TORI PRINCE (THE DEANERY 6TH FORM) - HAEMATOLOGY DEPARTMENT PLACEMENTMy placement at Wigan Hospital, in the haematology department, was very interesting. All the staff were very informative and explained any disorders I was not aware of and explained the treatment the patients were having. It was an amazing experience and they have made my decision easier to make about whether to study medicine at university. I feel much more confident and happier about my choice. The patients themselves helped a lot by allowing in clinic appointments to observe. I would love to be able to have that opportunity again. 

NAOMI JUNG (THE DEANERY 6TH FORM) - WRIGHTINGTON HOSPITALI have had an amazing experience at Wrightington Hospital during my placement. All the staff were very nice and were happy to answer any questions I had to ask. This experience has made me feel more confident in exploring new settings and has made me realise that I definitely want to pursue a career in medicine.

After being able to watch and talk to so many different people, (from surgeons, nurses, registrars and cleaners) it has given me a bigger picture of how important everyone’s roles are in the hospital and has definitely helped me gain more knowledge about how important the NHS is.

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