The Upper Limb Unit has a large and active research portfolio, supported by a full-time statistitian, bio-engineer, research administrator and educational administrator.

In addition to the Upper Limb Unit Research, the R&D team at Wrightington support and promote research and development within the hospital.

At Wrightington Hospital, we are at the forefront in the development and evaluation of new implants in collaboration with industry. 

We have a Bio-skills Laboratory that provides the opportunity to test new surgical techniques and the training of Clinical Staff.  The laboratory is used for Biomechanical in-vitro experiments and mechanical testing.

The Upper Limb Unit boasts a very successful and efficient Research Programme.  A dedicated team of staff help run the Research Unit on a daily basis to support the extensive programme.  

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Some of the research projects include:

  1. The effect of elbow replacement on proprioception
  2. The In-vitro response of rotator cuff tendon tenocytes to applied strain
  3. Comparison of treatments of frozen shoulder
  4. Study to compare the Delta shoulder replacement to the global advantage CTA head for the treatment of rotator cuff tear arthroplasty
  5. What is the most effective conservative management of frozen shoulder
  6. Role of vascularised periosteal patch in scaphoid non-union
  7. Cartilage repair by autologous chondrocyte transplantation v existing conventional treatments
  8. Long term results following capsulolabral reconstruction
  9. Survival of the Global shoulder arthroplasty
  10. Clinical and RSA evaluation of acclaimed elbow and global shoulder Glenoid component
  11. Determination of the axis of rotation of both the linked and unlinked Acclaim total elbow arthroplasty
  12. Radio Sterographic Analysis of new Peg Glenoid component
  13. RSA study to identify migration of the Humeral Head
  14. The development of a validated wrist score
  15. Outcome of 8-hole spider plate for four corner partial wrist arthrodesis
  16. Outcome of 6-hole mini spider plate for STT joint arthrodeis

Many successful publications come about as a result of research carried out within the Upper Limb Unit.

The unit also participates in some of the clinical trials that are run by the Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Clinical Trials Department.