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YesxNo If yes, how many patients within your Trust received a diagnosis of IPF (ICD-10 J840, J841, J848, J849) within the last 6 months: Number of patients diagnosed with IPF within the last 6 months Please indicate the number of unique IPF patients managed by your Trust treated with the following: TherapyNumber of IPF patients treated within the last 30 days Number of IPF patients treated within the last 3 monthsEsbriet (pirfenidone)11Ofev (nintedanib)13Any treatment other than Ofev or Esbriet 31 If information is held in a sufficient way within your Trust systems, please indicate the total number of current/active IPF patients managed by your Trust, that is, patients that could have received a diagnosis of IPF at any time and are currently receiving anti-fibrotic, other or no treatment for IPF by your Trust. If you do not hold information in this way, please indicate accordingly and proceed to the referrals question: Number of current/active IPF patientsData not held/accessible by TrustTotal number managed by Trust170Treated with anti-fibrotics (Esbriet/Ofev)24Treated with any other treatment excluding Ofev/Esbriet31Not currently treated45 IPF Patient Referrals Does your Trust refer IPF patients to other Trusts?Select all that applyTrusts to which patients are referredYes, all IPF patients referred upon diagnosisYes, when they need treatment with an anti-fibrotic (Esbriet/Ofev)xWhythenshaw hospital Aintree HospitalNo   Any treatment other than Ofev or Esbriet i.e. patient is not treated with Ofev or Esbriet, but is/has received IPF treated with one or multiple of the following treatments: Corticosteroids(prednisone); Immunosuppressants, Cyclophosphamide(Cytoxan); Azathioprine(Imuran); Mycophenolatemofetil(Cellcept, Myfortic); N-acetylcysteine(NAC); Proton pump inhibitors(Prilsec OTC, Nexium, others); Supplemental Oxygen Therapy; Other (anti-cough, vaccines etc); Palliative Care (morphine)  As footnote 1  Not currently treated this could be mild IPF patients that do not currently require treatment     If No, please go to IPF Patient Referrals 23;<=> t v | ǿyqf^RDRhhO 5>*CJaJhhO 5CJaJht=CJaJh,h,CJaJh!wMCJaJhJhCJaJh)&CJaJ hhjhUmHnHuhhjCJaJhhCJaJh_%CJaJhCJaJ hV.h,5B*CJaJphhV.5CJaJh'5CJaJhmG5CJaJh,h,5CJaJ=Akd$$Ifl\S+7j 7 t644 lap(yt$Ifgd,l $$Ifa$gdl gd,> } ~  \WRgdJgd_%kd$$IfTl0 t0644 laQpytT$Ifgd"'l gd,| ~     # ; C S T \ ] s u w x ÷|qfq|qfq|]S]hh>>*CJhh>CJhhjCJaJhh>CJaJ hh>hhO 5>*CJaJhhO 5CJaJhh>5>*CJaJhhI<5CJaJhh>5CJaJhJh>CJaJhJCJaJh_%CJaJht=CJaJhCJaJ hhO hhO CJaJ $ \ ] s K5d$Ifgdl kd$$IflFFo$) t06    44 lapyt$Ifgdl s v w x M7d$Ifgdl kd2$$IflFFo$) t06    44 lapyt$Ifgd3Yl  `H55$Ifgd3Yl d$Ifgdl kd$$IflFFo$) t06    44 lapyt 2 F m n o y  . 7 D ƿqjыjыjaWahh%zO>*CJhh%zOCJ hh%zOhh%zO5>*CJaJhh%zO5CJaJhh%zOCJaJhAKCJaJh%zOCJaJh2CJaJhCJaJhI<5CJaJ hh>hh>CJaJhhjCJaJhhO CJaJhh>CJjhhI<0J!CJU n o `[VCCC$Ifgd"'l gdgdkd$$IflFFo$) t06    44 lapyt \III$Ifgd"'l kdH$$IfTlF3 N t06    44 laQpytT  \I66$Ifgd"'l $Ifgdl kd$$IfTlF3 N t06    44 laQpytT F I J ZG44$Ifgd"'l $Ifgd%zOl kd$$IfTl$F3 N t06    44 laQpytTD E F H J K ` a b d f g h i j |  !"%&)*-.qrsǾǶwpe^e^e^e^eee^e hh_%hh_%CJaJ hhhh}l5CJaJhh5CJaJh)&5CJaJh)&h5CJaJhqy5CJaJh%zO5CJaJhCJaJhh%zOCJ hh%zOhh%zOCJaJhhjCJaJhh%zO5CJaJjhh%zO0J!CJU$J K b e f \I66$Ifgd"'l $Ifgdl kd$$IfTlF3 N t06    44 laQpytTf g h j \WPK66$Ifgdl gddgdkd8$$IfTlF3 N t06    44 laQpytT  !K3dh$Ifgdl kd$$IflFo$H  t06    44 lapyt$Ifgdl !"#$%_JJ2dh$Ifgdl $Ifgdl kd$$Ifl4Fo$`H ` t06    44 lapyt%&'()_JJ2dh$Ifgdl $Ifgdl kdV $$Ifl4Fo$ H  t06    44 lapyt)*+,-_JJ2dh$Ifgdl $Ifgdl kd $$Ifl4Fo$ H  t06    44 lapyt-.qs_JJ2dh$Ifgdl $Ifgdl kd $$Ifl4Fo$ H  t06    44 lapyt_JJ2dh$Ifgdl $Ifgdl kd $$Ifl4Fo$`H ` t06    44 lapyt#^m|ƾmZGmZm$h@0hqyCJPJ^JaJnH tH $h@0hI<CJPJ^JaJnH tH *h@0hI<5CJPJ\^JaJnH tH h@0hqyCJaJh@0hJCJaJh@0hI<>*CJaJh@0hI<CJaJhI<jhI<0J!UhCJaJ hh)&hhCsCJaJhh)&CJaJ hh_%hh_%CJaJhhjCJaJ_JJ2dh$Ifgdl $Ifgdl kdR $$Ifl4Fo$ H  t06    44 lapyt_JJ2dh$Ifgdl $Ifgdl kd $$Ifl4Fo$ H  t06    44 lapyt_JJJJ$Ifgdl kd $$Ifl4Fo$ H  t06    44 lapyt`[QOE@Ogd dgd dgdI<gd,kd$$IflFo$H  t06    44 lapyt #%E`g "$')װuuqiqiqiqiqeq_Uh)&h)&5CJ h)&CJh,jh"'Uh"'h@0h%zOCJaJ!jh@0h%zO0J!CJUaJh@0hI<CJaJ'h@0hqyCJPJ\^JaJnH tH *h@0hqy5CJPJ\^JaJnH tH  h@0hI<CJ^JaJnH tH *h@0hI<5CJPJ\^JaJnH tH $h@0hI<CJPJ^JaJnH tH ! !"#$PQRSgd,$a$gd, dgd,)9NPRShCJaJh"'h)&h)&5CJh)&h)&CJ21h:pJ. 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