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Recruitment Information for Candidates

As a candidate interested in becoming an employee of the Trust, your talents are important to us, and the Trust is committed to supporting applicants through the recruitment process. This page contains some useful information which may assist you when applying for jobs within the Trust.


Your application form is your chance to impress the shortlisting panel and persuade them to invite you to an interview. It's important to sell yourself, but also to be accurate.

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PDF Document Top tips for application  

Interview and Preparation

Once you have wowed the panel with your application form, if you are progressed, the interview is the next stage in the process.

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PDF Document Top tips for interview 

Presentations and Selection Methods

Presentations are often used alongside interviews to establish the suitability of a candidate to a particular role.

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PDF Document Top tips for presentations and selection methods  

What happens next?

Once you have been successful in securing a position with us, you will go through the Pre-Employment process before starting with the Trust.

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PDF Document Pre-Employment Clearances

Additional Information

Once you are employed by the Trust, you will be provided with a Contract of Employment outlining the Terms and Conditions of your Employment, however, we have included a summary below of the most important things that people generally want to know.

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PDF Document Terms of Employment

PDF Document Enhancements for Shift Workers