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Procurement Department

The Procurement Team are responsible for the provision of a professionally managed procurement service on behalf of the Trust.

The following are just a few of our key activities:-

  • Non-Stock Purchase Order processing
  • Stock Catalogue requisition processing and monitoring of the wholesaling service provided by NHS Supplies
  • Materials Management - implementation and operation
  • Trust specific purchasing and contract negotiation
  • Customer consultation
  • Management and supervision of the Procurement Team

In line with a Trust Board endorsed Procurement Strategy we are also responsible for:-

  • Providing a wide range of professional skills and experience
  • Flexibility in providing services to meet customers' specific requirements
  • Taking responsibility for training and development of Procurement and Trust staff
  • Providing access to professional support from other parts of the NHS Purchasing & Supply Agency
  • Networking and sharing experience and good practice to benefit the Trust
  • Working within a framework of quality standards and ISO 9002 accreditation
  • Promoting 'Value for Money' initiatives within the Trust
  • Working to an agreed Action Plan to meet the Trust procurement strategic objectives
  • Demonstrating performance against agreed performance measures and standards

For information purposes:

The Trust Procurement work plan outlining goods and services to be reviewed and/or tendered will be published on an ongoing basis.