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Past Events

Research Catalyst Event - November 2019

Objectives for the event

  • To help attendees to potentially devise one or two research questions and to identify people who would be interested in helping to develop this into a study.

  • To dispel myths and barriers to research and enthusing people to have a go.

  • To signpost people to contacts within WWL and external organisations who would be able to help to facilitate a research proposal development and potential funding opportunities.

  • To raise awareness of potential career development opportunities by being engaged in research.

What we did

The morning content involved introducing attendees to the current research facilitation at WWL, our ideas for the future and how PPI and successful NIHR grant applications are being won. The meeting was chaired by Chris Knights and our speakers included Professor Adam Watts, Richard Mundon, David Birtles (Sanofi Medical Division), Jane Martindale (PPI) and Ian Fletcher (Research Design Service).

We worked with Professor Gillian Southgate (Director of Collaboration and Communication, NHS Research and Development Northwest, Honorary Visiting Professor, Manchester Metropolitan University) and Kevin Wyke (Organisational Development Consultant, creative facilitator and experienced coach) to create a World Café experience in the afternoon session. Fifty two people attended the day, although several people had to leave before the afternoon session.

There were 4 spaces set out within the room and Kevin Wyke facilitated the introduction to the world café experience at the end of the morning programme and throughout the afternoon.

The themed spaces were as follows:

What works well and what doesn’t in your practice?
Have you thought about why that might be? Why do some patients respond and others don’t when you think they will

Have you ever thought there must be a better way of delivering your clinical practice?
Is there something missing? Are you stuck in traditional delivery? What could you do differently and be able to see if this worked better?

Patient voice

Have your patients told you things that have made you curious about how you are helping them?
Have you ever asked your patients about what is important for them, how easy or hard it is to comply to what you are asking them to do? Are you satisfied that you are able to monitor how well your patients are responding to treatment and do your patients think you are using methods that capture what they want to tell you?

So what is stopping you being involved in research?
What support would you need? How can we help to dispel the myths about research? Have you thought about collaborating and working together with colleagues from within the Trust and/or from Educational Institutions?

Participation in the World Café

Here are some photos from the world café session:

World Cafe - 01

World Cafe - 02

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