About your Council of Governors Representatives

NHS Foundation Trust's are run differently from an NHS Trust. In essence the communities the Trust serves has more say in how hospitals develop in the future. One of the key changes is the Council of Governors.

The Governors are a group of people, all volunteers, who work with the Trust's Board of Directors to ensure that local views are represented and make sure that the people who run the hospital consider and understand the needs of patients and service users. Most Governors are elected by the Trust's members but some are appointed from partner organisations to make sure their views are also represented. 

The Governors do not investigate individual concerns or complaints but will provide information to their members or the public on the correct procedures to be followed.

Our Governors' responsibilities also include:
Informing their constituency membership and general public of any key developments and news from the Trust
Relaying any feedback from local communities and constituencies to the Trust's Board of Directors
Appointing the Trust Chairman and Non-Executive Directors and approving the appointment of the Chief Executive, when vacancies arise
Appointing or removing the Trust's financial auditors
Receiving and approving the Trust's Annual Report and Accounts
Helping the membership team recruit new members to the Trust

Governors have already been working hard on member's behalf they have: -
Commented on our Annual Plan
Reviewed our declaration to the Care Quality Commission on our healthcare standards
Joined a number of committees from which Trust policy and strategy is developed
Been involved in the appointment of new staff and a Non-Executive Director
Established a series of working groups to take forward a work plan for the year

You can contact your Governor through the Engagement Team Office by e-mailing members@wwl.nhs.uk or by calling 0800 073 1477.

The Council of Governors have been elected to office from:-
Organisations or NHS Partners

for more information on becoming a Governor, or if you have any questions - please don't hesitate to contact our Membership and Engagement Team 01942 77 3140