WWL Staff Networks

Staff network groups provide a forum for individuals to come together, share ideas, raise awareness of challenges and support each other.

They are a key mechanism for driving change and making a difference, as well as giving staff the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Working alongside our allies each and every day will bring opportunities to develop underrepresented groups, build careers and promote inclusion.

Here at WWL we have three staff networks:

  • True Colours Network
  • FAME Network
  • Disability and Long-Term Health Conditions Network

Our staff networks aim to:

  • Promote inclusivity in the workplace by encouraging all of our staff members to speak up
  • Listen to and learn from our colleagues’ individual experiences
  • Discuss values to ensure complete acceptance and respect
  • Provide a safe space to do so

To give you an insight into what the networks do, our Network Chairs have filmed a short video which you can watch below.