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(please tick) Yes No If the answer tp Q3 is Yes from which countries are you seeking to recruit (please tick) : India Philippines Australia Canada Zimbabwe South Africa Other Saudi Arabia/India/Pakistan If the answer to question 3 is No are you intending to start recruiting from outside of the EU within the next 12 months? Yes No Which countries will you seek to recruit from? Other Saudi Arabia/India/Pakistan Do you/will you recruit directly by yourselves or through a permanent employment agency? Directly Agency C) Both Which agencies do you work with currently? Agencies on Framework - A&E agency Agencies off Framework What criteria do you use to assess a recruitment agency when appointing them? Tier 1 agency Typically what agency rate/placement fee would you pay to recruit a permanent member of staff? Doctors - 8000 Nurses Physiotherapists Occupational Therapists Radiologists Paramedics Other AHPs What is the estimated cost to the Trust/annum for international recruitment? The estimated cost for 2017 was 24,000. How many of the following staff recruited from outside the EU did you appoint in 2016? None Doctors Nurses Physiotherapists Occupational Therapists Radiologists Paramedics Other AHPs How many of the following staff recruited ex EU have you appointed year to date in 2017? Doctors - 3 Nurses Physiotherapists Occupational Therapists Radiologists Paramedics Other AHPs How many of the staff in each group have actually arrived in UK? Doctors - 3 Nurses Physiotherapists Occupational Therapists Radiologists Paramedics Other AHPs What is your current OSCE pass rate for nurses? N/A What training is given to support OSCE candidates? N/A Please outline what support is given to international recruits? Recruitment and retention 30% first year 20% second year 10% third year 1 month accommodation paid for by the Trust 1 month meal voucher to use on site Is on-site accommodation provided by the Trust? 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