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Warning Text %XTableStyleMedium2PivotStyleLight16`ojAudits registed in 2017,!  ;8  Registered Title Project Type BenchmarkUCorrelation of Radiological, Cytological and Histological Findings in Thyroid NodulesNewLocal3Morbidity and Mortlaity Quality Improvement ProjectRe-Audit&Timing of Emergencies on 24 hour clock%Peri-operative Temperature ManagementKManagement and Outcome of Pregnancy of Unknown Location (Ectopic Pregnancy)bAudit of Ultrasound guided interventions to the Suprascapular Nerve: LA Block, PRF and RF Ablation)WWL Evaluation of Domestic abuse trainingFWWL Evaluation of Safeguarding Children training face to face sessionsOAudit of patient satisfaction with upper limb nerve blocks for day-case surgeryGastric Ulcer Rescope AuditKAre we meeting national standards for treating patients with bladder cancergRe-audit on the Use of Intravenous Fluids in Children and Young People in Royal Albert Edward InfirmaryExtracapsular ParotidectomyHAccuracy of patient Specific Implants (PSI) produced by Promade Protocol'Virtual clinic follow up BOA GuidelinesOrthoptic Record Keeping AuditID Check Audit  3rd CycleCataract Surgery on MedisofteAudit of Mr Heaven s cataract surgery comparing Medisoft and Manual data collection & analysis.,Wrightington Hospital Discharge Letter Auditnew1Post-operative physiotherapy for shoulder surgery630 day mortality after primary total knee repplacementThermoregulation in neonates7Reaudit of complaints in 6 months July to December 2016&Audit of Coagulation Screen done in EDBMinimising delays to operative treatment of closed ankle fractures}Central Neuraxial and Peripheral Nerve Blocks: How well do we consent our patients and document our procedures? - A Re-AuditBarrett's AuditjPolypharmacy and use of antiphyscotic , hypnotics and sedatives towards risks of falls in elderly patientsAudit of Clinical Coding&Audit of Inpatient Discharge SummariesyAudit of compliance of "stop before you block" national guidance within the upper limb theatres at Wrightington Hospital.=An Audit on the Prescribing of Biologic Drugs in RheumatologyVTo audit ocular complications of paediatric diabetes in Wigan against patient profiles9To study the efficiency of sensor augmented insulin pumpsAudit of Suspected NAI Cases;Completeness of clinical information on EPR letter for SMDT$Recording of Vital Signs in ChildrenNational?Audit of Re-attendance of patienta with an exacerbation of COPDkAn audit into the referral pathway for cases of suspected testicular cancer at Wrightington Wigan and Leigh-Cancellations at Preop Clinic in Wrightington$Diabetic Eye Screening Survey ReportAudit of Childhood Deaths 20168Clinical Outcomes of the Perform three gelnoid baseplateAudit on Breast Implant Loss5TSE Audit - (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy)FDocumentation Audit DRSS - Completeness of Data Fields within Optomise"ID Check Re-Audit - Orthoptic DeptOutcome Form Re-Audit,Diabetic Eye Screening Programme Performance"Delay in Diagnosis of PancreatitislReview of the Discharge Action Plan - Patients Relatives Nursing/Residential Homes are invoved in Discharge.ERadiology WHO Checklist audit 2017 (RAEI & WNT Interventional suites)2Re-Audit of IRMER Regulations for Mini-C Arm Users6Re-audit of documentation in ankle fracture management)Acute Coronary Syndrome (NSTEMI) Re-Audit#Management of Hypomagnesaemia AuditVTE Assessment CompliancemA Quantitative Evaluation of a Palliative patient journey in the Acute Hospital  Making every moment count Duty of Candour AuditAConversion of Cardiology Direct Access to Outpatient Appointments>Critically Unwell Patients on MAU/Lowton Transfer to ICU AuditNeutropenic Sepsis AuditMenorrhagia AuditeAdherence to national standards in management of acute pyelonephritis in a district general hospital 1National Paediatric Diabetes Audit 2015-2016 data0Age Well Unit Admission and Discharge Flow ChartYAG Laser Clinic Audit4Wrightington Hospital Pharmacist communication audit2Emergency Caesarean Section Audit (June to Dec 16)Complication rates of Botulinum Toxin A in the management of Recurrent Parotid Sialadenitis following Sialoendoscopy vs Superficial Parotidectomy)Compliance Audit of Non-Medical Referrers5Informed Consent  are we meeting the new Guidelines?QExtra Corporeal Shockwave Therapy for Achilles Tendonpoathyand plantar faciopathy+Audit of the Appropriateness of Tazocin Use0ID Check Re-Audit  4th Cycle - General Clinics3Management of Osteoporosis in Wrightington HospitalXTo evaluate completion of VTE Assessments undertaken and recorded on Post Take Documents6Pre-operative Airway Assessment A Re-Audit Of Practice0Acute Abdomen CT Out of Hours at Wigan Infirmary<To Evaluate "Iron Deficiency" in patients with Heart Failure IV Fluid Resuscitation in Adults,Audit of Advanced Practitioner AXR reporting^An audit into the urology vasectomy one stop clinic at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust*Technically Suboptimal Exam Plain Imaging:Importance of Chromosomal Microarray test in children with developmental disorders, learning difficulties and behavrioural disorders.ID Check Re-Audit (3rd Cycle) - Orthoptic DeptAAdherence to guidelines for follow up of low risk bladder tumours?Utilisation and Cost Effectiveness of Clinical Waste FacilitiesRAudit of Frequency of well's score being calculated prior to CTPA being performed.mSurgical Documentation on the Ward Audit 1: Consultant Bedside Documentation Audit 2: FY1 & FY2 Documentation2USS Outcomes in children with lower abdominal painDNACPR Re-Audit (March 2017)@Re-audit Mortality of Fractured neck of femur January- June 2017*Axillary Sentinal Node Biopsies / Outcomes3Re-audit of Trust Paediatric Guideline for Sedation?Length of time before operting on non-union fractured claviclesrEvaluation of intraoperative blood pressure changes during spinal anaesthesiafor a fractured neck of femur surgery2Non Obstetric Care (Pregnant ladies attending A&E)"Effectiveness of well-liver clinicBAccuracy of Drug Prescriptions (Analgesics) in Low Weight Patients3Audit of Fracture Clavicle and Associated FracturesAppropriateness of chest xrays&Expressed Breast Milk Compliance AuditBComparison of adverse outcome consultant sign off done or not done'Labial Gland biopsy: Service Evaluation-Audit on management of Adrenal Incidentalomas(Aural Care Clinic- Patient Safety SurveyManagement of stillbirth6Timelines of Antibiotic Administration in Septic Shock>Completion of Investigation Record Sheets on the Neonatal UnitPatients with post coital bleeding treated with ablative treatment at first visit to the colposcopy clinic with or without cervical smear/biopsy VIP ScoresWPost-operative recovery of patients undergoing Day surgery at Leigh Infirmary. Re-Audit'Audit of Management of low grade smears2Documenting consent for intra-articular injections<The use of Botox management in the treatment of incontinence#Laryngectomy and Tracheostomy Audit3Post-operative review of elective colonic resection7Patient and family evaluation of special school clinics-Audit of U classification of thyroid US scans0Surgical Hot Clinics - Compliance with Standards)Overdose/ingestion in children <16 years0Facing the Future Together for Child Health 2017#AQUA Hip and Knee Advancing QualityAQUA Hip Fracture AQAudit of LLETZXCommunity Acquired Pneumonia - To look at reading of CURB65 scoring and antibiotic usage%Senior Review in General Surgery 2017'Antiobiotic Prophylaxis in Pancreatitis.Impaired Awareness of Hypoglycaemia Audit 2017#Radioiodine Comparison of Two Doses4Orthoptic Policy Compliance Audit for Squint Surgery6Weight bearing in Ankle Fractures - National WAX Study<)Audit of IDA referrals (Jan to June 2017)Cataract AuditPaediatric Early Warning Scores@Re-audit completeness of clinical letters on EPR at time of SMDTCEvaluation of Emergency Surgical Patients with Gall Bladder DiseaseRRe-audit on antibiotic prescription on new HIS system amongst orthopaedic patientsiA retrospective review of Soft Tissue Meatoplasty of the External AuditoryCanal in Chronic Otitis ExternaO2WW referrals to Dermatology . Is the patient aware of the reason for referral?Abdominal and Pelvic imaging study: Review of diagnostic ultrasound report compared with computersised tomogrpahyand magnetic resonance.IAudit Satisfaction with the Rheumatology Service across all sites of WWL7Patient Satisfaction with the Biosimilar Switch Process#Cancellations on the day of surgery5Spasticity Management in Children with Cerebral Palsy)Documentation Standards on Surgical Wards6Breast cancer treated primarily with hormone treatment+Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer2LAC Initial Health Assessment Part C Records Audit,Audit of Consent in General Surgery May 2017$Audit of Consent in Urology May 2017/Audit of Consent in Upper & Lower Limb May 20172Swab & Needle Count Pre and Post Perineal SuturingNNAP Audit 2015Child Death Audit 2016CAssess and streamline management of achilles tendon rupture pathwaySAudit on the use of Ceramic Head for total hip replacement at Wrightington Hospitalaudit of procedural sedationHIntra-operator reperoducibility of fetal biometry in the third trimestercTo evaluate completion of VTE Assessments undertaken and recorded on Post Take Documents - Re-Audit.Antibiotics prescription in acute ENT patients!Obs & Gynae Audit of Consent 2017(Audit of management of High Grade SmearsMaternity Propess AuditENT Audit of Consent 2017'Division of Medicine Consent Audit 20172Incidence of hypocalcaemia following thyroidectomyFetal Blood Sampling;Decompensated Cirrhosis - First 24 hours of admission audit"Vision Screening Audit - 2015-20160Orthoptic Comment Cards And Patient SatisfactionGCertificate of Visual Impairment (CVI) Audit April 2016  31 March 2017SWeekend Handover: Surgical Electronic Notes documentation of diagnostic information8Mortality after Fracture neck of femur July 17 to Dec 17"Abnormal Bleeding Guidelines AuditHaemorrhage (Post-Partum)%Management of Reduced Fetal Movements2Cataract Operations and Refractive outcomes - 2016Ward Co-ordinator Checks=Visual acuity of children at discharge from amblyopia therapy0Elective Caesarean Sections In General Theatres.1Patient satisfaction of Pre-Operative Information]Quality Improvement Project on Referrals to Rheumatology Unit Physiotherapists Project Report)Audit on Praluent against NICE guidelinesMTicagrelor for preventing atherothrombotic events after myocardial infarction7Appropriateness of Tilt Table Referral for T-LOC in WWL8Peri-Operative pain in cataract surgery after subtennonsTCorrelation of Radiological Cytological and Histological findings in Thyroid NodulesCTiming of ERCP for Inpatients and Outpatients for Gallstone DiseaseDESP Extra Images AuditBReaudit on Antibiotic Prescription in Penicillin Allergic Patients Consent Audit5Primary Management of Acute Ligament Injuries of KneeOAudit of Clinical Effectiveness of Specialist Paediatric Daytime Wetting Clinic!Emergency Caesarean Section AuditInstrumental delivery audit#Audit of Discharge Summaries on HIS+Post Vasectomy Testing and Incidence Uptake1Patient Satisfaction following Urodynamic Studies%Spotlight Audit on Delirium ScreeningEGuidelines and Outcomes in patients with acutre gallbladder pathology2Vaginal Birth after Caesarean Section (VBAC) Audit^Hydrotherapy: Adeherence to policy and procedure around water testing and pool area standards+Transition from childrens to adult services=Audit of Cardiac Arrest Attending ED who have DNACPR in PlaceReaudit of procedural sedationAReaudit of DVT management - Are we following the NICE guidelines?)Audit of CT head scan and reporting timesRaised BMI Documentation AuditCTG Monitoring Audit.Application of VTE Stockings on Surgical Wards+Use of the MASCC Score in the acute settingZRe-audit on causes of emergency readmissions within 30 days following elective THR and TKR MEOWS AuditInduction of Labour Audit!Outpatient Ascitic Drain ServicesMRI Breast AuditSpinal Services at WWL4Audit on neurofibromatosis Type 1 follow up in Wigan:Influence of type ofreferral on outcome in breast diseasesAn Assessment of the Quality of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) Services Provided at Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, Wigan: A Single Centre Experience BCG Audit$Audit of Discharge summaries on HIS*Reasons for redo/revision hip arthroplastyYComplications of cement spacers in 2 stage revision of infected hip and knee arthroplasty=Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation for faecal incontinenceDischarge letter in HIS6Audit of Unplanned admission after paediatric day caseAMD Patient Satisfaction Survey(Enhanced Recovery Program (ERP) Re-AuditTerm Admissions to NNUEmergency Oxygen Audit Analysis.Joint Rheumatology /ILD service WWL experienceNational Adult Asthma AuditAn audit to identify the suppliers of cigarettes to patients with severe COPD who are housebound or who have limited mobility and continue to smoke0Audit of Boast 12: Management of Ankle FracturesbSafety and Efficiency of MRSA Screening Prior to Elective Orthopaedic Surgery in Elective PatientsScrotal ManagementBotox Injection Audit$Child Health Record Keeping HIS 2017Trabeculectomy AuditAIR Scorre for Appendicitis*Audit of Documentation in Gynaecology 2017*Audit of Documentation in Obstetrics 2017?Treatment of acne in primary care prior to dermatology referral,Neonatal Record Keeping Case Note Audit 2017Enhanced Recovery Re-Audit>Auditing the Quality of '? Obstructive Sleep Apnoea' Referrals 03/08/2017$Depression Reporting in Older Adults 13/06/2017 AQuA SepsisTAll Clinical Audits registed with WWL audit department - Jan to Dec 2017 (Total=252) =0 124p6W8[:* < = ?AD#F2HJKlM`NP0RT8 VWBY5 Z ] o^E`azZc d{f^gccB g2 0kt{~C ӛc+  dMbP?_*+%,&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?",B333333?333333?o &<3U} } mO} $}  ,,,,,,,  , , , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, G F F F F~ @@@ A A A~ @@@ A A A~ @@@ A A A~ @@@ A A A~ @`@ A A A~ @`@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @@@ A A A~ @@@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A! A A~ @@ A" A A~ @@ A# A A@D8888888888888888888888888888 !,",#$,%,&,',(,),*,+,,-,.,/,0,1,2,3,4,5,6,78,9,:,;,<,=,>?,~ @ @ A$ A A~ !@@@ !A% !A !A~ "@@@ "A& "A "A~ #@@@ #A' #A #A~ $@@@ $A( $A $A~ %@@@ %A) %A %A~ &@@@ &A* &A &A~ '@@@ 'A+ 'A 'A~ (@@ (A, (A (A~ )@@ )A- )A )A.~ *@@ *A/ *A *A~ +@@ +A0 +A +A~ ,@ @ ,A1 ,A ,A~ -@@ -A2 -A -A~ .@@ .A3 .A .A~ /@@ /A4 /A /A~ 0@@ 0A5 0A 0A~ 1@@ 1A6 1A 1A~ 2@@ 2A7 2A 2A~ 3@@ 3A8 3A 3A~ 4@@ 4A9 4A 4A~ 5@@ 5A: 5A 5A~ 6@@ 6A; 6A 6A~ 7@@ 7A< 7A 7A~ 8@`@ 8A= 8A 8A~ 9@@ 9A> 9A 9A~ :@@ :A? :A :A~ ;@@ ;A@ ;A ;A~ <@@ <AA <A <A~ =@@ =AB =A =A~ >@@ >AC >A >A~ ?@@ ?AD ?A ?AD l8888888888888888888888888888888@,A,B,C,DE,F,G,H,I,JK,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,YZ,[,\,],^_,~ @@@ @AE @A @A~ A@ @ AAF AA AA~ B@ @ BAG BA BA~ C@@@ CAH CA CA~ D@`@ DAI DA DA~ E@`@ EAJ EA EA~ F@@ FAK FA FA~ G@@ GAL GA GA~ H@@ HAM HA HA~ I@@ IAN IA IA~ J@@ JAO JA JA~ K@@ KAP KA KA~ L@@ LAQ LA LA~ M@@ MAR MA MA~ N@@ NAS NA NA~ O@@ OAT OA OA~ P@@ PAU PA PA~ Q@@ QAV QA QA~ R@@ RAW RA RA~ S@@ SAX SA SA~ T@@ TAY TA TA~ U@@ UAZ UA UA~ V@ @ VA[ VA VA~ W@`@ WA\ WA WA~ X@@ XA] XA XA~ Y@@ YA^ YA YA~ Z@@ ZA_ ZA ZA~ [@@@ [A` [A [A~ \@@ \Aa \A \A~ ]@@ ]Ab ]A ]A~ ^@ @ ^Ac ^A ^A~ _@ @ _Ad _A _AD l8888888888888888888888888888888`,a,b,c,d,ef,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,st,u,v,w,x,y,z,{,|,},~,,~ `@@@ `Ae `A `A~ a@@@ aAf aA aA~ b@@ bAg bA bA~ c@@ cAh cA cA~ d@ @ dAi dA dA~ e@ @ eAj eA eA~ f@@ fAk fA fA~ g@@ gAl gA gA~ h@@ hAm hA hA~ i@@ iAn iA iA~ j@@ jAo jA jA~ k@@ kAp kA kA~ l@@ lAq lA lA~ m@ @ mAr mA mA~ n@@ nAs nA nA~ o@@ oAt oA oA~ p@@ pAu pA pA~ q@`@ qAv qA qA~ r@@ rAw rA rA~ s@@ sAx sA sA~ t@@ tAy tA tA~ u@@@ uAz uA uA~ v@@@ vA{ vA vA~ w@`@ wA| wA wA~ x@`@ xA} xA xA~ y@@ yA~ yA yA~ z@@ zA zA zA~ {@@ {A {A {A~ |@@ |A |A |A~ }@ @ }A }A }A~ ~@ @ ~A ~A ~A~ @ @ B B A.D l8888888888888888888888888888888,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,~ @ @ B B A.~ @ @ B B A.~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@@ A A A~ @@@ A A A~ @@@ A A A~ @@@ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @@ A A A.~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A AD l8888888888888888888888888888888,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@@ A A A~ @@@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @@@ A A A~ @@@ A A A~ @@@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @`@ A A A~ @`@ A A A~ @`@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A AD l8888888888888888888888888888888,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @`@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @@@ B B A.~ @`@ A A A~ @`@ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A AD l8888888888888888888888888888888,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,~ @ @ A A A~ @`@ A A A~ @`@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@@ A A A~ @@@ A A A~ @`@ A A A~ @`@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @@ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @@ @ A A A~ @ @ A A A~ @@ @ A A A~ @` @ A A A @ B B A. C D D E.D l8888888888888888888888888888888>@A ggDqqrr@g2Table11)0 Registered 0>Calibri%&5fS;eu;e`/p+  *0Title8<Calibrii%&5fS;eu;e`/p(  *0 Project Type8<Calibrii%&5fS;eu;e`/p(  )0 Benchmark8<Calibrii%&5fS;eu;e`/p(  w!w)8<Calibri%{w@w `%={wH%"@  ? ?? Normal_Sheet2w)wTableStyleMedium14wwTable1 Oh+'0@H`| Chadwick KarenGriffiths PamelaMicrosoft Excel@2@՜.+,0 PXd lt| WWL Audits registed in 2017  Worksheets  !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_abcdefgijklmnoRoot Entry F0+JWorkbookZSummaryInformation(`DocumentSummaryInformation8h