Multi-Storey Car Park Plans - Freckleton Street



In order to alleviate the parking pressures that have been experienced at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary (RAEI) site for a number of years, planning permission was previously granted for a new multi-storey car park (MSCP) at Freckleton Street Car Park in September 2020, however this planning permission was not implemented. Now in 2024, a new design team has been appointed to review this scheme afresh and develop new solutions to improve WWL’s car parking provision, to make it fair and equitable for our patients and visitors, and staff, as well as improving our overall disabled parking.


The new multi-storey car park, along with enhancements to other Trust car parks, will significantly improve our overall car parking capacity, providing 356 spaces within the MSCP and 64 surface level car parking spaces.


A planning application for these proposals is due to be submitted to Wigan Council later this year. Ahead of this submission, public engagement sessions were held to hear the views from our community of our proposals and to showcase the draft drawings, recognising the importance to listen and involve you in all that we do. This feedback has helped to shape the scheme and will be included within our application for planning permission when submitted in Summer 2024.


We will be sharing further updates about the new multi-storey car park, as well as improvements to our wider Car Parking provision in due course.


If you would like to find out more, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below.




When will you be submitting a planning application?
We are looking to submit a planning application in the Summer, following the consideration of the feedback and incorporating comments raised.

When do you expect to receive planning permission?
The planning application period is 13 weeks long. We anticipate receiving permission in Autumn 2024.

When do you plan to start works?
We are currently looking to start works in Winter 2024.

How long would construction works take?
The construction works would take approximately 12 months. To reduce the impact of noise and disruption for residents we plan to maximise the use of offsite construction methods.

Why is the car park smaller than the previous approval?
The new MSCP proposed is more financially sustainable when compared with the previously approved version, enabling the Trust to proceed with the development. We have since found a funding model that enables the Trust to deliver an improvement to parking at the Freckleton Street site.

Furthermore, during the development of the new project brief, we conducted a comprehensive review of feedback from residents and stakeholders received during the previous application process. This feedback highlighted areas where adjustments could be made to better integrate into its surrounding environment.

Will on street residents parking reduced?
No. All on street permit parking for residents will be re-provided prior to construction works starting to ensure there is no loss. The proposals will increase the parking at Freckleton Street by 196 spaces, which will mean less parking by visitors and staff on nearby streets. During construction the short stay bays will be lost, however they will be re-provided and increased by one space once the MSCP is completed.

How many parking spaces will there be on site?
There will be 356 Spaces for Visitors, 64 Spaces for Staff, and four Short Stay Spaces replacing the three lost on Freckleton Street. Within the staff parking area two parking spaces will be provided with EV Charging and nine spaces in the MSCP will provide EV Charging.

How does this fit into the wider parking plans for the hospital?
This will be part of an 18-month long WWL wider car parking project to provide a much more improved, fair, and equitable car parking solution for all.

How will Freckleton Street Change?
The junction with Wigan Lane is proposed to be amended with increased safety features such as blister paving for pedestrians and a change to the kerb line to slow vehicles down. Additionally, approximately 30m of Freckleton Street from the Junction with Wigan Lane is being proposed to change from one way to two-way traffic. Three Short Stay parking bays and one residential permit bay (provided prior to construction starting) will be relocated as part of these proposed works. There will be no loss of parking for residents.

Will the MSCP lead to additional pollution?
We are currently undertaking a comprehensive air quality assessment to submit alongside our planning application. Although spaces are increasing at the site, we expect there to be a negligible if not an improvement to air quality locally, this is due to several improvements the MSCP will bring including:

  • Improved flow into the site through the removal of barriers leading to less queuing and congestion on Freckleton Street

  • Vehicles will spend less time circling the car park as more spaces will be available leading to less emissions

  • Vehicles will be less likely to circle the surrounding residential streets to look for parking when the car park is full

  • The introduction of Electric Vehicle Charging

  • The Trust are going to be promoting alternatives means of travel for staff and visitors including Cycle to Work, Car Sharing, Public Transport and Walking.

How are you dealing with the additional traffic?
Our current demand outstrips the supply of car parking spaces we have. The new MSCP has been designed to cater for this existing demand with additional capacity. Based on the data we have collected we understand the traffic locally will be improved as vehicles will spend less time circling nearby residential streets and through the removal of barrier entry vehicles will queue less on Freckleton Street.

The MSCP will lead to an increase in noise locally. How are you going to reduce this?
We are undertaking a comprehensive noise impact assessment which will be submitted alongside the planning application. However, at this time, we understand that less noise will be present in the local area. The façade of the MSCP and the use of concrete flooring within the car park will reduce the amount noise escaping the parking areas.

I live adjacent the MSCP. Will people be able to see into my house?
No. The car park has been repositioned on the site compared to the previous proposal to ensure it is moved away from neighbouring properties, maintaining a greater than 21m distance. Where this has not been possible, we’ve ensured the cladding on the MSCP is solid so that nobody can look through, preventing overlooking of properties.

Will the car park have any security or management present on site?
Yes, during the day there will be a management presence on site and CCTV will be increased and improved to ensure the safety of users and reduce anti-social behaviour. In the evenings, the car park will still be open for use, however security shutters will close on the vehicle entrance and pedestrian entrances will have increased security, reducing the risk further of antisocial behaviour.

How will the car park be managed out of hours? And how will potential nuisance/anti-social behaviour be managed?
Out of hours the car park will enter a heightened state of security. Shutters will close on the vehicle entrance and increased security measures requiring users to enter a code, enter their registration or scan a ticket to gain access to the car park to prevent unauthorised access.

How are you catering for Disabled users?
Whilst this car park won’t provide any disabled spaces on Freckleton Street, there would be 21 additional blue badge patient and visitor spaces at Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, to ensure those with the greatest need are in the closest proximity to services where possible.

I live adjacent the site, how will the MSCP affect my right to light?
We are undertaking a comprehensive right to light assessment to submit alongside our planning application and ensure the MSCP limits its impact on neighbouring properties. As the previous application had only a minor impact and the new MSCP has been designed to be not as tall with a reduced footprint we expect the affect on any neighbours to be significantly reduced.

I live adjacent the site, how will artificial lighting affect me?
We are undertaking a comprehensive external lighting impact assessment to submit alongside our planning application. This assessment is looking at the impact of proposed lighting on neighbouring properties to ensure we can design the lighting to have none to little impact on neighbours. We expect the impact to be less than the current surface car park as most lighting will now be within a structure. Whilst this structure is taller all sides of the MSCP will have headlight screening and parking has been arranged to face away from the majority of properties.

Where will patients and visitors park in the interim?
Patients and visitors will park at the Water Street car park during the development/ construction phase of the project. We are proposing to provide additional shuttle services for both public and staff.

Where will staff park in the interim?
Replacement parking will be provided for staff that are currently allocated a parking space on the Freckleton street surface car park within Wigan Town Centre at Mesnes Terrace and Water Street car parks. A Shuttle bus service will also be provided to take staff from the car parks to the Hospital site.