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Warning Text %XTableStyleMedium2PivotStyleLight16`YSheet3,8 1DayMonthYearSiteLocationClinical Non clinical Type of pestEvidence of pest found Y/NCommentsRAEI SWITCHBOARDYFLEESORGANIC INSECT KILLER USEDDISCHARGE LOUNGEANTSresidual insecticide appliedOCCUPATIONAL THERAPYPMO OFFICE AND TRUST HQTLCPharmacy and General OfficeSuite 9 - MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTSBITTING INSECTSMATRON OFFICE - BEHIND HQ TREATED AREAHQ INCE WARDFLEASRSHOWER TRAP FOUND DIRTY AND BLOCKED, NEED TO CLEAN OUT SO THEY DON'T BREED ANYMORESUITE 1 - KITCHENENTRANCEIT TRAINING ROOMBUGS@TREATED AREA, REMOVE IVY IS COMING TROUGH WINDOW TO STOP INSECTS11 CLIFTON CRESCENT - ROOM 1TREATED AREA AS REQUIREDMAIN CAR PARK - RECEPTIONCardiac Lab kitchen11 CLIFTON CRESCENT - BACK ROOMBREAST SCREENING STAFF TOILETDomestic Respond Changing Room TREATED AREA FOR BITTING INSECTSOncology office WASPS NESTN'MASONARY BEE FOUND, NO TREATMENT NEEDED&CHRISTOPHER HOME - OUSIDE THE ENTRANCE;no ants but fleas reported upon arrival, oragnic spray usedBITING INSECTSNEONATALMORTUARYWASPSTREATED AS REQUIREDDIABETES CENTREMICE BAIT REMOVEDNO FURTHER TREATMENTBUCKINGHAM ROWPROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OFFICEEXTERIOR WALL WORKS OFFICE MASONARY BEESNO TREATMENT NEEDEDANTS IN CASH OFFICE TLC FIRE ESCAPEDEAD PEDGEON REMOVED11 CLIFTON CRECENTMOUSE DROPPING REPORTEDBREAST SCREENING TLCMEDICAL RECORDS SOCIAL WORK DEPTWINSTANLEY WARDSUITE 1 X-RAY DEPTLIFT OVER MATERNITY+THIS WAS A HONEY BEE NEST NEED A BEE KEEPER LINEN ROOM SILVER FISH1ST FLOOR OFFICES LEVEL 4 ATTICMEETING ROOM 1KITCHEN FLYING ANTSB/TSUITE 8 RECORDS RM10X-RAYRECORDS LIBRARY SEEN MOUSESTANDISHWASP SUGGESTED KEEPING WINDOWS CLOSED158 WIGAN LANENO TREATEMENT NEEDEDTHEATRES BACK CORRIDORFLIES CARDIOLIGY7 CLIFTON CRESCENTSUITE 2 BUCK ROW1 Clifton Cres WASP NESTICUADVISED FLY SCREENS TO WINDOWSH/R DEPTFRECCLETON CAR PARKBEES NEST IN ELECTRIC CUPBOARDS BALDWINS OFFICEASPULL RAINBOW WARD29 WORDSWORTH HOUSESURGICAL ADDMISSIONSKNOWSLEY HOUSETHE ELMS LIFT SHAFTMIDGESRESIDENTIAL BLOCK B CHARITY 3 WISHESBUCK ROWSUITE 2 HIGHFIELDSUITE 6SUITE 511 CLIFTON CRESCENTHAWTHORNES OFFICECHRISTOPHER HOME PEMBERTONMESNES WAITING ROOMBEES ADVICE ONLY AC'S TEAMADVICSED FLY CATCHER MACHINESGROUNDSMICE SHEVINGTONA&EDOMESTIC SUPERVISORS OFFICEENDOSCOPY OFFICESSUITE 1 KITCHENADVISED TO HOOVER THEM UP CATERING ROOF DEAD PIGEONSREMOVEDPHARMACY ADVISE ONLYCCUTREATEDTRUST HQCOPDOLD NURSES HOMEMATERNITY DEPT TRUST H/QPALLIATIVE CARE CARDIOLOGYBEETLES UCLAN LIBRARYLIGHT MONITOR PLACEDyPORTERS PIGEONSRATSCARDIAC CATH LAB&TREATED AS REQUIRED LIGHT MONITOR USED ADDMISSIONS'TREATED AS REQUIRED LIGHT MONITOR USEDCLIFTON CRESCENTASPUL BLACK FLIESWEAVELS IN CUPBOARDBAITED PMO OFFICE ants"CATCHER PUT ON WINDOWS TO IDENTIFYBREAST SCREENINGMASONARY BEE ADVICE GIVEN PHLEBOTOMYGENERAL OFFICE PATHOLOGYMOTHSCATERING DINING ROOMPIDGEONS RECEPTION1NO TREATMENT FRUIT FLIES INSECTICUTOR NOT WORKINGCLINIC PREPERATION ANTICOAGULANT THE ATTICCLOCK TOWER ENTRANCE WASPS ON WARDCHRISTOPHER HOMESPHYSIOLOWTON UNABLE TO SPRAY DUE TO BUSY AREA CT SCAN ROOM5 CLIFTON CRESCENTSPRAYED CARPETAPPOINTMENTS OFFICEPIUPATIENT ENGAGEMENTTREATED WITH ANTI STATIC WORKS OFFICESBAITED BURROWSMEDICAL ELECTRONICSBAITED RE-BAITED BOXES LOAN STORESINFORMED TO LEAVE ALONE BLUE BOTTLES BEES NEST LEFT ALONE BEES NEST(DUSTED AROUND PIPEWORK NEAR FIRE ESCAPE REMOVED NEST SUITE 6 WRVSTREATED AS REQUIRED/BAITED Astley WardDUSTED AROUND AIR VENTS USED ANTI STATIC SPRAY CORONARY CAREPUT FLY CATCHERS IN ROOMDUSTED AROUND VENTS DUSTED AREA DOCTORS MESSPICADILLY ON CAALL CHRISTOPHER HOME LADYBIRDS SEWER FLIES ORTHOPAEDICS MATERNITYDENTAL SECURITY OFFICE ENDOSCOPY PET SCANNERWRVS/CARDIOLOGYSAFEGUARDING OFFICEWOODLICE3 CLIFTON CRESCENT REHAB SUITEANSMESNES TERRACE BAIT BOXES PLACEDTAKEN SAMPLES MAIN CORRIDORVOLANTARY SERVICE OFFICERESPONSE CHANGING ROOMSRHESUS TRAININGSTAFF ENGAGEMENTBILLINGEWASPS ROGER ANTS TOTAL 299LEIGHOPD 1 AREA SPRAYEDWARD 3MOUSENO ACTIVITY FOUNDOPD 6BAITED AS A PRECAUTION AREA TREATEDTHEATRE STAFF ROOM OPD ROOM 2015OPD 5 RIVINGTONDUCTSRATOPD 1 HAZELMERE (5B)AREA 5 CALL CENTRE AREA 6 DUCTSLINDAMERE (5b) DERMATOLOGYPIGEON NO EVIDENCE OF PIGEON FOUNDMENTAL HEALTH UNITTHEATRE OFFICERED SPIDER MITEOPD RM 3NEST NEST TREATED OUTSIDE ATOSWAPS#NO TREATMENT AS THEY ARE HONEY BEES SEPHTON (5b)Biting insects AREA BAITED MED RECORDSAREA TREATED AS PRECAUTIONRIVINGTON (5B)WRVS REMOVE RATSCATERING OFFICES GRASMERE STTHROUGHOUT CLINICDINING ROOM AND OFFICESINSECTS?THEATRES OFFICESRED SPIDER MITESPHYSIO GYM AREA AREAS SPRAYEDDIABETIC RETINOPATHYTHEATRE OFFICESCLINICAL CODINGMH MANAGEMENT (5b) THEATRES OPD 4 AUDIOLOGYPODIATRY OFFICELEIGH AVENUE DAY (5B)REDCORDS LIBRARYSECRETARIES OFFICERIVINGTON (5b)CAR PARKOPD 2 LILFORD UNITRECORDS DEPARTMENT DECON UNIT ADVICE GIVEN RAT HOLESNO EVIDENCE OF PESTCORRIDOR CEILING SPACE RAT DROPPINGSOUTSIDE CATERINGBAIT BOXES RE FILLED RAT SIGHTINGBAITS CHECKED NO EVIDENCE FOUNDOPD STAFF ROOMOPD 1 STAFF ROOM OPD 1 ROOM 20CEILING SPACE DERMATOLOGYPIGEONCAPTURED WRVS SHOPOPD 1 WAITING ROOM OLD SWITCHPORTERS CORRIDORMAIN RECEPTIONMAIN ENTRANCE RECEPTIONOPD OPD 1 KITCHEN OPD ROOM 20 BAIT BOXED RE FILLEDRES 1$SPRAYED THIS ROOM AND ADJOINING ROOM SPRAYED OLD COMMS AND BOILERHOUSEBAITED AND TRAPPEDSPRAYED FRUIT FLIESTHEATRESLABORATORY SQUAREWORKS NITROGEN STORE COURTYARDSITEWARD 3 NO NEST FOUNDDOMESTIC STORESRAT BOXES BAITEDCORRIDOR OUTSIDE TAYLOR BAIT BOXESX RAYTHEATRE KITCENMED RECS LIBRARYREAR OF KITCHENS RAT SIGHTEDWARD 2NOT BAITED AS NO EVEIDENCE TOTAL 119 WRIGHTINGTON JCW ROOM 20 SILVERFISH"TREATED WITH RESIDUAL INSECTICIDE RECOVERY 5&6/KITCHEN/ADMIN ANTS/INSECTS!WARD E (ADMISSIONS) PHYSIO OFFICEVEG ROOM/STORES/KITCHEN% THEATRES/SLUICE/ADMIN/STAFF CHANGINGRECOVERY/THEATRES/ESTATESWARD 4/ X-RAY STAFFROOMSILVERFISH/ ANTS ADMIN OFFICEPODIATRY ROOM - THERAPYPHYSIO (POOL AREA)OCC THERAPY KITCHENELAINES OFFICE - ADMIN/RECVRYWARD 4 STAFF KITCHENWARD 4 STAFF ROOMWARD D WAITING ROOM ADMIN BLOCKJOHN CHARNLEY WING - RM 11JOHN CHARNLEY WING - RM 12 MAIN KITCHEN CLINICAL PREP OFFICE (OLD SHOP)CHAPEL#JCW RM 14/THERAPY/WARD 1/ HAND UNITESTATES KITCHEN WARD E/OCC THERAPY/PHYSIO OFFICEMAIN THEATRE-LADIES TOILETWARD 4 HIP CENTRECSSD PLANT ROOMTHERAPY STAFF KITCHENMOUSE (Suspected not seen)=ON INSPECTION FOUND A PERISHED PLASTIC BAG-NO TREATMENT REQ'DCONFERENCE CENTRE - 2ND FLOOR CLUSTER FLIES)TREATED WITH ORGANIC POWER - BATS PRESENTJOHN CHARNLEY WINGMAIN THEATRES - FEMALE CHANG.MAIN RECOVERY - KITCHENOUTPATIENTS - ANNEX - RM 1JOHN CHARNLEY - ALL BATHRMSKITCHENS/ DINING ROOM (GENTS)THERAPYMAIN THEATRES - CHANGING RMY RECOVERY - KITCHENSURGICAL APPLIANCES - KITCHENJOHN CHARNLEY - ROOM 14WARD 5 - STAFF ROOMJOHN CHARNLEY - RM 10 BATHRMTREATED WITH SPRAY CLINIC PREPJOHN CHARNLEY OFFICETREATED WITH BAND SPRAYADMIN ENTRANCE FOYERCLINICAL TRIALS - KITCHENADMIN - COUPLE OF OFFICESRECOVERY - UNIFORM ROOMADMIN RECEPTIONGAS BOTTLE STOREPHYSIO STAFF TOILETJOHN CHARNLEY - RM 19CHANGING RMS NEAR CANTEEN SILVERFISH DOMESTICS OFFICETHERAPY - POOL AREA JCW - ROOM 1;TREATED WITH RESIDUAL INSECTICIDE UNDER TILES IN ROOF SPACEOLD SOCIAL WORK DEPT< NO ACTIVE WASPS NESTWARD 73TREATED WITH RESIDUAL INSECTICIDE IN THE ROOF SPACEOFFICIAL BLOCK'NONE FOUND - BAITS LEFT AS A PRECAUTIONBOARDROOM KITCHEN JCW - ROOM 11ESTATES TOILETOFFICE IN MAIN THEATRES JCW - ROOM 17 JCW - ROOM 19 JCW - ROOM 10PODIATRYFEMALE CHANGING ROOM TOILET HAND UNIT WAITING AREA!TREATED WITH RESIDUAL INSECTICIDETHERAPY - AMBULANCE BAYNO TREATMENT - NO ANTS FOUNDMAIN THEATRES - FEMALE TOILTS"TREATEED WITH RESIDUAL INSECTICIDE PHARMACY OUTPATIENTS - ROOM 18JCW - OUTPATIENTSWARD 1 - MAIN CORRIDORKITCHENS - NR WALK IN FRIDGEJCW - DOMESTICS CUPBOARDTHEATRE 7 - OFFICEBIO-SKILLS LABHAND UNIT - TOILETMAIN THEATRES - VARIOUS MAIN ENTRANCE - PIC CORRIDORHIP CENTRE - WATER MACHINE*SUPERVISOR CHECKED AREA - ALL SEEMED OKAY.WARD 1TREATED WITH INSECTICIDAL DUSTPIC - CORRIDORTHERAPY (OCC. THERAPY) PORTERS LODGENO NEED FOR FURTHER TREATMENTX-RAY DEPARTMENTOFFICE ABOVE AMBULANCE BAY+NO SIGNS OF ANY WASPS OUTSIDE (SOME INSIDE)WARD 1 (ACTUALLY PHYSIO)PHSYIO (AS ABOVE)TREATMENT AS ABOVEASSISTED CONCEPTIONNO TREATMENT NECESSARYCLINIC PREP (OLD SHOP AREA)WARD 6WARD 6 (STAFF KITCHEN AREA)AS ABOVE - ONE TREATMENT ONLY WARD D/ CLINICAL CODINGWARD 6 NO TREATMENT NECESSARY DOMESTICS STOREROOM&3 PTS DOWN IN STOREROOM. USED SOREXA-D-TREATED WITH RESIDUAL INSECTICIDE IN CORRIDORTHERAPY WAITING ROOM JCW ROOMS 5+6.TREATED WITH RESIDUAL INSECTICIDE IN BATHROOMSKITCHEN - MAIN THEATRESMAIN KITCHEN CORRIDOR0TREATED WITH RESIDUAL INSECTICIDE AROUND CASINGSX-RAY STAFF ROOM<TREATED WITH RESIDUAL INSECTICIDE IN CORRIDOR AND STAFF ROOMWARD 1 FEMALE BAY7TREATED WITH RESIDUAL INSECTICIDE TO KITCHEN AND TOILET JCW ROOM 11 JCW ROOM 14DOMESTIC SLUICEWARD 1 STAFFROOMM/F PATIENT TOILETS PRE-OP OFFICEOFFICIAL BLOCK KITCHENPRE-OP CORRIDORX-RAY STAFFROOMANAES OFFICE IN MAIN THEATRESOPD ANNEXE ROOM 3 JCW STAFFROOMCORRIDOR TO BOARDROOM SCRUBS ROOMCORRIDOR NEAR THE CHAPELCLINICAL TRIALS ATTICDUSTED HOLE IN FASCIA BOARD SLUICE ROOMANAESTHETIC ROOM 6OUTSIDE PRE-OPHIP CENTRE UNDER ROOF DUSTED NEST UNDER THE ROOF TILESWARD AINSECT?2 INSECT MONITORS PUT ON WARDROOF ABOVE BONE BANK>TREATED WITH RESIDUAL INSECTICIDE,TO WALL AND FLOOR JUNCTIONS ROOM 1ESTATES OFFICE4 X BAITS LEFT )DEAD MOUSE FOUND IN OFFICE 2 X BAITS LEFT ROOM 5 -OPDMEETING ROOM ADMINA1 ANNEXE ON OPDUPPER LIMB RESEARCH OFFICESR & DMEDICAL RECORDS0TREATED WITH INSECTICIDAL DUST HOLE IN BRICKWORKOPD AND AMBULANCE BAY/DUSTED NEST ABOVE WINDOW WITH INSECTICIDAL DUST OLD BONE BANKRNEST REMOVED DUSTED UNDER EVES A SIDE AND FRONT OF BUILDING WITH INSCETICIDAL DUSTJOHN CHARNLEY WING - Room 1MAIN CORRIDOR FACING PIC4 X LIGHT BAIT BOXES LEFTJOHN CHARNLEY WING- ROOM 19JOHN CHARNLEY WING/OPD TOILET#JOHN CHARNLEY WING- ROOM 1 BATHROOM73X BAITS LEFT IN OFFICE 2 IN BOARDROOM AND 1 IN KITCHEN TOTAL 174:A+ +\ ,,o-:Z.%4//0Z.11-22E33?4 4 5 5x 6 v6A 7 7z 88 8 Z9%9~:I%;;b<<x<|=G=[>&>t??@w@B@AaBBn2CCjDDuEP:FFGHjI5-JJKkeLJMMNOUjPUQhRRSh[T .U V NW ccB g2ɀ \XbxBJV^fnv~+=OarʄҖvb  dMbP?_*+%&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?M\\Wwlxerps2\PS2MFD0160C 4dXXA4 (210 x 297 mm)DINU"D~SMTJXerox PullPrn PCL6 V4.0.548.8.0RESDLLUniresDLLXrxTrueTypeFontDlOptionTTF_DOWNLOAD_AS_TRUETYPEXrxEdgeToEdgeEDGE_TO_EDGE_OFFColorMode24bppXrxHalftoneXRX_NORMAL_HTXEROX_JOB_SETUP_BEGINCBXEROX_JOB_SETUP_ENDCBXEROX_DOC_BEGINCBXEROX_DOC_SETUP_ENDCBXEROX_PAGE_SETUP_BEGINCBXEROX_PAGE_SETUP_ENDCBXEROX_PAGE_FINISH_BEGINCBXEROX_PAGE_FINISH_ENDCBXEROX_DOC_FINISH_BEGINCBXEROX_DOC_FINISH_ENDCBXEROX_JOB_FINISH_BEGINCBXEROX_JOB_FINISH_ENDCBOrientationPORTRAITCollateONDuplexVERTICALResolutionRes600x600PaperSizeA4D1NRX @R ~  MSCFa,90R(//Uncompressed-Data//ޞ(CKZmlSe>c`U2\g  .D4`cP1Q!?cU/~ J@D@hb29uZzn޽=O{s{ʪ5M UuUL!ƺz͉sl-_ڑnb3iFYIf' t'?2tI>׽8g_g/+f^mW/5vֿK+kz!_rQ ayB;"z<A |w,zFQ3{7D{_A CL2p/ 0+!\ :/nQh[vtE["U-2a37$6fjQNh :pR;)1гlZO^"N K8uQuPp»uZ2uTCkިњTְS)ni4"g:w R9-BPzn%,MKbuCsbW 2*B(nr_:Ū\<'Y>^X g|V |y+\ø:H+b[ ';%}-E bl.ECkgmgd$&ֹl#U&BW-i3e6:xh2J~ɚ5+VsNC;F 0aVcA S̑U*y^YN.Jd)i#WK0/@sxM>bUxUl6WDD Bx:j,[V'͙D[ᘼ~ʓg|^5zQWWˍc^g2>PcGJͪfI:+t:A{vW&Yk'T`~5Y 'I*E|< c{UǨ̋kTiJ-"* >se\AU_C^-僷Z$ct uRZ2"PC:4%:D)CYuy}favQW(^f!KD C:QauRT#P`:D&סIu(0f"PvDb^`5C3"C)C GסcU_vD[=,c?w:3ihJRkV֢h;Ud@=÷ӛyR'a& x84?hJ* vٕŖ`w+̮441ٝpHW![wLvdwҢEiyw!-]tHfWCZ<٬^[&Җbi")u!1RE­p6RNko~i⩠,rJ -C C B C  B$DXlzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ! 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