ladies changing rooms, bag and purse had been gone through, 6 taken from purse and purse left on top of locker and bag left on floorzThis risk has been highlighted through the DORMc meeting and funds are being requested to address security and new lockersWEB36697I arived back from my brake at 09.50 on the 14/05/2015, i had 7.50 and 10 sterling cigeretts in my coat pocket. When i went to go on my lunch brake there was nothing left in my pocket.Unfortunately this staff member does not have access to a locker. Other staff have since reported cigarettes missing in previous weeks. The code was changed following previous problems with theft in this locker room, shared room with MAU & unfortunately unable to identify person responsible. Security were alerted, to change the code to the door again would be without point as the person taking items also knows the code and uses the room. Review of current locker provision needs to be undertaken.WEB40400External company contracted to install power sockets in the RAEI pharmacy controlled drugs room. Controlled drugs room access is only via a key coded locked door The contracters being supervised by pharmacy staff members asked for access to ther area. As the pharmacy staff member was inputting the door code the contracter watched & remembered the code. When access was next required the contracters let themselves into the area instead of asking pharmacy staff for help.,- Staff reminded via ComCell of care needed to ensure CD room code isnt compromised - Company spoken to and their staff members have been spoken to - Lock number changed - At no time were CDs compromised as at all times pharmacy staff were present with contractors - Closed out by DCP(Governance)WEB44410The fridge room/undertakers entrance door is operated by an intercom/magnet locking system, on entering the mortuary the door did not secure in place tried to release the lock several times but it would not let the door shut. The door will not close and the fridge room is unsecure.Uworked department attended - a spring had come loose and needed to be re adjusted - apparently this will be an ongoing issue so staff will monitor and report to works department as an urgent repair as and when necessary - this will not be an issue for portering staff out of hours as they use the key to obtain access when admitting deceasedWEB49194male person had 15 taken from his locker in the male changing rooms which is key coded. also theft of trousera from female changing roomsinvestigated as JC comments. WEB50106lThe secured/swipe activated doors to the central staff facilities corridor between wards A&B are not lockingEstates notified and job logged Several atempts to secure have been made but doors remain unsecure (one side only) issue now resolvedWEB51811Informed Monday 12.09.16 that a doptone had been identified as stolen 07.09.16 at 14.00hrs by antenatal clinic midwife. Doptone had been unscrewed from stand and taken. Patients attending after dating scans am and booking clinc pm were being carrried out during that particular day. VDoptones to be stored in secure area/non-clinical area when not in use. Staff advised.WEB52972Patient whilst in discharge lounge waiting to be discharged with opportunity has entered in staff room without permission and removed item from desk,a mobile phone stealing the same.The patient has them left discharge lounge and moved to the corridor that incorporates the pre op department again without permission has entered into a clinical room and removed an item a purse and stolen the same before leaving the hospital premisesSD Portering Manager - JA clearly understands that, despite the fact that he was only away for a very short period of time, he shouldn't have left his mobile phone unattended in the office. He has reported the theft to the Police and to Trust Security and thinks that he knows the name of the person that perpetrated the theft. MM 3 Nov 16: There is no CCTV of that area. Can we confirm the name of the offender and update the Datix so his name is in the main field? JC incident investigated fully. Security actions are proportionate and in line with Assignment Instructions and officers capabilities. CW. See email trail below for possible offender information.... not updated into feilds within Datix due to potential 'alias' being used? WEB50273!Whilst working on Highfield ward whilst Astley ward have been having a deep clean, there has been a controlled drug incident. Whilst going to give a patient a pill from the 10mg Oxycodone MR packet, we found there to be one pill in the packet when it was documented as there should be 2. Highfield WardWEB50275Went to do a controlled drug with second staff nurse. The patient Is on 15MG Oxycontin. Upon opening the box of 10mg, there was 2 written in the book however there was only 1 pill in the box. WEB514235the vending machine in entrance 2 near christopher home has been broken into/attempted break in, the rasp lock on the out side of the machine has been broken of but they did not manage to get the door lock of to the machine so no money was taken just damage to the machine where they have attempt to break in.9Appropriate actions taken by Catering staff. Money and stock removed from machine. Awaiting repair. Email updat from MM(OCS Security Manager) - There is full and clear CCTV footage of this incident. JC(LSMS) has advised JC(Catering Manager) regarding informing the police and getting a crime reference number. WEB47026was taking the papers in on saturday morning when i noticed the friday papers had not been collected , thought funny as papers usually are taken when new ones delivered, the string had been cut of and on closer inspection found 3 daily mirrors had been takenNothing found on CCTV.KitchenWEB47895Cpatient on astley wa< rd came into the shop and took 2 bottles of popgThe security staff were at the till in the shop paying for their order and noticed a patient /customer acting suspiciously.The security staff followed her outside and then checked CCTV in which recorded the patient had taken 2 bottles of pop. They returned to the shop , informed the Catering supervisor of her actions.The security identified the patient is an inpatient on Astley ward.The catering supervisor asked security to inform this patient she wasnt allowed in the shop.Security informed the nursing staff on Astley that if the patient was to leave the ward please inform them.The police were not contacted.WEB57190when i arraived at work i noticed there was 3x2litre milk missing of the delivery,i asked security to review the CCTV and they found a nhs employee taking the milk at 4.32.42The staff member hasnt been identified to date.The delivery normally arrives from 04.00am. The driver was given a key to deliver into the Catering Department however it seems the driver has lost the key so the milk delivery is left in an area not secured.WEB51967Waited for security(myself and HCA) at the back of the building for unlocking purposes. Security still hadn't arrived at 07.50am, and a patient was awaiting access at the front of the building.- Senior member of staff is now working on a Saturday and they will open up if security are otherwise engaged as this will be in the minority of cases. - all staff aware of this planWorks DepartmentWEB47025\2 men came into the bistro shop and proceeded to fill a ruck sack with s/w's from the fridgeInvestigation satisfied as per the original comments within the 'immediate actions taken' section. To summarise - This is now a Police matter (offenders arrested). Possibility of theft remains risk as within the majority of retail environments. WEB53609fWorking a late shift on monday 7th Nov. Got changed in to scrubs and left my coat which had my bank card and approximatley five pounds in change on the coat peg in the changing room. When finishing shift, I changed out of scrubs and put my coat on, when leaving the hospital I realised the money had gone missing but the my bank card was still in the pocket. Member of staff asked to report incident to Security Area searched nothing found All staff reminded about the safe keeping of valuables whilst on the department Even though we have security cameras within the theatre department they are not positioned within the male female/changing areaOperating TheatresWEB52890zCurrently working in theatres 5,6 and 10. Was moved for the day up to main theatres as they was short staffed. Came down around 4pm to get all my belongings out my locker, so that I can take them to main theatres ready for when I finished work, instead of coming back down at home time. Discovered my locker open with someone else's name on it and none of my belongings where there. Asked staff if anyone knew about it and nobody did. The girl who's name was on my locker stated that she had been told to collect a locker key from recovery and find one that opened a spare locker as she was new staff and needed one. My locker, which was locked, didn't have a name on it and she said that when she went to my locker to try it with the key it was already wide open and was nothing in their except my flat shoes, which she placed in another locker and moved her stuff into my locker which she believed to be empty. In with the keys in recovery there is a book which states who has each locker. After looking all over in the department and asking all staff had they seen my belongings, we later discovered my t-shirt and pants plus a bit of maths paperwork in the bin in the changing rooms covered by rubbish and wet paper towels. The remaining items still unfound are: another new pair of work shoes (theatre clogs), a cardigan and some paper work consisting of certificates from tournier reps. There is no CCTV in this area. We have no further lines of enquiry . This department are in need of personal secured lockers . Jason CarrWEB53291=Whilst investigating a faulty BMS cable link between the Boiler House and the Estates Department a Leigh, the tradesmen were tracing the cable through the underground duct. They came across a pile of equipment that had previously been stored in the Boiler House. The equipment included a battery charger, cables, extension leads, PPE, nurse call bed head stations and security equipment. a lot of the cable had been stripped off the electrical equipment. It is evident that someone has been in the Boiler house and started to remove these items via the underground ducts.Basement Area of HospitalWEB56871Eburglary of locker bag taken out of locker and 15 taken out of purse{The staff member started work at 11.00am. She is a permanent Leigh staff member, came to RAEI to cover a shift. She changed in the Catering ladies change area and was allocated a spare locker that didnt have a hasp fitted. She had 15.00 in her purse and 15.00 was stolen. Two other Catering staff arrived in the changing room at approximatley 11.20 am . They immediately saw a handbag on the floor. (CB) reported the theft at 12.00noon. The other staff didnt report the incident. They only mentioned it when they heard (CB) had her money stolen. (SBB) Catering Supervisor, called the works department and asked for hasp locks to be put onto the lockers. She was told the job would have to wait until April. There has been a vanderbilt door coded lock fitted just outside the room however there is much confusion. Originally there was no electric supply so our works resolved that issue . Argos security requested the supplier Honeywell to connect to the fire system.Honeywell confirm they have connected as requested . The bill hasnt been paid as noone can confirm that the door code is fitted correctly and working. It appears not at this time.WEB53963I was informed by my manager that when she came in to work on Friday morning 18th november the alarm had not been set, staff in this area finish work at 7pm and cannot put the alarm on as the domestics are there till 8pm, usually a porter comes in after they have finished and sets it.M Morgan 23.11.16: No action required by Security. This needs to be investigated by relevant department who lock those areas. DUPLICATE INCIDENTWEB53964I was informed by my manager that there was no alarm set when she came into work on friday the 18th november, this is normally done by a porter after 8pm when the domestics have finished.05.12.16, Email from (SD) advising - I don't think we changed anything, it was just attributed to human error and is the first such case as far as I am aware? The Porter couldn't recall not setting it, he thought he had, but as I say, he may have been mistaken? All staff were reminded to remain diligent when it comes to setting alarms/locking doors at night and double check if necessary. WEB54242Black rucksack found by member of staff on suite 2 waiting area who informed security. On inspection of the bag by security whilst looking for identification, there were 4 knives, numerous sets of keys, rope and a camera within the bag. Bag handed to clerical staff by patient. Security informed who collected the bag and checked the contents with a member of general office staff. Due to the contents police contacted who took appropriate action. WEB53377The Health Records Library van was damaged at approximately 18.30hrs whilst parked on Freckleton Street Car park by someone stealing the spare wheel. This as witnessed by a staff member fom Pharmacy and reported to Security (see Web 53346). The incident was reported to the Police and a crime reference number of 850/02112016 provided. Damamge to the van resulted in it being unfit for use. Lack of the departmental van will adversely affect the ability to collect case notes from around the RAEI site for return to the Records Library for filing. This in turn may have an adverse effect on the H&S in some departments on site if the van remains out of service for any length of time.Jason Carr incident < investigated fully . Security actions are proportionate and in line with Assignment Instructions and officers capabilities. Police informed Closed. JC WEB52182clady of swinley ward was reported by a member of the public saying she had placed items in her house coat and walked out og shop, security were informed and the lady in question placed bag/s of sweets in her pockets and was also caught near s/w fridge but this is a blind spot on the camera so we dont know if items were taken from the pop fridge as well.tMM(OCS Site Manager)26/09/2016 - extract from security daily log: "Whilst P.Topping was on patrol SBB(catering) approached and inquired about a shop lifter she gave him the description of the woman in question and the time of the alleged theft. M.Bostock reviewed footage and confirmed to P.Topping that it was in fact correct that the woman in question was shop lifting. The woman in question in approximately 30 year of age, 5ft 4 tall, tied up black hair, unkempt appearance and wearing a maroon and blue stripped dressing gown. P.Topping & J.Harrison thought they had seen her on Astley ward. When on Astley ward Security asked staff if they had a patient that met that description to which they replied no but they knew who she was as she had been removed from Astley ward kitchen previously in the day and thought to be a patient on Winstanley ward. Both officers inquired about the woman and it was confirmed off the ward that she was in fact a patient. P.Topping explained about the shop theft and the Astley ward kitchen. Advised that catering report to the police for theft. CCTV footage can be provided.The police called crime reference number is 119626 september The community police will come out to give the patient a warning. Asked security to relocate the cctv to a better position.The police crime number is 177586E/16 Jason Carr- all noted .actions are appropriate . WEB47846j25 stolen from bag in A+E ladies changing room - unsure of exact time but sometime between 9-5 on 28.3.16 see aboveWEB53029#Corporate Support Services DivisionOver the weekend of 22nd and 23rd October Quality Improvement / Professional Practice office at the back of Trust HQ appears to have been violated. Staff locked the office via key code on Friday 21st October and do not work weekends . On the start of shifts on Monday 24th most of the workstations and computers had been disturbed with computers and items not in there usual place . There does not appear to be anything missing MM OCS MANAGER 24th Oct 2016: - Enquiries indicate that a staff member left her ID badge and house key in Trust HQ and was escorted in by 2 members of the security team. - There was a window open on the afternoon of Sunday 23rd October. It is not known whether this was open for the weekend or used to gain entry. - Security will check if there is any camera footage in that area. MM OCS 21 Dec 16: No camera coverage in that area. No items reported missing or damaged. No further action required at this time.OfficeWEB53515seal on emergency drug blue box on resuscitation trolley found to be torn and box open, 2 adrenalin syringes missing from box. MM OCS 21 Dec 16: There is not enough information for security to investigate this incident. Added MP Controlled Drugs Officer as investigator. No further action from security at this time unless requested from MP. Antenatal clinic manager has liaised with other specialities who use suite 4 and Helen Flowers TLC senior clinical manager. This coded lock door had been propped open on many occassions by anti-coagulant staff during their clinic on Mon and Weds. This has now been stopped. Works dept have been contacted to see if they can remove some dividers from the bottom drawer of the resus trolley so the drug box can be secured in here.WEB47837%cash stolen from my bag in the A+E ladies changing room. I arrived at work at 8:00 AM and checked my bag, knowing I had 30 pounds in my wallet. at my lunch break at 1:30 I went to get my money so that I could by lunch and there was no cash in my wallet. the bag had clearly been rifled through, nothing was in the order i left it. I immediately alerted the coordinating sister, and the issue was escalated. I was then unable to buy lunch without borrowing money as the cash machine is out of order, and none of the canteen sites take card payments. this is very sad and we have had previous incidents of this nature we need a security camera at the entrance to the door spoke with the Dr and asked the housekeepers if they could be possibly be allocated a shared locker and to keep all valuables on own possesionWEB49020Money and cheques taken from Book Club envelope in Reception area. Not noticed until 17.00 7th June 2016. Various staff come into the area during day and night for printer etc.1security checked cameras - do not cover receptionWEB52864GW E&F Reported theft to me of oil painting missing from art exhibition on the corridor at Wrightington Hospital, entitled 'Ivy House' cost 225.00.+CCTV checked there is no evidence Police informed Close 14.11.16, CW, Governance and Risk Facilitator - Confirmed with JT that the painting has been put into the domestic supervisors office as it's thouight to have been knocked off the wall and was awaiting re-hanging. NO incident occured. WEB48919overnight theft from car whilst at home address. Car parked on drive and equipment stolen from car boot. Coagucheck Monitor. Rang and informed police and lodged incident, awaiting crime reference number. Informed DL senior nurse of incident. No patient information kept in car . All staff reminded by email to ensure that they remove cooaguchek machines from their vehicles and store them overnight in their homes and returned to Anticoagulant office RAEI when not in use. WEB50286hOn Monday 18th July, the car park barrier at Leigh was in the down position. Security at Leigh had gone off duty, calls had been diverted to A and E at RAEI. When Royal Mail tried to collect the mail he could not get through the barrier due to the sensors being positioned to high. When he tried to contact Security on the intercom there was no reply. He waited (approx 20 mins) and he then waited for someone to come out of the out barrier and drove in quickly through the out barrier the wrong way but this was the only way he could gain access. If he had not waited this would have caused a delay in important information being delivered to patients. He also stated that he could not afford to do this again on future collections. This also auses concern because this could have been an ambulance attending 5 Boroughs or Taylor Unit and been in the same situation.21.07.16 CW Governance Facilitator - I have discussed < the barrier issue with MM (OCS Manager) this morning, who advised that 'Autogate' were on site yesterday to inspect. It has since been confrimed via JC (LSMS) that there is a fault with the height sensor which could not be fixed yesterday. The issue in this case seems to have been a culmination of two separate issues. The evening in question (18-07)is when the problems with the Height Sensor on the car park barrier at Leigh was realised. The sensors had failed for some reason - unbeknown, however this will not become apparent until the inability to use is reported. The night of 18-07 coincided with what seems to have been a lack of procedure being followed in terms of setting the divert on the Leigh phone to RAEI A&E, or the calls via the intercom taking place at the same time as an incident on site where all Security guards were required to be available due to the handling of an aggressive patient. The Data reports for the shift who would have called show that from 16:18 to 17:10 all 3 guards would have been occupied with an aggressive patient in Resus (call from Vivian Farr referenced in DOB's). this is an unfortunate coincidence that led to the Security & Car parking team realising there was a problem with the car parking equipment at Leigh - 3 way proximity sensor in place to allow access to vehicles of a height above 6 foot. this system was repaired early on the following week once identified as an issue (w/c 25-07-16). WEB50595NSomeone has entered my office and taken my colour cartridges for the Ricoh printer. I order 3 colour cartridges on 6/7/2016 these have been delivered and I have put the boxes at the side of my printer with other boxes. I have this morning moved a toner box that had been delivered and put it at the side of the printer I lifted the cartridge boxes up and they felt very light - i opened them and the 3 colour cartridges have gone but the black one is still there. I know that I have not put them into my printer. This has happened twice in recent month in the office next door to mine.We have tried to ascertain other areas at Leigh Infirmary that use the same type of printer to establish whether they have "borrowed" the cartridges but procurement have been unable to help us with that approach and instead just sent us some replacement cartridges. The staff have been advised to ensure that all cartridges should be stored in a more secure area and should it be necessary we will consider having a central repository with one of the managers who would be able to control the access to and distribution of cartridges.WEB54657I went into the staff room at aprrox 18:00hrs to have a drink and noticed that my handbag was wide open and my purse was sitting on top. This was not how I had left it. When I checked my purse, I noticed that I was missing 20. Ward Manager,Security and police informed. Security code to staff room changed. All winstanley ward staff advised to be careful with regard to leaving personal property in the staff room.WEB52605%Information Management and TechnologyBrand New Boxed Laptop is missing (approximately missing from 14th September - 21st September) from IT Room within Clifton CrescentMM OCS Manager 3/1/2017: Please can reporter report this to the POlice and obtain a crime reference number? Please confirm how many have access to the IT room? Was it secure and locked away? WEB50476{At 9.00am this morning 26th July a lady wandered into the Endoscope Reprocessing Unit at Leigh Infirmary via womens health.ERU notified estates informing that the fire door switch had been disarmed which allowed for this to occur. Switch is now armed.WEB4945062 Ricoh ink cartridges stolen from stationary cupboardXAppropriately reported and investigated. Security measures taken to avoid a recurrence.Ward 3 - LeighWEB52654At 18:00 on the 11th October 2016 I was off-duty and went to the female changing rooms to get changed. I did this and turned to colect my coat from the coat-rack where I had placed it at 08:00 that morning. The coat was not there. My car and house keys where in the right hand pocket. The coat is a black quilted short jacket with a Wigan Athletic embroidered badge on the left side. It is a size 8. The car keys are on a key ring with two house keys and two 'trolley tokens' Michael Morgan 12/10/2016 - Security will attempt to check if any CCTV covers the area.CCTV reviewed no evidence or suspicious behaviour highlighted - Code on door (if any) needs to be checked and possibly changed. - Reporter will be required to log this theft with the police. - Reporter also advised to speak to insurance company and inform them that a set of keys have been stolen and advise of police crime reference number. Same done and ref number given to securityWEB56823SSDU Member of staff had arrived early for a meeting on Wrightington site so was working from canteen using her laptop. Her personal mobile phone was also on the table. Staff member moved tables, taking her belongings with her. Unfortunately she left her mobile phone where she had been sitting. After a few minutes staff member realised she did not have her phone and went back to see if it was where she had previously been sat. Mobile phone was not there. Staff in canteen and other public reported that someone else had been sat there since she had moved. Checked with canteen, kitchen, security, cashier, volunteer desk, admission wards and outpatient department to see if mobile phone had been handed in but none reported.(CW) Governance and Risk Faciltiator - (MM) OCS Security Manager has confirmed that there is no CCTV within that area. Reporter took nessessary actions regarding searching for the phone and reporting it. Dining RoomWEB52826Iwas working late until 8pm on wdnesday 12/10/2016.My car was parked on the staff car park located at the back of the hospital which i pay 20 pounds a month for the security.After finishing my shift i returned to my car to find a brick had been thrown through the back window.rJason carr- CCTV checked no evidence . police have been made aware and reported. No further witnesses. File .WEB50749@In Patient is screened and asked to put their belongings into a locker and lock it and take the key with them. Next patient with a interpreture is brought into reception and screened. Both are asked to put their belongings into lockers and lock them and take the keys with them. When in patient comes out of scanner he asked for his money but at this point the locker was locked so myself with another member of staff opened the locker with a master key but someone elses belonging where in there the patient told us that he hadnt locked the locker or taken the key with him. FMM OCS 20th Dec 16: The incident was seen by the officers on CCTV. External interpreter identified as suspect. Unable to recover the CCTV at a later date. Advised ward to contact police, interpreter agency and to check any signing-in registers to clarify who the individual was. No further action required from E&F / security.WEB54200We have discovered 3 medicine cabinets dumped around the back of the Medical Electronics cabins. These are all empty and appear to have been dumped overnight. One of the cabinets had a sheet from Standish Ward attached to it. We have contacted Standish who confirmed that they had some cabinets for disposal but nobody seems to have any knowledge of who may have brought them down. Porters have not been involved.~(MM) OCS Manager 29th Nov 2016: Enquiries indicate that staff off standish ward were looking for somewhere to dispose of them so left them in the location they were found. This is due to them having new ones on the ward. (CW) Governance and Risk Facilitator - As logged, Porter did not dispose of these. Transferring to Standish Ward to investigate and manage. (LL) Waste Minimisation Officer to monitor. on speaking to staff on the ward the drug trollies were on the ward with written "condemed" information on awaiting to be teken by the porters. i donot believe that staff would have taken these trollies themselves off the ward Standish W< ardWEB54059Arrived at Astley clinic at 08.30 to find the building locked, school nurses contacted admin staff at another clinc to inform them of this. At arround 09.10 a member of staff for Dam House Tea rooms arrived with a key to let us in the entrance area. The school nurse managed to enter their side of the building and get a set of keys for the other side of the build to let me in. At this point I had a number of patients waiting to have there blood taken. The nurses had visits to make and left the building and the physiothearapist contacted her patients and arranged to see them at Leigh Inf. I contacted my line manager and informed her that I was in the building on my own at this point. An electrition arrived to look at some lighting and informed me he had a master key. I saw the patients that were waiting and soon after was advised by my manager to put a note on the main doors to explain to patients, ask the electrition to secure the building and return to Leigh Infirmary.Spoken to Michaela Swift who assured me that this was an isolated incident due to sickness. If such a similar situation occurs emergancy cover would be providedRoadWEB49313nMy car was damaged - rear bumper cracked while parked up in staff car park. No note was left by car driver. Discussed this issue with security staff at Leigh Infirmary and Jason Carr. There is CCTV in this area. Michelle can report the incident to the police who can then request to review the CCTV footage. Michelle informed of this advice, she is considering whether to report to the police.WEB53595ON 23/10/2016, as part of the lone worker risk assessment the panic alarms were checked in triage, gp room and majors. when activated the alarm only sounded in the security office not over the whole floor which it has done previously. This means that unless security are in their office no one is aware the alarm has been sounded particularly in the triage rooms where the majority of times it is one nurse. 21.12.16,(JC) LSMS - No fault with the panic alarm system. However, this is recognised as a concern by the local department so 'Argus' will be contacted to review and upgrade where necessary the system to allow further alarm coverage both audible and visual at nursing station . WEB52747We received a phone call from a delivery driver for uk mail services on freckelton street on 08.10.2016 at 19.50 he was abrupt and withheld his number he was saying he had his spare wheel stolen off the van. We told him we would look at cctv and look for any footage, he was parked just off camera in front of the car park cabin, he called back again just after 20.00 hours and was not pleased we told him we cannot see the theft and he replied he is going to report it to the hospital. On further investigation we saw an old shaped Vauxhall Astra pull up outside of exit barrier at 19.11 and it looked like there was 3 or 4 males on board could not make out their ethnicity, a male then walked through the barrier at 19.12 with what looks like a hammer/axe and then left at 19.13 carrying a wheel, we could not inform the guy as he did not give his number out or say his name so he will have to call the police and go through the procedure himself plogged for information - see incident info above Investigated member of public advised to contact police. JC WEB49587Two members of the public gained access to the staff only area on the second floor of the Christopher Home building and were wondering around the restricted area which contains confidential patient information.Correct actions taken by the staff member who found the "lost" patients. Unfortunately, the issue with the lift is identified as a problem and it is virtually impossible to stop patients coming up to the second floor if they are unsure of where they are going to. I will discuss with estates whether some more appropriate signage could be put in the lift but unfortunately, there are some patient depatments on the second floor outside of the secretarial area and patients do have to use the lift."Christopher Private Patient's HomeWEB49053I was contacted by the porters to let me know that the pharmacy side door was open/unlocked-presumably this had been the case all night 6lock up checklist implemented to ensure full oversightWEB47162STAFF WERE AWARE THAT WORKS DEPARTMENT HAVE REMOVED THE LEFT FRONT DOOR TO REPAIR THIS AFTERNOON . ON CLOSING THE WARD TONIGHT IT HAS BECOME APPARENT THAT THE DOOR HAS NOT BEEN REPLACED AND THEREFORE THE WARD CANNOT BE SECURED.07.04.16, Email from AS - The door sustained heavy damage and has been removed to allow the damaged section to be cut out to enable a new section of timber to be fitted. The process takes time as the glue needs to bond to ensure a strong repair. The finish of the door then needs to take place and needs time to dry. The cause of the damage needs to be investigated as it has been hit with a heavy object to cause such damage. The door will be re-fitted when the repair is completed. FQ, Porters Supervisor advised that whilst moving a food trolley a Porter was distracted by someone. The trolley collided with the door handle causing the damage. The poter reported it to the supervisor when it happened. Door confirmed as being repaired and replaced. Ward 1 - WrightingtonWEB54247At 22:32 hours 3 males enter TLC via the front right corner of the car park. They walk across towarsd the main entrance and ar then out of camera view. Upon inspecting the building one of the front windows had been smashed through and also the change machine which is situatued in the main corridor had been broken open and money seemed to have been taken from inside. However, 130 was left over. At 22:36 hours the 3 males are seen via CCTV leaving site (running) the in teh same direction as they entered.CCTV recovered. Police ref number is 230345K16. Security Risk Assessment to be completed. MM OCS 21 Dec 16: RA reviewed, updated and attached to Datix. No further investigation required. Being dealt with via RA(attached)WEB58059Wapprox 04:00am intruder gained access to mesnes terrace via the rear through a fire doo and made his way to the waiting area where he broke into the coca cola machine and took the coin box. the box was found external to the door where the intruder left site. the magnetic lock on the waiting room door was also smashed in order to gain entry.tI inspected the fire door used to gain access to the car park - no damage noted. SC - SFSA. JC - 1. New padlocks have been bought and fitted to 3 exit doors. 2. Works have fixed internal door hinges . 3.vending company contacted to remove/fix machine 4.police contacted and crime number and log given 5.locking up procedure changed to incorporate 2 oficers File WEB56923ssecurity were alerted by a member of staff from a&e as we were already in cdw dealing with a patient, she told us that some young guys have stolen a fire extinguisher from the main entrance and were throwing it up and down on car park d.We went outside to investigate this and found the fire extinguisher in the gardens at the bottom library on wigan lane.Security could not see any persons on scene so we retreived it and put it in a&e security office. Upon further investigation on cctv they have been in the main entrance stealing from the vending machines,we have got 3 water bottles which they had used so we put them into a bag for police to collect at a later date.they also used the drip stand from the wheel chairs to try and force machines open but did not succseed,we have good descriptions of them and footage for the police to look at. there log number is 154200217.. MM OCS Manager 20.02.2017: CCTV recovered amd waiting to be handed to the police for criminal investigation. Evidence recovered at scene but unlikely this will be used for forensics.WEB58058csite security officer of mesnes terrace informed me of 2males entering the car park and making way to stairwell from the fear of the building. we both went to get the males and found them loitering on top floor. when i asked them what was their reason for being on s< ie the became ancsiouse to get away when i suggested they were on site to smoke cannabis. JC . 1. site security team are aware of this issue and will remain extra vigilant . 2. the Head of the pagefield campus Gareth Sutton spoken to in order for him to warn his pupils of the dangers of the car park . 3. OCS officers will conduct regular checks . File WEB53078Suspicious Activity/Alleged Theft. - Visitor reported to Security that ticket machine at Entrance 2 on Christopher Home car park had swallowed her money. - Reports from patient to Security of three Porters acting suspiciously and surrounding ticket machine at Entrance 2 on Christopher Home car park. - Patient reported that he witnessed one of the Porters take money from the machine and put it in his pocket.(SD) Porters Manager - When shown the hook, WR identified exactly waht it was immediatley. When asked what he did with it after the event, he said that he threw it into a bin. I told him that he was filmed putting it on top of the wheelchair shed? He looked genuinely surprised and said that he thought he'd put it into a bin. I think if you read the statements, it shows that they did advise the lady to go to Security, but that they could see the edge of the coin, which they obviously thought they could retrieve. My opinion is that they innocently tried to assist a lady who was (as your own Security Officer confirmed when he saw her at the CCTV room), clearly upset at the fact that she needed to get back to her relative. The key to this may well be, once you get the wheel unlocked in the machine, to see whether the 2 coin is still in the mechanism? That will no doubt prove that they left it where it was.WEB53414there was a jar containing money that belongs to the staff which they pay into for the tea club, the jar was in box in the catering managers office, the jar has been taken and the empty jar was found in the ladies changing room bin.refered to security. Reviewed processes within the department.The tea money(approx 30) was kept in the kitchen Catering Managers office (not locked away) as normally always a Manager in the office. Friday 28th october the 2 catering Managers confirm the tea money was there. Saturday 29th a Manager starts work at 10.00am, the office door was open when he arrived at work. There is a spare key to the office that is kept in the "supervisors safe. A supervisor had opened up but says she definately locked the office door. it appears the incident took place after 4.30 pm Friday and before Saturday 10.00am. JC, Security Manager - There is no CCTV footage of this area .We will be unable to investigate this any further . WEB53445A person dressed in a dark hooded top, stonewash jeans with a black back pack on their back came from the front left corner of the TLC car park and headed across to the front of the building.!JC (LSMS) 1. i recieved a phone call at 0800 hrs on saturday 5th November from AW who gave me a full break down of the incident and all actions that had been put in place to secure premises. 2. the boarding up had been completed by KR from works. 3. The police had been informed and crime numbers obtained. 4. ThE OCS mobile will be present on site for the next two nights ( sat-sun) so that we can attempt to prevent another break in . 5. MM informed also. 6. Nothing stolen from TLC only damage caused. 7. investigation complete . WEB50898HUpon inspection by SL (Estates Officer) it appears that intruders damaged the MCP whilst forcing entry to this unoccupied building. The detection system activated 3 times in total on this day with the Fire Service attending on the second - they were still in attendance when the system activated for the third time. SC - SFSA.This incident has been confirmed as occuring in the Limes annex building, prior to the additional security measures being installed (metal boardings to windows and doors). Since the installation of these, ther have been no further reported incidents of people forcing and gaining entry.Building EntranceWEB54274mHaving arrived at the GP surgery (Pennygate Medical Centre) with the phlebotomist taking over at that surgery, we walked into room 18 to find the locked cupboard with phlebotomy stock in, wide open and the locks had been sprised open and the main support bracket had been broken into 2 pieces. I went to see the practice manager, nicola, who did come and have a look at the incident. She was adamant that it was not anyone who uses the room besides the phlebos. I asked for a incident form from them so that I could relay what had happened. I have managed to secure the doors and the manager was getting their handman to have a look also. I left the premises at 0930 hours and no-one was around to relay any information too, especially getting hold of the incident form, so I could fill it in and the fact that I had managed to secure the phlebotomy equipment temporarily.PSpoke to the Practice Manager to inform them stock will be locked at all times. Walk in CentreWEB52598Patient RIP at 07:45 this am 2 sons had come back to the ward after they left as forgot belongings didn't want to take home clothing or medications but has money and bank cards locked away in locker. Myself and Sister H both went to check belongings there was an envelope with bank cards in they stated were all present and correct and the envelope stated had 90 cash although there wasn't any. Myself and Sister H remembered on 9/10/16 SN D informed us that she had given 90 to 'daughter in law'and had documented this. when expressed this to the sons they state they have no daughter in law and that it will be a family friend who has taken it home. When asked if able to get this money back they expressed no she has been stealing off him for years. gkw - will clarify details with the named nurse and then discuss with vulnerable adults/police if required. Sons aware of who the money was given to. kw - discussed with SN D and she staes that the patient identified the visitor as his step daughter and she deemed him to have capacity at this time. he instructed his step daughter to take the 90. I discussed with H to second check requests like this in future with a senior nurse and discussed financial abuse and the signs. Discussed with MJ who is checking with community safeguarding if the patient is known to them but no further actions at this time. WEB53463While watching the cameras I observed two young white males at the cash machine in the main entrance one male about 6ft aged about 20 years, slim build short hair shaved over the ears, wearing a white jumper, skin tight blue jeans, dark foot wear, wearing a black bubble jacket. And the over white male about 5ft-9, aged about 18 years, booked in at a&e as Cameron McDonald D.O.B 30/10/1999 all in black slim build, wearing tight black pants, black bubble jacket, black baseball cap. The two males were acting suspicious at the cash machine in the main entrance they were both using the same card I radioed for D.Peet to go and check it out when the card slot section of the machine came open one male was covering the other so on camera I could not see clearly I automatically radioed to D.Peet to get there quick as the machine was open I automatically went to join him S.McKenzie arrived with D.Peet before me. 1JC (LSMS) incident investigated fully . Security actions are proportionate and in line with Assignment Instructions and officers capabilities. File . MM, OCS Manager - The doors to the clocktower entrance where the cash machine is located along with the change machine and the phone charger machine are automatic and not locked at all. Public have access to this areas 24/7. MM, OCS Manager - There is no evidence to suggest if any money was retrieved from the machine as the money is held in a separate compartment to the card reader area of the machineVisitors ToiletWEB562944I was getting some stores from domestic store room and when i entered (C) the porter was talking to a man, i thought he was a member of staff so just walked past him. the man left and (C) said to me i've not got a clue who that was< he just wandered in and when he saw me said he was looking for empty boxes.(CW) Governance and Risk Facilitator - (KS) advised as follows: This person was not wearing an ID badge and neither (SP) nor (C) recognised him, apparently he was looking for empty boxes and just left the area. As far as we can tell nothing was missing from our store rooms.SuppliesWEB52594when i left the clinic on the above date it was later apparent that my prescription pad was apparently missing. the next working day i phoned a colleague asking them to look if the pad could be found. It wasnt other staff were allerted. unfortunatly i became ill and wasnt in work. To my knowledge the pad is still missing, which could be used inappropriately and illegally by someone else.Reported to CounterFraud, local security and NHS England. Reported to Police and crime number issued. Prescriber was asked to prescribe in red pen for 2 months. NHSE initiated notification cascade to local chemists. All pharmacy staff advised to watch out for scripts. Prescriber reminded of the SOP for prescription security. In the end the pad was found intact in a set of notes the prescriber was working with and so wasn't lost/stolen as fearedWEB48740Patient attended as an outpatient upon discharge patient informed a member of staff she had money missing from her purse. Patient looked through her belongings but still couldnt find it. Advised patients to check car and at home, I have informed her that we will have a good look around and contact her if we find anything. Apologies given to patient for any upset caused. Informed patient that she can report to police but she doesnt want to do this. Security also informed of incident.;On discussion with the area manager, this patient was quite forgetful even before the procedure. Staff located a 10 note in her purse but the patient was adamant that this was not her's as it was "folded "differently. Therefore quite satisfied that there was no theft or loss of money so I will close the incident. EndoscopyWEB52256[A Phillips Pocket Memo DPM8000 voice recorder has been taken from my office desk drawer between 18:00hrs on 27.09.2016 and 08:00 on 28.09.2016. The Dictaphone was unused and had been placed in my top drawer along with box. The docking station belonging to the Dictaphone had not been taken and remained on my desk where I had put it yesterday. _A thorough search of the office was made. Enquiries were made of the staff in offices nearby as well as the outpatient nursing staff as to whether they had borrowed it. The machine was not found. A locked cupboard has been identified in another office where all dictating equipment will now be stored and access to this cupboard will be limited.Secretaries officeWEB47228$Student nurse attended Endoscopy for Afternoon to observe, advised by unit manager and staff nurse not to leave bag with personal belongings in Managers office as this is what student asked for however she chose to do this. On leaving the unit the student nurse informed me that she had some money missing for her purse. There are no cameras on Endoscopy, there are people coming in and out however there is only entrance via swipe card or door codes. Spoke to student and advised her as informed by security to ring police and report incident.Kspoken to nurse concerned 12.4.16 nurse did not report it to police. All staff on the unit informed verbally and email will be sent out to all staff of the incident. Was informed by three staff members not to leave any valuables in the unit office as it would be not be secure.The staff member chose to put the bag in the unit office at her own risk.Informed her today to report this to the police. All staff reminded to check ID of people entering the unit.Unit office now locked at all times. Student nurse called back with a crime number 680120416 as this crime has now been reported.GastroenterologyWEB47896\patient from astley ward came into the shop and took a bottle of pop and a packet of crisps.It appears that the patient found taking goods without payment from the shop is the same patient who took goods on the 1st May. Security were made aware and contacted the bed manager to inform of the theft. One of the Catering supervisors also visited the ward and informed the sister on duty if the patient is allowed to come to the shop again the police will be contacted.The Sister informed the supervisor that the security team, Bed Manager, and Matron on duty were due to talk to the patient.WEB54848I have had my Purse stolen off the ward overnight between 20:30- 08:00 (15/12/16- 16/12-16) I have a strong suspicion it was a patient as the one in question had gone off the ward when my card was used at a local Tesco. o19/12/2016 - telephoned staff member to gain further information and if a possible suspect has been identified. Staff member stated she thinks it was one of the patients who has since been discharged as he was off the ward at the time the card was used. She states she is speaking with the police to ask them to check CCTV in Tesco when the card was used. 22/12/staff member has reviwed hospital CCTV and can locate the suspect in the main area of AE on the camera between 06:33 - 06:35, the police are investigating and checking the CCTV at tesco at the time of the card use. Incident in the hands of the police now. WEB56416a member of staff went to use the toilet on the corridor, when he got there he found a man with a balaclava on and holding what appeared to be a knife trying to break into the general office shutters, the man turned and ran off.MM OCS Manager 82.2.17 - Security footage interrogated and has been met with negative results. Corridors assessed for potential upgrades and recommendations to be made. (SD) Porters Manager - Porters still lock all external doors that provide access to the main building between 8 & 9pm at night. I have spoken to the Porter who worked the 2-10 last Friday night and he assures me that all the usual doors were locked and access from the outside was only possible if someone knew the code to the coded lock on the door from the mental health block as the sliding door into the mental health block is left active. (AB) Catering Manager advised via email - One of our night staff disturb someone trying to get into Leigh general office about 11 am last night, ran off when spotted. Portering staff say site was secure but obviously got in somehow. Police were called. Person did not gain access. WEB533681.Received call from help desk about male stealing from shop. 2.security officer 1 called for security officers 2&3 to attend main entrance. 3.security officers 1 reviewed cctv. 4.male in question made his way onto Wigan Lane at sat at the bus stop. 5.Security officer 1 confirmed that male had been stealing. 6.Security officer 1 asked police officers that was already on site to assist. 7.Police officers and all three security officers approched male. 8.Male gave stolen property back to security. 9.Police spoke to male. 10.Security officers 2 took property back to shop. 11.Catering mangager asked to press charges. 12.took Manager to police. 13 Security stood down.(CW) Governance and Risk Facilitator - As stated within logged incident details, security and Police confirmed items stolen 2 BOTTLES OF COKE 2SANDWICHES 20 AREO BARS 16 DAIRY MILK 1 TOOTHPASTE 2 YOGHURTS 2 CAKES all items returned. Offender spoken to(2 item returned to shop). Catering Manager asked to press charges. JC (LSMS) incident investigated fully . Security actions are proportionate and in line with Assignment Instructions and officers capabilities. Police wiull NFA this incident due to low value. WRVS ShopWEB51164{staff's handbags and other personal belongings were behind a key-padded door in the female changing room used by endoscopy and x-ray staff in the x-ray department. 15 was missing from the first staff's handbag at the end of her shift on 15/08/16. 10 was noticed missing on 17/08/16 from the second staff's handbag and 10 was noticed missing from the afternoon of the 18/08/16.Lspoken with staf< f regarding the incidents. The first two staff members who first lost money did not report it to myself as a manager until the final staff member did. It then came to light that 3 staff members had money taken.X-Ray manager immediately made aware of the theft. Lockers are provided for staff but not enough. One staff in question had no lock on her locker. All staff informed to ensure that all the thefts were reported to the Police. Spoken to another staff member from XRay to count how many staff require lockers and this will sorted out. All staff in the department immediately informed of the thefts. Contacted estates to immediately change the code to the staff changing room. This was done and all female staff who use the changing room given the new code. New code also sent to XRay manager to inform the staff. WEB53363| theft of scan photo from ward2. taken from reception by patient on ward2. details of patient held in security office.;informed of incident police informed. No further action .Assisted Conception UnitWEB52853Helping a patient who i saw struggling on the corridor. Patient refused help. Went putting notes away saw patient in my office saw him put something in his pocket. Questioned if he wanted my help and asked if he was ok. Patient explained that he wanted to sit down offered to pull a chair up and ring porters and i would collect his meds from discharge lounge. Patient refused and continues to walk down the corridor. Came back into my office and noticed that my purse had gone.incident discussed with the whole pre op team by department sister. Surrounding teams also made aware of incident ( max fax and VTE teams) Pre-operative Assessment ClinicWEB47201Two members of the public male and female was found by staff infront of highfield ward,when staff approached the member of the public,they both had food items taken from ward kitchen and ward delivery cage.Member of staff asked for items to be returned as they belong to patient.Male and female were highly intoxicated with alcohol,2 members of staff gently escorted male and female to the main entrance of the hospital.Male and female were highly intoxicated with alcohol,2 members of staff gently escorted male and female to the main entrance of the hospital. immediately rang securityWEB55144I witnessed a non pharmacy staff member take a box of medication out of our returns box in pharmacy put it in their pocket and leave the department.TCW Governance and Risk Facilitator - The person alleged in this incident has been identified and removed from that enviroment/duty, pending results of a formal investigation which will be conducted via H.R procedures. (NB) confirmed that he has spoken to (LF) S/S Governance Facilitator regarding this incident and has advised of above. WEB47297The internal door on level 0 leading on to the corridor to receipt and dispatch has the door code written on it quite clearly. This door code is commonly used around site and it is a door that is used by members of the public to exit the building.11. OCS will patrol this area and check said door regularly . 2. staff must NOT write the door codes on these doors . 3. we will review CCTV to see if we can see the suspect who has done this . 4. file . JC advised that the staff member who reported this removed it by scribbling all over it. WEB54602 i went on my brake about 19:30 on the 08/12/16, I returned about 19:45 hung my coat back up in the cloak room and returned back to work on lowton ward. my shift finished at 20:30 and when I went back for my coat, (cost 90) it was missing. I immediately come back on the ward and told the sister in charge on the night shift who was Sr Lynne Norburn. In my coat pocket there was about 8 in change, my Ecig that was 50 my bank card and my house keys. this is the second coat that's gone missing in my 4 years of employment.WEB50259On two sparate occasions, the date above being the last, colour toner replacements for the Ricoh printer have diasppeared from the Old Boradroom, Hanover Corridor. We now have no colour toners left in our office, if any of the colour tones run out before a new order is delivered this will impact on our work as we will have to try and borrow toners from another area or go to another area to print.The office is kept locked with a key when no one is in it andthe only people with a key are the secretaries who work in there and one of the consultants. The domestic staff and library staff also have a key to access the office when necessary. A thorough search of the office was made. It is impossible to know who may have taken the items. Secretaries have been advised that when they receive replacement toners they should be locked in a fililng cabinet within the office. WEB47326 On the 11/04 2016 While i was in he wash ares at the eru i noticed the gate was blowing open where the chemicals bins are kepted. This was looked by myself on the 9/04/016 {saturday} I always double check that the gate is secure before i leave the area NAppropriate action taken by staff member to ensure gate is secured. Checked with Trust's waste management officer who has confirmed that there has been no Biffa collection and therefore must have been left open by trust staff. Email sent to team lead at ERU to remind staff to remain vigilant end ensure gate is locked at all time.sWEB48232 The top lock on the gate to the chemical outside storage unit at the side of the eru decontamination unit as not been locked. The padlock is secure but when the wind blows the it opens the wooden gates enabling any one to get access to the septo bins which are not locked. |A job card has been raised to rectify this issue. Either a hasp and staple or drop bolt will be fitted in the next few days. 1 Alcohol Gel from wall disenser1 x IPAD$1 x Ipad, medication, Day Team Pager'Waste Pharmi Bins tampered with/missing Cable stolen from Generator roomMobile Phone & Charger stolenDoptone from TLC ANC OPD)Cannulas, drip stand, needles, Adrenaline27" monitor stolen 1 x ID Badge1 x ID Badge & IT smart cardProjector missing42 Hand Held Dyson Vaccum cleaners & Battery chargersChoose & Book card!Car Park B Display machine stolenMedication = 0ID Badge+2015/2016 = 56 Security Incidents Reported*2016/2017 = 76 Security Incidents Reported*2014/2015 = 51 Security Incidents ReportedMedication = 3Theft Coagucheck Monitor%3 Colour Cartridges for Printer RicohBrand new laptop2 x Ink Cartridges RicohN3 x medicines cabinets found at back of Med Illustration from Standish (empty)-Phillips Pocket Memo Voice Recorded (DPM8000)(MM)OCS Security Manager - 2 Nov 2016: 1. Checked the area with (NB)Works Manager and (BR)Works. 2. Photographs taken. 3. Items recovered as evidence for the police. 4. Security enhancements recommended. Email comments from MM - I have been around with (NB)this morning and looked at the extent of the incident. This needs to be reported to the police as Criminal Damage and Burglary as it is clear that the offenders have entered the Boiler House in order to remove the equipment. I have suggested to (NB) that the fencing is rerouted around the duct and the area cleard so that this location can be clearly monitored and checked. The fencing and foliage make it extremely difficult to check this. I have request a quote off Argus to replace the damaged CCTV camera cables (cut cables to 2 cameras routed through duct) (CW) Governance and Risk Facilitator - Spoke to (SL)Works Manager who confirmed incident reported to Police (crime ref:207764 u16). (SL) also confirmed that the carpark duct entrance had been boted down, the Limes access duct has been cover with concrete breeze block, security camera are fitted in the boiler house and are just awaiting I.T. action to enable monitoring within the security office. Jason Carr incident investigated fully . Security actions are proportionate and in line with Assignment Instructions and officers capabilities. Police informed and crime number obtained. File .1Cable Stripped off ca<"ble equipment - Boiler house2 xAdrenalin Syringes missing5Prescription Pad (Reported to Counter Fraud & Police);Colour toner for Ricoh from Old Boardroom, Hanover CorridorEquipment = possible 7Medication = 2 Equipment = 7 Equipment = 8"Box of Medication unaccounted for.f? ALCpS{Yh^b]k ml%r.y~ ւ< x mę*ۜA~ئ&h t= Kia zt"WmmCa".* Z. k3:|EHK, *RiVZFc8j rNu5#| + Q0vKmSu'% rp* ^  uf <&`, ^3?|E$J* QvXYpZj[mbccB g2 4y8  dMbP?_*+%,&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?M\\wlprdrpsin01\FollowYouB6E-1E  4dXXE3e8+?xTr0 Cvgh| !d:L9;߉W͸4cp.ǒ]o-D;u%sL(ȷ h%];P^hFChWiKHGlaUC9Y"`**v+&$ ɯ `J4U,9Qڡ1naB=Ba&|״wRh\N3S uQ?kM0-]urJ/Td0jy8% ^ d,fiK | 0a{dD0r!wUAƤ+EɑkTF9;fu!3 X6e6-Ta2(C˕!u=x 0EdBn܉d&⿛snfɕt+#ѱ1} ?}  >} <@}  >} <@} >4   e E@ @ V    F    F  '  F e  '   e F     @  @ F F A A A A A A A A A A A Q~ Rc@ Q Q Q S Q Q Q  S  Q C ~ Dx@ C C C B C C C  B  C C~ D@ C C C B C C C  B  C T~ U h@ T T T V T T T  V  T C~ Dn@ C C C B C C C  B  C Q ~ Ri@ Q Q Q S! Q Q Q  S"  Q# C$~ D`|@ C% C C B& C C C  B'  C( C)~ D u@ C C C* B+ C C C  B,  C- C.~ D@ C% C C* B/ C C C B0 C1 C2~ Dp@ C C C B3 C C C B4 C5 C6~ D@ C C C B7 C C C B8 C9 C:~ Dn@ C C C B; C C C B< C= Q>~ R`l@ Q Q Q S? Q Q Q S@ QA TB~ Uc@ TC T T VD T T T V  TE QF~ R @ Q Q Q SG Q Q Q  SH  QI CJ~ D@q@ C C C BK C C C  BL  C9 CM~ D@w@ C C C BN C C C  BO  CP TQ~ U@c@ T T T VR T T T  VS  TT CU~ D n@ C C C BV C C C  BW  CX CY~ D@ C% C C BZ C C C  B[  C1 Q\~ Re@ Q Q Q S] Q Q^ Q_  S`  Qa Cb~ D@i@ C C C Bc C C C  Bd  Ce Tf~ U@i@ T T T Vg T T T  Vh  Ti Cj~ D r@ C C C Bk C C C  Bl  Cm Cn~ Du@ C C C Bo C C C  Bp  Cq Or~ N@ O O O Ps O O O  Pt  Oe Cu~ D@ C C C Bv C C C  Bw  C Cx~ D@{@ C C C By C C C  Bz  C{ Q|~ R`@ Q% Q Q S} Q Q Q  S~  Q( T~ U@ T T T V T T T  V  T C~ D`i@ C C C B C C C  B  CDl ! '" # $ % & m ' ( ) m * + F, - . / 0 / 1 2 3  C~ D`l@ C C C B C C C B Cm !T~ !U x@ !T !T !T !V !T !T !T ! V ! 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