Disability and Language Assistance

Disability Assistance
For more information on disability assistance please visit our Accessibility Page.

Language Assistance
If English is not your first language, we can arrange an interpreter for you.   This can be in the form of telephone and face to face interpreters, including British Sign Language.

If you are attending the hospital for the first time, your GP should notify of your need for communication support and this will then be arranged by hospital staff. The majority of patients will be provided with telephone interpreting services, while face to face interpreters can be booked if there is a specific need for it. Communication support can also be provided for follow up appointments. Telephone interpreters do not need to be pre-booked, so when attending your appointment, please inform reception staff at the clinic that you require interpreting services. There may be times when face to face communication for follow up appointments is needed, please let staff know before leaving the clinic and this will be arranged for you.

Patient information can be translated into other languages, braille, audio and large print on request. If required, please ask a member of staff to arrange this for you.